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Please do not ask for permissions to use these images in your projects, as we do not own the copyrights for them. And now the feds have put up cones to keep people out of scenic overlooks on Mount Rushmore. When we win the presidency in 2016, the new President and cabinet will have to spend the entire first year just getting rid of all the trash hired under nobama. Some comments at the link indicate that the cones were up prior to October 1st, so I’d suggest taking this story with a grain of salt. This must have happened before the blizzard that paralyzed that part of South Dakota over the last few days.
Here in S Texas, the feds closed Padre Island Natl Seashore, They hired people to patrol the waters so no one can enter the federal waters surrounding the beach. We wish, but sadly, almost 50% of the nation is brain dead, and it is getting worse by the day.
To those democrats voters who are lurking on this thread- are you proud of your party and where it has gone? I really think we do need to cover the faces at Mount Rushmore.If our former presidents could see what Obama is doing to America, they would cry. People in the national parks are not Obama's Private ArmySo why are they following these orders? It’s really because obumbler looks so bad in comparison with the presidents on Mt Rushmore.

So if the authorities blind someone for viewing a large closed monument, is that covered by Obamacare. People in the national parks are not Obama's Private Army So why are they following these orders? It’s all I can do to be civil to anyone I know who voted for that evil fill-in-the-blank! Obama has it closed pending this delivery of a huge piece of coal to be added to Mt Rushmore and his face chiseled out.
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Including how long the average American spends at traffic lights and the highest speeding fine given. Just wait until it is in full force and the imposter wants to do something (maybe run for a third “term”)?
I hope and pray in any public event that Obama and that fat Wookie shows, that people boo them off to hell.
If you saw the printed signs for the Veterans Memorials, you know this was planned out in advance.
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I would suspect the cones were put there for exactly that purpose, just got a jump on everyone else or possibly one of the low information and reading skilled employees who got the date wrong.
ANY PERSON WHO KNOWINGLY OR WILLFULLY VIOLATES THE RULES CONCERNING OPERATIONS IN THIS AIRSPACE MAY BE SUBJECT TO CERTAIN CRIMINAL PENALTIES UNDER 49 USC 46307. TR road will close for the winter due to weather before long but we need every day and every way we can get to try and get a handle on the flood aftermath before serious winter weather sets in. That means there is no restriction the type of device that will be compatible with this image. But the fact remains, 0bama is applying pain to people in a national disaster area for political gamesmanship. I post that not to complain or find relief but simply to inform all of yet another incident of 0malignant's narcissistic cruelty.

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