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Two trends I’ve noticed for some time on social media give cause for well-needed hope for society.
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Considering the brain-rotting influence of text messaging, video games and TV in all its current incarnations, I thought I might have to enter the 5th grade classroom on Career Day riding a unicycle and juggling Persian kitties.

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One is a great and growing kindness towards the entire animal kingdom, and the second is unphotoshopped evidence of incredibly precocious children who exhibit skills far beyond their years. She’s a bestselling author, and her new book Taming Gladys: The Busy Leaders Guide to Fierce Customer Loyalty has just been released. In today’s podcast, you’ll learn 3 essential secrets which when applied, make this outcome achievable. She will explain what it means to be on the verge  — to show up in this exact moment and meet our potential to shine in all aspects of our lives. As an animal intuitive this has been bought to my attention by the unconditional love that animals offer. Her first dance in twelve years was with a very nice transvestite, and the story went on from there, all the way from New Jersey to Zimbabwe. Her book I Choose Me: The Art of Being a Phenomenally Successful Woman at Home and at Work debuts on June 1.

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