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Jeremy Corbyn is a genuine threat to the Conservative Party and the real beauty of it is that he does not actually need to do anything!
He can just stand back and watch them self-destruct over the EU Referendum just as they did over The Corn Laws! When the UK votes No and Brexit takes place, David Cameron is finished as leader, the SNP will go for the jugular and demand and get a second referendum that they will win, the UK will break up, the nuclear deterrent is left the wrong side of the border and Labour will form the next government.
What was it, 20,000 in and outside of Manchester Cathedral (they have a Cathedral?) to hear the Messiah speak? A dig returned for ‘work harder to pay for Trident, you non-Chinese worker drone scum’?
A dig returned for selling the railways (and Royal Mail) to China instead of keeping hold of the nation’s assets? I’d totally accept that the franchising system we have now needs to be changed and the way privatisation was carried out was poor. A) everyone knows investment not household banks failed, everyone knows Osborne printed far more than Brown ever did, not for Labour or Brown personally or a sound mortgage provider like Nationwide failing but for the gamblers who failed only themselves, not me.
D) you appear to be under the false impression that I was a spokesperson of the Labour party. Northern Rock failed because it relied excessively on the short-term money market to fund a long-term mortgage portfolio.
Across Europe, most of the banks that failed were not investment banks (Spanish savings banks, anyone?).
First the gamblers fail, then the household banks fail dragging households with them, and the economy, and real people, and jobs, and general wealth of a nation which is now selling it assets to the Third World to regain capital lost.

Of course you are correct that the whole crisis was a series of interrelated events and knock-on effects. This is why Lehman failed and JP Morgan came out stronger (and was even able to rescue Bear Stearns along the way).
If it is I have a Plan B: change the boundaries to suit our core vote and stick with FPTP n matter what. I fully believe the Tories could persue the TUSC manifesto and people would still be protesting. In what way, shape or form would letting institutions like RBS go to the wall (with huge implications for depositors and individuals and businesses the bank had lent to) have been more desirable? The issue is that Chilcot has chosen to write to those named in the report to allow them to respond (something he has discretion to do).
Direct Rail (DR), the state body that ran the ECML and is argued as a reason for nationalisation was certainly good. I’d suggest you go back to school, learn something and come back when you actually have some basic knowledge of the subjects you deign to opine on.
In that case, isn’t it funny that NR suffered a bank run in September 2007 and was nationalised in February 2008, whereas Lehman failed in September 2008. What it really did was expose which banks were well managed and which ones were badly managed. Both of them were mortgage lenders, but one had a disastrously foolish funding strategy that fully exposed it to the slightest change of sentiment in the wholesale funding market. I wouldn’t take them seriously, the left are going through a reactionary tantrum at the moment whilst trying to recapture the feelng of righteousness the miners strikes gave them (or their parents).

The company and it’s subsidiaries are functionally independent and run like private companies, and can raise funding from sources other than the state. But that’s because the investment was previously put in by the franchise to improve the line (which is one of the reasons it went under). All I can sesee is that our system is way behind that of others, Japan is a fully privatised alternative, and I am asking myself why on earth are we such imbeciles at running what is in essence a glorified tram on tracks. These kind of protests would have happened no matter where the conference was held nor whatever the policies the Tories announced.
Attempting to blame the current government for the slowness of Sir John Chilcot is just idiotic. Even then, ECML is the only line with actual open competition, and the two private operators (Hull Trains and Grand Central) that competed with DR achieved higher satisfaction than DR (about 96% and 98% respectively) and did so with no state subsidy. Branson does not need to make billions off my back if I had a say, rail is his o n l y business that makes any money btw.
It led to delays, endless underinvestment (which is half the problem we’re still dealing with) and made British rail transport the laughing stock of Europe.

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