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February 14, 2013 by GingerMommy 5 Comments It is days like today that some of us need a boost in self esteem.
I used to stick positive quotes on sticky notes up on mirror when I was younger, it's a nice way to start the day! As you read over the list, you may think that they all look good, but again I encourage you to pick just one tool. Special time, often referred to as quality time is one-on-one time spent between a parent and a child without the distractions of others, homework, and power struggle topics.
Would you love to stop nagging and reminding your kids about what to do next, or to remember to do their homework? When I introduce the concept of routines in my live workshops, parents often get this idea of routines confused with reward charts. It’s so hard to step away from a parenting moment when we feel stressed, but in the long run, I have found that this tool has taught me so many other skills too.
After you start taking positive time outs before you flip your lid, you’ll see a huge difference in how you parent once you calm down and then approach the situation again in a calm state, with your thinking cap firmly on. Delivering a limit with love is super challenging, but once you do it, you’ll be hooked. Would you like to set limits, follow through and say “no” while expressing love at the same time?
Stephanie, I’m so glad to hear about the changes in your relationships and the changes in your kids!

Kelly Pfeiffer, founder of Think It Through Parenting has been teaching parents about Positive Discipline and child development for over ten years. Maybe you are having a blah day, or Valentine’s Day is not quite going the way you planned. Learn about that tool and practice different ways of implementing the tool until you feel you’ve mastered the tool and can use it well and often. This one tool has been the glue that has held together my relationship with my children, even when one of us was going through a tough time or seemed to be caught in a series of power struggles. It’s time to get to know your child without asking him or her to do anything (such as clean a room) and simply enjoy being with your child. I feel so much better about myself and my parenting when I take a break (a positive time out) and try again later when the tension has had time to diminish.
When we set limits with an angry voice, sarcasm or threats, we ramp UP the tension, inject fear into the situation and lack the expression of love. In our current culture, many parents do too much for their kids (in the name of love) and prevent children from learning important life skills. When child feel significant to their families by contributing to household chores and personal responsibilities, they feel more needed and connecting to their families.
To help you start learning your chosen tool, I’ll dedicate a blog post about each of the tools in January. I know you feel your stress thermometer rise inside of your body when you’re parenting through a stressful moment.

Each time I use this tool, I continue to model for my kids how to step away from a situation when I’m too upset to think clearly.
It requires that you’re okay with your child being unhappy or disappointed about your answer or limit. Another way to let children discover how capable they are is to give kids opportunities to problem solve and make up for their mistakes after they’ve hurt others (with words or hands) or damaged property. This process may take three months or the entire year, but I’d like for you to stick with the tool until you can use the tool and feel natural doing it. I’ll post more in the next few weeks about this awesome tool that helps families in so many ways. The pressure increases and before you know it, you’re yelling and you feel like your head might explode. Another way to get updates delivered to your e-mail box is to sign up for my Think it Through Parenting mailing list. No matter your wishes, I’m guessing that one of my five favorite Positive Discipline parenting tools can help. One way to change the dynamics in your home is to choose a specific tool or two and then apply the tool over time.

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