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In order to effect permanent change in your life your attitude about any specific situation is the first aspect that has to change.  The sooner you learn that your attitude is in your complete control, the sooner you’ll be able to change your lives, and those around you, in a positive manner.
Whether you label it as mental strength, self-esteem, self-confidence, or self-assurance, attitude is the belief that you have the skills, talents, and inner resources to create your desired results. Dwelling on past mistakes or strategies that didn’t produce the results you wanted only keeps you stuck in the past. Join a positive group or organization, there a tons of them on MeetUp, LinkedIn and Facebook.
No matter how bad your current circumstances seem to be, there is always someone worse off. Maintenant, quand je me trouve dans une mauvaise situation, je sais que c’est a moi de trouver la solution pour etre heureuse, peu importe ce qui se passe autour de moi. Si vous voulez vivre une vie positive, joyeuse et heureuse, vous devais faire un nettoyage autour de vous eliminer les personnes et les pensees negatives ?? qui n’encouragent pas votre bonheur. Maintenant, quand je suis confronte a une situation difficile ou triste , je pense a moi-meme, « ce qui est bon pour moi? Il est normal de ne pas aimer tout sur vous, mais il est inutile de depenser votre energie  sur le negatif au contraire garder des forces pour entreprendre le chemin du positif.

Non seulement vous devez etre positif avec vous-meme pour que cette nouvelle attitude positive soit vraiment prise en compte, vous devez egalement etre positive avec les autres.
Quand quelqu’un se sent tire vers le bas, inviter-le a ce changer les idees, accueillez-le.
Dans le passe, je ne voulais pas voir le bon en moi et, donc, ne voulait pas non plus le voir dans les autres. By combining a positive attitude, with positive action, you will create an environment for success.
Developing a workable perspective on life and the business of living it, is essential to a positive attitude.
Develop a file of stories that inspire you; listen to tapes that fire the imagination, read about people who have overcome adversity. What are some of the successful techniques that you use to keep a positive attitude?  Please let me know in the comments below. Both attitude and action are choices, and there is a link between your attitude about a given situation, and the choices you make. The point here is to surround yourself with people who will challenge and support you intellectually, socially, and perhaps spiritually.

Take time each day to count your blessings, you need to remind yourself about what is truly important in your life. You must incorporate rest and relaxation into your schedules….let me tell you, no one else will!! Si vous prenez vraiment le temps de regarder, vous trouverez generalement quelque chose de bien, quelque chose de vraiment positif, sur chaque personne ou situation. It is important to recognize that your potential often exceeds your current level of performance, and association with other high achievers can motivate you to reach new levels of personal success. Je sais maintenant qu’il faut controler son niveau de bonheur, et nul ne peut prendre la decision pour  moi. Exercise also helps us to develop a positive image of self, which then enhances your attitude.

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