It may turn out the SGLT2 drugs are “niche” agents because of their side effects and recommended adjustments for renal disease.
The combination of a GLP-1 agonist with basal insulin can produce a long-sought trifecta in treatment of type 2 diabetes: robust glycemic control with no increase in hypoglycemia and no weight gain.
Thirty-day noninvasive ambulatory ECG monitoring significantly improved the detection of atrial fibrillation by a factor of more than 5.
The NOACs have a number of practical advantages of over warfarin: fixed once- or twice-daily oral dosing without the need for coagulation monitoring, and few known or defined drug or food interactions.
The best publications in a given year may be chosen because they are cited frequently, possibly because they warrant erudite editorials or because they are the most scientifically respected manuscripts. Nonetheless, 2014 was the first time we talked about cure for this infection that leads to cirrhosis, liver cancer, and often to liver transplant. The rate of anticoagulant treatment was nearly doubled compared with standard practice of short-duration ECG monitoring. Drawbacks include bleeding risk that may be increased in patients older than 75 years and risk of major gastrointestinal bleeding (high dose) and increased dyspepsia with dabigatran.

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