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Swimming is suitable for every age group and fitness level and one of the best exercises that help lose weight. While there are some people who like the routine of going to a gym at a set time each day for their workout, there are some who have neither the time, the budget nor the inclination to do so. This entry was posted in EXERCISE AT HOME and tagged benefits of exercise, best exercises to lose weight, exercise at home, weight loss workout plan on February 23, 2016 by Flat Abs. You can walk around familiar areas in your city or town and play tourist for a day. You can even sign up for a walking tour. You can decide how hard to push yourself when you swim as it combines a cardio workout with a strength workout. By cycling, you’ll also eliminate the need to spend hours in the gym before and after work, saving you money and also time. Cycling works your legs, your core and your arms.

Plus, there’s always something else that is going to be more appealing than going to the gym. Elderly people can benefit from swimming because the water gives good support to their body and they can stay fit without worrying about injuring their back or joints. Cycling about 10 miles an hour burns between 400 and 500 calories, and it gets you out in the fresh air. There are many great products on the market that make exercising from home easy and effective. You can find a wide selection of workout DVDs that can help you lose weight and get toned.
It’s also one of the fun and easy ways to exercise with your family as you can all to it together and stay healthy at the same time. You can also hire stationary bikes from your local health shop so you can cycle in the comfort of your own home.

You and your spouse or partner can be exercise buddies, giving each other encouragement while working out and getting fit.
If the weather is too hot or it’s raining outside, you can walk at the mall. Hiking is also a fun form of exercise. You can slowly build resistance, too and hike different trails around the area where you live.

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