Have you ever wondered why you feel hungry a short while after having a feed full of carbs? The problem is, while your blood sugar levels are dropping down after the carb rush, your hunger starts to kick in. Dr Andreas Eenfeldt (The Food Revolution video) performed his own tests on himself regarding blood glucose levels (see attached image). Meal 1 : Piece of non-lean steak and veggies (all fried in butter) with Bernaise sauce (egg yolk and butter sauce).
As you can see by the graph (Click the thumbnail to see a larger version), Meal 1 (the Low Carb, High Fat meal) kept his blood sugar at a steady, even level, right where it should be. These are some of the reasons there is a swing in the medical profession (those who are still not completely set in their ways, or not willing to deviate from the current nutrition beliefs) towards a Low Carb, High Fat food lifestyle. Fasting is in a state of non-eating, where the stomach is empty and as much glucose as possible has been moved from the blood stream. Copyright © 2016 A Normal Blood Sugar Level This site offers general advice for staying healthy.
To achieve a fit and healthy body diet and nutrition is an important as exerciseA To find out how to achieve the body of a fitness model, FEMAIL spoke to three nutritionists for their advice.

Eating foods such as fish, eggs (left) A and brown rice (right) A will help keep your energy levels upA What is important to know is that skipping meals can slow down your metabolism because your body thinks there is a shortage of food. You are full straight away, but an hour or two later you are looking for a snack to tide you over until the next meal. The carbs are quickly absorbed into the blood stream sending your Blood Glucose levels sky high. He recorded his blood sugar levels over a 6 hour period after eating two completely different kinds of meals.
Ready for the next meal to have the body go through that whole blood sugar rollercoaster ride again. If blood test results are coming back in the upper ranges on the is chart further medical treatment by a doctor is probably indicated.
Because your blood sugar isn't allowed to drop, your body will no longer have to ask you for a quick fix. Vitamins B3 and B6 are especially important because they help to supply fuel to cells, which are then able to burn energy.'Vitamin B6 together with zinc is necessary for the production of pancreatic enzymes which help you to digest food.
They drop so far that they go below the normal recommended levels, then slowly rise back up.

As you can see the blood sugar amount increases after a meal when the food is digested and glucose is absorbed into the blood.
The blood sugar level falls as insulin does its work of moving the glucose from the blood in to tissues needing it for food. Chromium is needed for the metabolism of sugar and without it insulin is less effective in controlling blood sugar levels.'This means that it is harder to burn off your food as fuel and more may be stored as fat.
This pattern is a normal occurrence as glucose is needed in the body for proper brain functioning as well as for fuel for muscles and other cells.
If you understand what you are eating and if the ingredient list is short on your items, then it is good food that will keep your blood sugar stable.
Keep your glucose levels functioning like the chart above and everything should be just fine.

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