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Many of the messages I receive are sent as informational light packets or visual packets which I then translate into the English written word – believe it or not English is NOT the universal language we think it is! This Awareness indicates all is one; there is the Law of One and all reside within this Law.
This book presents inspiring insights that make clear how universal regularities work in our lives. Principles or laws which are recognized and accepted by our consciousness as universally valid, may give a certain assurance and peace compared to everything else that is developing at this moment on Earth; everything that is developing on Earth belongs to one and the same cosmic unity and it can be considered with profound respect as that what-we-ourselves-are. Are you a lightworker in need of a professionally designed, visually pleasing, search-engine friendly website? Please consider a donation or subscription today so that Goldenlight can continue to bring in more higher dimensional messages into the world. DENVER - Republicans get their last chance of the year Monday to change Colorado's firearm laws. Denver7 reporter Jennifer Kovaleski tells us state Lawmakers are looking to strengthen laws after a former Swedish surgical technologist put thousands of patients at risk. DENVER - Colorado lawmakers are looking to strengthen laws after a former Swedish Medical Center surgical technologist put thousands of patients at risk.Rocky Allen, 28, is accused of swapping out a syringe of the powerful narcotic Fentanyl and replacing it with another syringe. Far be it for me to put a damper on spending when the economy clearly needs some good old-fashioned consumer consumption - the more conspicuous, the better. Yet, speaking personally as a professional in a field (namely, print journalism) that was disappearing before our very laptops even before the meltdown, I am sure I am not alone in confessing the most creative writing I do these days is balancing my own checkbook.
Herewith, then, a guide to spiritual spending that is not likely to be proposed by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. It may be noticed that these ‘interpreters’ don’t speak directly from that which is God, but out of their tuning to it.
All souls are cells of the body of this Awareness and when this Law is obeyed, there is no need for any entity to struggle or compete, for this is likened unto the parts of one’s body fighting the other parts of one’s body, and in general the body being at war with itself.With the Law of One you may be at peace in the body of this Awareness. These concise, spiritual reflections emphasize that we are part of a universe which in essence is one living and creating awareness. Cosmic Awareness may be experienced in literally everything we point our conscious attention to. Compassion in interaction with all people and respect for all life as such is one of the fundamental teachings that can be taken from the Universal Laws of Cosmic Awareness. Repostings must include this copyright and credit at top and bottom of post and include the entire message without alteration when re-posting. Look no further, The Golden Light Channel can design a beautiful site for you in WordPress that you can update yourself. If you sign up for a paid monthly subscription, be sure to enter your email into the "Subscribe" field below.

So far my journey into awakening consciousness has been incredible and amazing, and continues to be so! Lawmakers will consider several proposals, including two bills to eliminate gun-control measures passed by Democrats in 2013.The GOP-controlled Senate has already passed legislation to repeal a 15-round limit on ammunition magazines. That's the less-than-spiritual message retailers are blasting from radios, TVs, billboards, newspaper and magazine ads, circulars, direct mail, Facebook walls, tweets, and e-blasts (have I missed any media?) in these last weeks before Chanukah and Christmas. Gucci and all other brand names have no intrinsic value or meaning other than that which we assign them. Yes, you pay a little more but amortized over the time it ably serves you, you come out the smart buyer. And if your Santa does not have a green clause, you can elucidate (and illuminate) him with energy-saving light bulbs. Veggies and manufactured products that don't have to travel 2,000 miles save gas and therefore the environment, as does not having to drive to some suburban mall to buy them. Communication with higher dimensional beings, as discussed on this website, is done telepathically.
This Awareness indicates the Law of One is a fixed and universal law in which those who understand the Law of One realize that all is one, and all that appears to be separate will, in the end, be nothing but an illusion to those who followed the path of separateness which appeared as scattered fragments.This Awareness indicates wherein the universe is one totality and entities recognize that wholly universe, then entities may move into that universal harmony. Being connected with this awareness enables us to develop inner wisdom and to experience love and respect for every living thing. This awareness is accessible to everyone, notably when by any cause or attitude one feels connected with the universe, its tiniest parts or its variety of living creatures. Permission is not granted to use these messages in custom YouTube videos, any copyright violation of this will result in a copyright infringement. I also design social media such as Twitter pages, You Tube pages and videos, Pinterest pages, and more. May we all continue to feel the love from the angelic realm and spread the loving light of Source Creator wherever we go, creating a more positive, loving world for All. They also passed and new background-check requirements for private gun sales conducted online and in person.
It's about spending wisely, spending for the right reasons, spending not to feed your face but to feed your soul - and others' souls. Compare the lifespan of K-Mart tube socks, $12 for a dozen, against the $30 pair of Mephisto socks I bought in 2004 (that can practically walk by themselves by now). You'll save even more ordering online, though someone else will still have to drive the merchandise to your home.
But I believe we as individuals can generate our own micro-economic stimulus plan, and let it expand outward from there, especially if we follow the 6 previous laws. When I bring forth a message I am receiving these messages telepathically  and translating these packets of information sent to me or I allow the archangel, Source Creator or Pleaidian Council to type directly through me.

By studying the Universal Laws and penetrating their meaning we can develop our inner wisdom.
Those laws from two years ago infuriated gun rights advocates and led to the recalls of two Democratic state senators, and the resignation of a third who was facing a recall effort.
And when I got to thinking about it, I realized that he was onto something that makes very good sense from a Buddhist perspective. The British economist, who argued as early as 1970 that a modern industrialized bigger-is-better economy is unsustainable, would love being considered a recyclable. Look, conspicuous consumption got us into this mess; I truly believe inconspicuous consumption can get us out.
The channeling that I do is the transcribing of TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATIONS from various higher dimensional aspects of Creation including Source Creator itself, the Council of Angels which is a large group of Archangels, and the Pleaidian Council whom I call interchangeably as my Pleiadian Family as I have galactic ties with them. I strive to always be the clearest channel possible and allow the message to come through me in a clear way as I put myself aside.
To measure exactly how much damage you already are causing to the planet, the Nature Conservancy can help you calculate. Bringing in messages from the higher dimensions during this timeline on earth is also something I agreed to as a pre-birth contract which I have memory of, as I have been able to access this information about my soul. Schumacher Society can explain it better than me but at the level I understand it, buying bulk brown rice looks cheaper at the checkout counter, but it will take up shelf space and probably become a science experiment before I get down to the last grains. This is much different than the derogatory and inaccurate description in the intro of this book. Because it is a pre-birth contract, this facilitates the transcription of these messages which are NOT me speaking. On a larger scale, imagine the costs of that brown rice sitting in a warehouse in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The way my Council of Angels described it, is that I am a receiver and transmitter of higher dimensional communications. I am going to make a conscious effort to call my writing telepathic messages; it would clear up a lot of negativity around channeling I bet. So, to reiterate, the higher dimensional messages I bring forth are NOT me speaking, they are me recording the higher dimensional light packets of information I receive. You can read about how I began to bring forth these messages and tune into my pre-birth agreement to do so in many of the 60 messages I have brought forth within the last year. My Council of Angels also described it as being a “star channel” – one whose essence and mission on earth is to to be a receiver and transmitter of communications from higher dimensions and other galaxies.

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