By 2030, the number of Singapore residents above 40 with diabetes is projected to increase by another 200,000 from about 400,000 today. In diabetes, the pancreas produces too little or ineffective insulin, a hormone which lets body cells use blood sugar for energy. The World Health Organization estimates that more than 346,000,000 people worldwide have diabetes. In Fiji we are blessed with a land full of healthy fruits and vegetables, and a sea full of delicious and nutritious fish and seafood.
Healthy eating means eating the right balance and amount of health, energy and body building foods.
It also means keeping unhealthy foods such as fried and sugary food and drinks as treats rather than everyday foods.
While there are some wellness champions out there leading a healthy life full of healthy foods, unfortunately as a whole we’re not doing to well. Most adults only need around 2000 calories everyday, it is up to what 2000 calories looks like. Choosing ONE of these options at each meal time should provide you with around 2000 calories over the day.
The healthiest foods in Fiji are often grown right here in Fiji or in little to no packaging. In most cases, white, unhealthy foods, have a healthier, brown option, such as white flour and whole flour , white sugar and brown sugar, etc.
But in the case of rice, its type is the one that determines its blood sugar-raising properties, not its color. The International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition published a study that reveals how white basmati rice increase lesser amount of blood sugar compare to the brown basmati rice.
The result of the study revealed that brown basmati rice belonged to the medium – high glycemic index category while white basmati rice belonged to the low glycemic index category. Brown rice contains more phytates than white rice, and even though it is not bad for your health, this makes it inferior to white rice. Phytates are known as “anti-nutrient” as they inhibit the absorption of essential minerals found in food, such as calcium, zinc, and iron.
Therefore, although some claim that brown rice is healthier than white due to the fact that it is richer in nutrients, the fact that it inhibits body`s ability to absorb them makes this point irrelevant. In a nutshell, don’t stick to the labels “good” or “bad” food as each of them comes with its pros and cons. Metabolic syndrome is a medical condition which is becoming very common nowadays because of sedentary lifestyles and poor diet choices. The five risk factors that make up metabolic syndrome are a large waist size, elevated cholesterol or triglyceride levels, high blood pressure levels and high fasting blood sugar levels. Metabolic syndrome is caused by various risk factors such as insulin resistance, obesity, unhealthy lifestyle and hormonal imbalances. Metabolic syndrome is associated with numerous risk factors including blood clots, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), fatty liver, cholesterol gallstones, and lipodystrophy (which affects fat distribution).

A recent study showed that an enzyme involved in intracellular signaling plays a crucial role in developing metabolic syndrome.
Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Find Hope in Letrozole What is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome? It can be controlled through various means such as a healthy diet, regular exercise, oral medication to balance blood glucose, insulin injections, and regular monitoring and control of blood sugar.
Besides insulin and medicine, eating healthily helps to control blood glucose levels and weight.
Don't forget your grainsUnlike refined grain foods like white rice and white bread, whole grains are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, fibre and protective plant chemicals called phytochemicals.
Pick food rich in proteins Select protein-rich foods which are lower in fat and cholesterol such as lean meat, fish, yogurt, legumes and nuts.
Eat your fruit and veggiesFruit and vegetables are naturally low in fat and rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre. Cut the oil, fat, salt and sugar Choose healthier foods which are lower in salt, added sugar and fat. Both the types of food we eat, and the amounts of food we eat are important when it comes to health. For example a vegetarian who eats a lot of fried foods is still at risk of high cholesterol and obesity, while a meat eater who trims the excess fat off their meat and chooses healthy options like fish can have a clean bill of health. This is mostly due to the fact that they believe that it will spike the blood sugar after consumption. This misconception is because of the white carbohydrate foods as white bread, which have high index of glycemic.
The study involved 14 healthy participant where all the participant were feed with 11 different types of rice, including white and brown basmati rice.
This result also shown that actually, color of the rice has nothing to do with its sugar level.
In most cases this blockage of minerals doesn’t cause any serious health issues, but it has been reported that eating diet high in phytates can lead to mineral deficiency.
In the case with rice, white version is superior, due to its taste, nutrition, and overall health. A large waist size is defined at 40 inches or larger in men and 35 inches or larger in women. Insulin resistance means that the insulin in the body doesn't work very well in bringing glucose inside the tissues, thus giving rise to higher blood sugar levels and diabetes.
This condition doesn't have symptoms of its own but its symptoms are a direct result of metabolic syndromes components such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels.
This has meant an influx of foods with high levels of salt, sugar and fat, such as noodles, soft drinks and fried foods. This is largely due to the overconsumption of the wrong foods and lack of physical activity. Just look at the difference here between a healthy 2000 calories and an unhealthy 2000 calories.

While Energy foods like dalo, rice, and grains and minimal lentils like dahl, chickpeas and beans, full of fibre and protein, come in plain packets.
To determine which type of the rice that fit to the category of medium – high index or low glycemic index, every participant got their blood glucose level measured.
Metabolic syndrome is not really a disease but a combination of other risk factors such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, unhealthy cholesterol levels, and abdominal fat. The signs of metabolic syndrome are high levels of blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and excess belly fat. The researchers from University of Utah are now working to begin human clinical trials of a drug in the next couple of years.
While our taste buds have had no problems keeping up, our bodies are paying a heavy price with Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) such as Diabetes, Obesity, and Cancer now at crisis levels in Fiji. All these risk factors combined can double your risk of blood vessel and heart disease, which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. All these signs raise the odds of serious health problems such as diabetes and blood vessel or heart disease. The researchers studied rodents and found out that an enzyme known as PASK stimulates the overproduction of fatty acids and triglycerides.
This may be a result of unhealthy lifestyles such as eating a diet rich in fats and not getting enough physical activity everyday. Metabolic syndrome can lead to atherosclerosis, a condition wherein there is hardening of the arteries due to the accumulation of fats, cholesterol and other substances on the sides of the arteries. PASK works by chemically modifying other proteins in order to alter their specific functions.
You need to have at least three of these risk factors to be diagnosed with metabolic syndrome.
Hormonal imbalance may also play a role, as metabolic syndrome can be a result of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a condition that affects fertility. One of the proteins it modifies is SREBP-1c, which functions as the master regulator of all of the enzymes that make fat. If you have metabolic syndrome, you should control these risk factors to lessen your risk for diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes.
The drug being studied by the researchers was able to prevented PASK from modifying SREBP-1c.
This, in turn, prevented SREBP-1c from increasing the production of enzymes that make fat, resulting in a drop in the levels of fatty acids and triglycerides in mouse and rat livers.

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