Fluoride-Free Water does not believe it is safe to drink tap water in Ireland which has been fluoridated. We believe that drinking the chemicals used in fluoridation is an unecessary risk to health. Currently, 71% of the public water supplies in the Republic of Ireland contain these agents. Harmful fluorides in tap water are a poison and they damage both teeth and soft tissue and bone. It is illegal to force anyone to take a poison without their knowledge or informed consent. We believe you always retain that right, and that it is violated by compulsory water fluoridation.
The Irish environment has been flooded with toxic fluorides from water fluoridation since 1964. Sometimes the things you eat and drink can affect the color of your urine, and certain diseases may also affect your urine color and appearance. In some cases, you may notice that urine becomes clear after you drink an excessive amount of alcohol. In some cases, you may notice that your urine is completely different from any variation of normal. Blue or Green Urine: Usually this occurs because of something that you had to eat or drink.
Foamy Urine: While this doesn’t have to do with the color of your urine, sometimes you can notice foam when you urinate.
Orange Urine: Rhubarb, beets, medications that contain dyes, and blackberries can all cause you to have orange urine.
In many cases, something you eat or drink, or a medication, can result in a big change in urine color.
Don’t panic when you first notice that your urine color isn’t abnormal, but it’s not something you should ignore. Join us as we share some no-nonsense tutorials about frugal beauty tips and natural health tips.

Since salt can play a key role in the raised level of blood pressure, low in dietary salt is one of major recommendations in DASH diet. Drink alcohol in appropriate amounts (moderately) – not more than 1 drink for women, and not more than 2 drinks for men! See this previous section for a completely guide of appropriate diet to lower high cholesterol and blood pressure!
Below is a helpful table of some helpful ideas and tips to reduce salt without sacrificing your flavor.
When talking about potassium in the diet, you may still don’t have any idea where you can get it.
One reason that increased urination and clear urine occurs is because you have taken in a lot of liquid. Here’s a look at some urine colors that could occur, as well as what could be causing them. Some drinks, medications and foods can turn your urine blue or green, particularly if they include a blue dye. Pay attention to changes in urine color and keep track of how often and when these changes occur. We would love to see more of you, please LIKE us on Facebook so you don’t miss a post.
Whole foods are typically high in fiber, and fiber (particularly soluble fiber) is great to help lower LDL. Some studies found that lack of vitamin D and potassium is linked with high risk of hypertension because potassium can help reduce the accumulation of sodium in the bloodstream, and vitamin D can affect certain enzyme released in the kidneys that affects the blood pressure. Cloudy, discolored, or bloody urine may make you panic, and you may wonder what is wrong with you if this happens. Urine is a product of your body’s cellular metabolism and the liquid is sterile when expelled from your body.
If you have darker urine (amber), it usually means that you’re not getting the fluids that you need. If you rule out medication, food, or drink as the potential change, you need to call your doctor.

If any of the above symptoms accompany the change in your urine, immediately contact your physician.
They have much more effect than foods high in cholesterol in increasing your LDL (bad cholesterol). If you’ve ever wondered what you can learn about your health by checking out your urine, here’s some helpful information. Alcohol forces your body to urinate more, so the body ends up extracting water from other parts of the body, and you end up peeing it all away, as well as your body’s essential electrolytes. This could be a sign that you have a medical condition, such as kidney cancer, bladder stones, or an enlarged prostate.
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Of course, clear urine may occur in individuals that are drinking too much water and could be a sign that they could be close to dealing with water intoxication or over-hydration. For this reason, after consuming too much alcohol, you often end up with a headache and you may feel sick.
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