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Vampire Diaries favorite bad boy, Ian Somerhalder,  has been chosen as cover boy of the month! As if his bright blue eyes and sly grin aren’t enough, he’s a major activist for several organizations as well. Rumors have been flying around that he is being considered for the role of Christian Grey for the Fifty Shades trilogy. Along with filming new episodes for the hit CW show he is also working on a new film project, Time Framed. The actor recently opened up a gourmet pizza parlor with his sister and a furniture shop with his brother where they sell what they make. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “The social determinants of health are the circumstances in which people are born, grow up, live, work and age, and the systems put in place to deal with illness. To assess a society’s health, researchers measure indicators of poor social health such as homicides, food insecurity, lack of affordable housing, income inequality, and alcohol-related motor vehicle fatalities.
According to the Institute for Innovation in Social Policy at Vassar College, a 2009 analysis revealed that the index of social health had dropped to the lowest point in 13 years, presumably due to the economic recession of 2007.The index of social health.
Just as social policies affect an individual’s health, so do our collective interpersonal relationships shape society. Social relationships vary in the depth of their emotional intimacyA close, connected, bonded relationship with another person or group of people., the feeling of connectedness and closeness. While the following list runs from acquaintances to significant others, that spectrum doesn’t necessarily follow a linear path. People with strong family ties continue to rely on those relationships for lifelong support and satisfaction. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is often depicted as a pyramid, with the most basic needs at the bottom and the most highly evolved needs at the top. Significant others are people with whom we have a long-term romantic or sexual relationship. In his triangular theory of love, psychologist Robert Sternberg identified three components that exist to varying degrees in close relationships: intimacy, passion, and commitment. The presence or absence of these components characterizes different relationships as follows. Good friends and family members enjoy a companionate relationship that combines intimacy and commitment.
Fatuous love (also called infatuation) involves an ill-advised combination of passion and commitment. Consummate loveThe ultimate form of love, which combines intimacy, passion, and commitment. In the United States, family size has decreased, more children spend time alone at home, and more people live alone.
On the other hand, numerous studies show that people with rich social connections live longer, happier, healthier lives.
Participation in community organizations, both religious and secular, correlates with better health—in large part because of the inherent social support.Fothergill KE, Ensminger ME, Robertson J, et al. Social support also enhances immune function and improves outcomes in the face of serious conditions such as HIV infection and cancer. Diversity in our relationships stimulates personal growth and deepens empathy and compassion. In addition to being a naturally sociable species, a number of things help us work and play well with others. In addition to allying yourself with caring people, you can learn from fictional characters in books, movies, theater, and television shows. When someone has something to say to me, I give him or her my complete attention (which includes putting away my mobile phone). If I can’t conveniently give someone my attention, I ask if we can talk sometime in the near future. When someone is speaking, I pay attention to his or her message rather than planning my next comment.
While social media have many merits, some people lose untold hours compulsively checking Facebook and Twitter—a desire that a recent study indicated was more difficult to resist than alcohol and cigarettes.Hofmann W, Vohs KD, Baumeister RF. Think carefully about the image you project through the text and photos you send or display on social networking sites. Electronic communications should never be used to demean, bully, harass, stalk, or slander another person.
While face-to-face exchanges allow for richer interchanges, most modern humans now spend hours communicating via phone, e-mail, text, and social networking sites. Think carefully when deciding whether to click “reply” or “reply all” in response to a message. If you’re feeling strong emotions, consider journaling or writing a letter as a way to vent.
A corollary to number five is the following: Have the courtesy to break up with someone face-to-face.
If you’re interested in making new friends, you need to put yourself in situations where you’ll meet like-minded people.
Invite likeable people you meet in the dorm, classroom, or library to do something safe and low-key. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs demonstrates that basic necessities must first be met before we can develop satisfying intimate relationships. Sternberg’s triangular theory of love defines three dimensions that can exist in relationships: intimacy, passion, and commitment. Social contagion theory posits that thoughts, moods, and behaviors spread among social networks. If you visited more than one college, you probably picked up on the social health of each college community.
Examine Figure 6.2 “Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love” (Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love). The award is given to an actor who displays concern for animals and showcases public awareness through the media. We are born into a family, play with friends, and spend weekdays with classmates and, later, with coworkers. A socially healthy person gets along easily with others and has a robust network of supportive friends and family. A strong social order provides basic services such as education, health care, and assistance for the needy. The work environment affects not just income but also social status, overall happiness, and self-esteem. In a perfect world, all adults who want to work are employed, treated fairly, and paid decently. Some people are treated unfairly based on gender, race, ethnicity, income, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, disability, age, or body shape or size.
They also quantify indicators by stage of life, tracking things like infant mortality, child abuse, child poverty, teen suicide and drug abuse, high school dropout rates, adult unemployment, weekly wages, health insurance coverage, poverty among the elderly, and out-of-pocket health care expenses. They can provide a sense of stable support, the safety to be completely vulnerable and to give and express love. It has both physical and emotional aspects and requires a sense of mutual trust, safety, and affection.

A diverse network of friends and family give us a sense of belonging, security, and purpose. Effects of social integration on health: a prospective study of community engagement among African American women. Programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous help people overcome addictions in part because they provide social and emotional support.Emotional support and social support. Studies suggest that thoughts, moods, and behaviors spread through social networks in a manner akin to an infectious disease—a process referred to as social contagion.Hill AL, Rand DG, Nowak MA, Christakis NA.
One of the great opportunities of a college campus is learning about people from different backgrounds. Studies show that companion animals provide us with social support and a buffer against loneliness.Krause-Parello CA. Dogs and horses both get us outside exercising, though fewer people are injured walking a dog than riding a horse. Parents, other caregivers, and siblings teach us how to relate to other people and how to give and receive love. Brain scans illustrate a significant overlap between the way we process fictional stories and the way we interpret real-life social interactions.Mar RA. Positive life experiences and self-acceptance help you build healthy self-esteem—a belief that you are worth something.
As famous author Oscar Wilde pointed out, “Everyone else is already taken.” If you can relax into who you are, you’ll put other people at ease.
Unless you want to discourage a relationship, return a potential friend’s smiles, phone calls, texts, e-mails, invitations to events, and other kindnesses. It’s not uncommon to think more about what you want to say at the next break in the conversation rather than to pay attention to what the other person is saying. While they may help you initially connect and communicate with people, they can’t substitute for real-time human interactions.
It’s unwise to post compromising photographs of you and your friends, especially when you tag individuals. Such acts, regardless of whether they occur in cyberspace, are cruel, morally corrupt, and potentially punishable by law. Use titles, at least until the other person gives you permission to use his or her first name. If your message is only intended for the eyes of a single person, you certainly don’t want to broadcast it to the entire group.
For that reason, the other person may miss the tone of a short text or e-mail, misinterpreting a joke as an insult.
Turn off your phone when you’re driving and attending meetings, lectures, and cultural events—anywhere that it might be dangerous or rude to respond. While simultaneously doing several things often generates stress, social interactions can prove an exception. Think of three important people in your life and analyze those relationships based on the triangle.
Think of a past or present relationship wherein, although the person meant to help you, he or she actually did the opposite.
The hot love triangle between him, Elena and Stefan Salvatore continues to grow and leaves us questioning Elena’s frustrating decisions during every episode.
Social groups can include families, a band of friends, workplaces, other organizations, entire regions, and countries. It also ensures basic civil rights: personal liberty, freedom of expression, legal justice, and democratic governance. All citizens—rich and poor, male and female, majority and minority—should have access to quality education. Discrimination lies at the root of many inequities: income, education, health care, legal justice, and political decision making. While overall societal health may lag behind other countries, the majority of Americans have meaningful social relationships. While friends share core values and beliefs, they should also tolerate different points of view. To explain how this process proceeds in stages, psychologist Abraham Maslow developed a hierarchy of human needs.
Infants bond with sensitive and responsive primary caregivers and feel outright anxiety upon separation from loved ones. When starting a new relationship, you may think involuntarily and frequently about the person. In response to a stressor, they have greater arterial constriction, thus elevating their risk for high blood pressure.
Pet ownership and older women: the relationships among loneliness, pet attachment support, human social support, and depressed mood. And as with any profound attachment, grieving follows the loss of a beloved animal companion. As part of a college community, you’re surrounded by interesting people—many of whom are eager to make new friends.
On the other hand, you need to know you can trust someone before you divulge personal details. It’s not as though you’re keeping track, but rather you are participating in a give-and-take relationship. More checks in the “Always” or “Usually” columns indicate you’re communicating effectively.
Before then, people communicated via face-to-face interactions, telephone, e-mail, and text messages. Studies have shown that time communicating on the Internet often takes away from time spent actually socializing and sleeping.Dixon K. Wait at least 24 hours, reread it, and then reassess your decision to press “send.” What do you hope to accomplish? In many states, minors who send sexually explicit photos can be prosecuted for creating and distributing child pornography.Klepper D.
Nevertheless, it’s important to make time for friends, family, and lovers—but not so much that you fail academically or lose your job. You might comment about the ambiance of the student union and other gathering places, the social climate in the dorms, the kinds of literature posted on message boards, the way your instructors treat students, and so on. If no one comes to mind, think of an interpersonal relationship you’ve witnessed (in real life or in the media) or read about. In the right-hand column, list any personality traits and behaviors that you think get in the way of making and keeping friends.
The 33 year-old actor is even in the process of opening up a sanctuary in Louisiana for animals with behavioral problems.
These relationships mean so much to us that we would defend a loved one with our very lives. In the ideal, such groups function under an ethos of kindness, equality, tolerance, and respect. Poverty is extremely stressful, increasingly so as the gap widens between the very poor and very rich.

The WHO recommends universal health care, noting that catastrophic health care costs plunge some 100 million people into poverty each year.Social determinants of health.
But when all citizens have representation in the decision-making process, they are more likely to receive social justice. In a 2008 survey on social connectedness, 97 percent responded that they have people in their lives whom they trust and whom they can rely on for support.Social connectedness and health survey. The most basic needs have to be met sequentially in order for a person to become self-actualized or develop to his or her full potential.
Perhaps against your better judgment, you want to write poetry and sing ballads outside your beloved’s window. Spending time with someone who seems foreign—whether the strangeness is political, religious, cultural, or otherwise—allows you to discover common ground and to understand disparities. Petting friendly, furry animals buoys mood, lowers blood pressure, and improves arterial and immune function.Arhant-Sudhir K, Arhant-Sudhir R, Sudhir K. For example, a good teacher or parent will draw attention to a child’s strengths, bolster weaknesses, and either ignore or gently discourage undesirable behavior. If you have a lot of checks in “Sometimes” and “Rarely or Never,” you might want to work on those particular skills.
Furthermore, admissions officers at academic institutions and potential employers might turn down your application based on your social media persona. Describe the relationship and explain in what ways it either stunted personal growth or did outright harm. Ian Somerhalder is also dedicated to eco-friendly products and cleaning up the environment. We understand the meaning of loyalty, the importance of sticking together through thick and thin. In such a stressful climate, residents may become reactive rather than proactive and productive.
In the ideal, workplaces foster a sense of community and purpose and motivate employees to improve their health. Within any given country, those on the bottom rungs of the economic ladder are the least healthy. Since the institute began tracking social health data in 1970, indices such as child poverty and abuse, teen suicide, and income inequality have steadily worsened.
The tremendous personal growth that occurs during adolescence and young adult life provide another opportunity to establish intimate relationships.
From these experiences, you learn how to be a good partner and discover the qualities you desire in a partner. It turns out that the brain of someone in the throes of passion bears some similarities to that of someone with obsessive compulsive disorder or a drug addiction.Fisher HE, Aron A, Mashek MA, Haifang L, Brown LL.
The verb consummate means “to bring to completion.” If you close a business deal, you consummate it. Pet ownership and cardiovascular risk reduction: supporting evidence, conflicting data and underlying mechanisms.
Regardless of the quality of your early childhood experiences, you can take advantage of other opportunities to improve your social skills. Last but not least, the handsome actor is an advocate of the It Gets Better organization focusing on LGBT youth. The term socioeconomic status refers to a person’s rank within the social hierarchy as determined by variables such as education, occupation, wealth, and living situation. Family members reward good behaviors and discourage those that threaten our safety and our ability to attract friends.
Members of any group—family, college communities, businesses, nursing homes—have a better quality of life if they feel they have a voice. In terms of global infant mortality rates, 40 other countries boast rates lower than ours, including Canada, Western Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan.Infant mortality rate 2011. She or he has to feel safe and secure to progress to a sense of belonging and reciprocal love. Emotionally intimate relationships allow us to be vulnerable, drop our masks, and be ourselves. Furthermore, caring friends and family may encourage us to adopt healthy lifestyles and intervene when risky behaviors appear to be getting out of control.
Women have a tendency to apologize for things they have no control over and perhaps had nothing to do with. Love and belonging, in turn, provide the foundation for confidence and self-esteem, which then allows the person to become tolerant, fair, moral, and creative. They provide an emotional support, an outlet for stress and frustration, and a lifeline in times of crisis.
To work social contagion to your advantage, you can associate with people who eat well, exercise, balance work and play, treat others with kindness, cope with stress in positive ways, and refrain from substance abuse. In essence, stories provide a way for us to study relationships and sharpen our social skills. If one of your faculty taught a great course, wrote you a recommendation, or granted you an extension when you were ill, communicating your gratitude increases the odds you will be remembered in a positive light. If they don’t, we may emerge from childhood distrustful, hostile, selfish, or overly dependent.
Perceived social isolation makes us more vulnerable to physical and mental illness, substance abuse, eating disorders,Levine MP.
Responding to stress by reaching out to friends—talking, hugging—releases stress-reducing hormones.Chen FS, Kumsta R, von Dawans B, Monakhov M, Ebstein RP, Heinrichs M.
Overweight, substance use, exercise habits, sexual mores, and health-related phenomena can spread among friends and family. Common oxytocin receptor gene (OXTR) polymorphism and social support interact to reduce stress in humans. People can paradoxically end up feeling lonelier and more at risk for depression.Kraut R, Lundmark R, Patterson M, et al.
When relationships fall apart, passion can spark negative emotions such as anger and jealousy. Internet paradox: a social technology that reduces social involvement and psychological well-being? On a brighter note, many groups in the United States and around the world are working to improve social health policies. Satisfying social connections protects against chronic diseases such as heart disease, depression, and dementia.
It’s a risk factor for the top killers in America—heart attack, stroke, cancer, and diabetes.
Online communication, compulsive Internet use, and psychosocial well-being among adolescents: a longitudinal study.

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