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This entry was posted in Inspirational, Life, Words of Wisdom and tagged Good, Good Things, money. Our ideas of homelessness invoke pictures of bag ladies and old bearded men standing in line at soup kitchens or waiting for shelter in a community gymnasium. Alpha Project has shown that with opportunities and support, homeless people can become community assets, rather than liabilities.
By offering the homeless opportunities as not handouts, respect as not pity, and empowerment - not control, our programs enable the homeless to end their cycle of dependence and regain the dignity and self-sufficiency to which we are all entitled. Alpha Project believes that people can and will change their own lives, provided they are expected to do so and given the tools they need to meet that expectation.I hope you take the time to review this site and find out who we are, and more importantly who we are not.
We own over 700 units of quality affordable housing for families and seniors as we do not own slums.

We prepare and serve over 500 meals each day to participants in structured, community-based programs as we do not run soup kitchens. We offer 120 state-licensed residential drug and alcohol treatment beds as we do not run halfway houses. We distribute over $100,000 of donated gifts each year to those in need as we do not run thrift stores to line our own pockets.
We are an asset to our community as we are not a place to get a handout.Numbers tell a part of the story. Annually over 24,000 different men, women, and children access one or more of our services. We serve communities from Riverside to Chula Vista and every city in between.But numbers fall far short of telling the whole story.

The happy tear in a mother's eye can only tell the story of our success as she and her children spend their first night in their own apartment. The measure of our impact goes beyond statistics as our impact is measured in human terms, and in terms of our service to the entire community. The happy tear in a mother's eye can only tell the story of our success as she and her children spend their first night in their own apartment.

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