Transient was a series of net-loop performances that allowed for interaction between members of a dispersed ensemble working simultaneously on multiple continents. Recent advances in digital technologies have enabled collaborations that shatter traditional artistic and geographic boundaries. In each performance a serial chain is formed in which each participant [node] sends audio to the next in turn, forming a closed loop that allows for a new form of ensemble interaction across the network.
Generally, we find the lightest diaphragms in small diaphragm condensers (SDC’s) while large diaphragm dynamic (LDD) mics have larger moving-coil diaphragms. Though the difference is small, around 10 microseconds, the condenser mic (top line) responds more quickly to the impulse.
Smearing: Additionally, since large diaphragms take longer to stop moving after a sound has passed, they can also smear transients, sometimes blending one into the next.
These effects combine, in varying degrees depending on the mic, to yield a dark or flattened sound, generally suitable for bass, electric guitar, and edgy vocals. Detail: Condenser mics, especially SDCs, better represent the transients we hear and, as such, yield a more detailed sound.

Higher frequencies: High frequency sounds tend to produce sharper transients, in which smaller diaphragm mics are better at capturing nuance. These effects combine to yield a brighter, crisper sound, generally appropriate for acoustic guitar, drum cymbals, and delicate singers.
I suspect that the transient response you’re seeing on that ribbon is caused more by the particular choice of ribbon. Since 1987 several seminars and courses were given by ZZ & ASSOCIATES to address mainly the importance of well test analysis in reservoir description and how it can be used to correct or enhance geological and geophysical models.
We coached the engineers to step by step procedure from processing the raw data to analyze either the build up or the falloff tests using different models. We also oversaw analysis of numerous well tests by the companies' advanced engineers and analyzed tests needing special attention. Transient was created by a loose collective of sound artists from several countries that came together to participate in collaborative streaming audio performances. Such developments have only contributed to the continuing destabilization of the notion of an artist working in a single medium, in isolation from the world.

Dynamic mics have a coil or ribbon, where condenser mics have a lighter capacitor membrane. You can practically see the ribbon itself flapping back and forth inside the mic, taking almost 10 milliseconds to settle.
With each node occupying a unique position in the presentation space, the audience can experience the complexity of the evolving performance directly, with the ability to locate individual voices in the ensemble and also experience the aggregate sound of the group. Many people, for example, opt to use ribbon mics as drum overheads precisely because the ribbon’s response softens harsh-sounding cymbals. Specifically, inertia: Lighter diaphragms require less energy to move than heavier diaphragms. Consequently, lighter diaphragms react quicker than heavier diaphragms to abrupt changes in sound energy.

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