Flat belly has always been a symbol for fitness and sexiness, but even the most physically active people struggle a lot to achieve that.
Losing belly fat is not only about looking good, it is also closely connected to your overall health. Apart from these obvious reasons, many people agree on the fact that hormones are next to blame when it comes to fat storage.
Other reasons for your belly fat, may be your sleeping and the stress you deal with every day. Especially while exercising, green tea will help you burn many more calories and give you extra energy. To summarize, we now know that there are different kinds of foods that can help us fulfill our wish for a flat stomach.
EAT HIGH FIBER and MUFAs– eat foods rich in fiber, protein and monounsaturated fatty acid, and avoid sugary foods, trans-fats, carbohydrates and processed foods. Corn, miracle noodles, quinoa, and brown rice are allowed on 21 day sugar detox although these are not Paleo friendly options. You can download PDF version of the List here: Checklist of Foods to Avoid on 21 Day Sugar Detox. Now I have come up with a new diet I have been hearing about people having a really low sugar diet, and since I tend to consume lots of sugar in either drinks or sweet foods, I have decided to cut down, or cut out sugar.
There are so many things which are high in sugar, chocolate biscuits in the morning, the odd snack, drinks…All contain lots of sugar.
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The meta-analysis of Wolraich reviewing the 15 articles on artificial sweetener and sugar said that the discoveries were clearer than any other type of analysis done on this subject. If you believe that their behavior is worse, especially when they get big amount of sugar, it is not a surprise that you will see the difference. How To Remove Bloated Belly In Just 60 Seconds With This Incredible Belly-Fat Burning Recipe! The fat that is stored in the mid-section of your body is highly connected to serious diseases, such as: heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and high blood-pressure. Genes are responsible for the shape of your body, which is most probably similar to your parents’.
And the age is a key factor simply because when you’re older, your body stores fat more quickly. The level of stress, the food you eat and the amount of exercising all together affect your hormones.
The higher your insulin level is, the more likely is the possibility that you store fat instead of burning it. Apart from insulin and cortisol, you can also contribute to fat storage if you have decreased level of testosterone and decreased HGH (a hormone that helps with fat burning).
Exercising can only help combined with maintaining your stress levels, and proper eating habits.
There are certain types of food that can harm your flat stomach, and others that can help with the process of losing fat.
They will keep the hunger away for a long time and they will regulate your sugar levels which is the best prevention for creating belly fat.
The reason why is pretty simple, it helps with every process in our bodies, including burning calories. I am going to try to eat as little sugary things as possible and see if it has any effect to my belly.
So I will also drink as little as possible of that, but balance it out with actually having a life.

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Also, he points to one other experiment where the parents who thought their kids were affected by the sugar tented to stand so close to them, and to demand more.
The dentists and nutrition experts say that the candy is good in moderation, but it is very rich in calories and is not so good for the oral health.
Your organs are supposed to be protected with a layer of fat, but the excess of that fat, especially belly fat, can be very bad for you. The older you get, the slower your metabolism will be and the bigger the chances are for fat storage.
This means that by keeping your insulin level low, you can help in the process of burning fat faster. They also contain monounsaturated fatty acids and that’s the first thing you want for a flat belly. So what we need to do, is combine exercising with all the right foods and make sure that we avoid stressful situations. By getting rid of your stomach fat, you lower your chances of some serious diseases and improve your overall health.Decide to take a step now, and improve your looks and your health!

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