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Her brother gave her a spare he had, and she has been announcing on a daily basis, "Do NOT look at me, Mama. Curiosity got the best of me, and with a heavy, worried heart, I unlocked her diary to see what was inside.
She wants to be a better speller, a better writer, a better reader, and the first thing that comes to her to write down is the love she has for so many people and things around her.

I had been worried that my spritely, emotional, thoughtful girl was hiding her sad behind lock and key. But the feelings that live on the surface of her heart and mind are those of love and joy, appreciation of the small things, and hope to experience new things. So not only did I learn the magnitude of happiness that she is filled with, my own increased exponentially with the simple turn of a key.

Does she not understand why sometimes Daddy works late at night or travels for days at a time?

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