And while you might expect sugar to be a substantial component of the former, who knew that the latter had four teaspoons of sugar per serving? With delicious recipes that will replace your beloved sugary treats and conquer those cravings, plus clever meal plans and top tips to keep you on the detox straight and narrow, let us help you beat your sweet tooth for good.So whata€™s the cause of our sugar addiction?
There is an ever-growing number of highly respected studies which show that sugar is making us obese, and it is sugar, not fat, that triggers heart disease.Sugar is also incontrovertibly linked to diabetes, kidney disease, certain cancers, cataracts and even premature ageing.
Over decades, the tiny amounts of sugar in bread, savoury ready meals and sauces have crept up and up to dizzying heights a€” an indicator of our collective increasingly sweet tooth. For example, a typical slice of wholemeal bread used to contain less than 1g of sugar, but now many manufacturers manage to pack double that into each slice. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. One thing that gets me going on days when I don’t feel like working out or eating clean is following people who inspire me on social media" Hollie Grant is a London-based Pilates trainer and the creator of the Model Method exercise regime Do HIIT High Intensity Interval Training. The more you get to know and like your body, the more natural the right things to eat or do will feel" Jane Kersel is a London-based yoga teacher. Back at the retreat, I return to my room, climb into bed and am given some apple juice and – rejoice! But ita€™s precisely because such large quantities of sugar have made their way into everything from sliced bread to fat-free yoghurts that so many of us unknowingly suffer from an out-and-out sugar addiction.Just last week, a group of eminent doctors and academics insisted that food manufacturers must reduce the level of sugar in processed foods by up to 30 per cent to halt a wave of disease and death. Now, a small pot of low-fat yogurt can contain as much as four teaspoons of sugar, and even wholemeal bread hides two teaspoons per loaf.Anyone who has tried to cut down on their sugar consumption knows that it is worryingly addictive. The Bulletproof regime sees people starting the day with a coffee combined with grass-fed butter and a coconut oil extract I call Brain Octane Oil, which is 18 times stronger than coffee alone. I know I’m going to be sick, but when I try to walk to the bathroom, I feel faint and lights start flashing in front of my eyes.
For almost two generations, the message from the most highly respected experts in nutrition has been aimed at just one thing: fat. Not fat.I trained at the highly respected Mount Sinai dietetic program in New York, spending four years studying nutrition, and qualified with a mastera€™s degree in science. Indeed, sugar has been compared to the highly addictive class-A drug cocaine.In 2009 French scientists tested this theory on rats. The Model Method repeats three 30-second bursts of plyometric moves such as burpees, box jumps or step-ups, with a rest session of Pilates or floor work. If there is an imbalance in what you eat versus what you use you’ll gain or lose weight. Swapping to this instead of your normal breakfast cereal and a cup of low-grade coffee gives you heightened focus and energy without the crash and jitters.
When I set up my practice offering one-to-one nutritional counselling, specialising in weight loss and optimal health, it rapidly became clear that the dietary advice I had been taught didna€™t work. I found that even a simple move, such as eliminating fruit and some of the carbohydrates I had been previously recommending, made a huge difference to their weight and their health.It soon became very clear that ita€™s not fat we should be worrying about at all.
Their study found that the rodents chose sugar eight times more often than cocaine a€” which is pretty shocking when you learn that they used rats who were already addicted to cocaine.So why is sugar so hard to quit? You are aiming to free yourself from sugar addiction and improve your health, but a€” bonus! If you don’t move, your body will lose its tone, it will seize up and you will end up looking like the shape of your chair.
Yes, these are just some of the recent descriptions of the essential ingredient in everything from Mary Berrya€™s classic Victoria sponge to a tin of Heinz tomato soup.
The clients with the most dramatic weight loss results and the most dramatic improvements in health were the ones who cut out sugar.The success stories at my clinic now number in their many thousands a€” and all because they gave up sugar. Well, it triggers the release of opioids (chemicals in the body that produce euphoria) and dopamine (a chemical that helps control the braina€™s reward and pleasure centres).This means that at that precise moment sugar hits your brain, your bodya€™s pain sensors are switched off.
For the first three days, you will cut out sugar completely and retrain your appetite for ever with delicious protein-packed meal plans.

This goes on for several hours, before I pull myself together enough to lurch downstairs to seek help. A pleasurable message is sent to the brain, making you want to reach for sweetness again and again. Our carefully designed plan will keep cravings to a minimum and help you beat your sugar addiction with ease.The next stage of the diet reintroduces some sugars slowly and carefully. The idea is to clear your system of all sugars and carbohydrates for long enough for your bodya€™s delicate internal systems and sensors to reset. Our entire approach is based on clinical evidence and research we have conducted on real patients.This is no diet fad.
And it wasna€™t long before I identified the true, horrifying impact of sugar on our health. The Sugar Detox has been expertly balanced to contain foods that have very low glycemic index scores. This is an eating plan that can halt your sugar habit in just THREE days a€” and completely change your life in 30.Follow our detox and you will lose weight. For in an effort to make their beloved low-fat products edible, the food industry has upped the sugar levels in both sweet and savoury foods. This is because it dulls our taste buds over time, meaning we demand more and more to achieve the same sugary hit.And so, manufacturers make food sweeter because it makes us more likely to eat more. Many of my clients try to change everything about their diet at once and follow every single fad, even if it is not working for them. And you will even look years younger, as cutting out sugar immeasurably improves your skin and vitality. Well, manufacturers realised that by putting sugars directly into processed foods, they could manipulate the amount we ate by making our desire for sweetness override our a€?fulla€™ sensors. Foods included in The Sugar Detox also have a low fructose content a€” the simple sugar found in fruit, vegetables and honey.The Detox keeps overall fructose under 20g per day. All this makes sure that what you eat keeps your blood sugar levels low.Keeping these levels stable and limiting the amount of unnecessary insulin production will prevent your body from storing extra fat and creating the destructive internal environment that contributes to premature ageing. Food is a status symbol like never before, and there’s no middle ground when it comes to the obsession with what we put into our mouths.
For these three days, therea€™s no bread, rice, or pasta because starchy carbohydrates are a major contributor to sugar addiction. Everyone works on their front abdominal muscles with moves such as sit-ups, but the key to a strong core is working the transverse abdominis muscle, which wraps around the middle of the body – strengthen that and you will look slimmer, stand taller and reduce your risk of back pain. It’s either all (I give you the fetishisation of home baking and the ubiquitous cupcake) or nothing (the rise of fast-based diets). Instead,A  we replace them with vegetable carbohydrates that are full of fibre and can actually help lower your blood sugar. Exercises such as plank are the best way to tone it – but do them properly, pulling your stomach back towards your spine.
The more you get to know and like your body, the more natural the right things to eat or do will feel. My teenage daughter, for example, does not smoke, not because she is not allowed to but because intrinsically it does not feel as if it is something her body would want. When you first smoke, you cough and feel nauseous – that is literally your body rejecting it. Instead, you should fill up on lean meat, fish, eggs, or vegetarian forms of protein such as lentils, chickpeas and beans.
You should also eat plenty of salad or low-carbohydrate vegetables.Avoid starchy root vegetables like carrots and parsnips, and feast on green vegetables instead. When I’m interviewing celebrities and the conversation turns to their health regimes, a significant proportion name-check Vale in awed tones. Although fruit is a great source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre, it also contains a lot of sugar a€” or fructose a€” which raises blood sugar levels rapidly.

He says his own asthma, psoriasis, eczema and hay fever were all kicked into touch when he began juicing. When manufacturers take fat out of food they normally replace it with sugar – and if you want your best-ever body you need to remove as much sugar from your diet as possible. It is important to drink lots of water a€” still or sparkling a€” and green, black or herbal tea.
Sugar is inflammatory, which increases ageing in the body and potentially links to an increased risk of chronic diseases. Rosemary Ferguson, the model turned nutritionist and naturopath, will publish a book, Juice (Ebury), in April, and does an annual juice fast at a retreat in Turkey.
Whether I’m running, dancing, swimming, in yoga practice or riding a horse, I get high on the ability to move myself around in all directions. Then I had my genes tested and found that I carry a gene that means I detox coffee extremely slowly, which accounts for why it makes me feel dreadful. In 2010 the Australian filmmaker Joe Cross released a documentary, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, which showed him embark on a 60-day juice fast, ditching six stone and a chronic autoimmune disease in the process; a film that eight million people have now watched. Follow a diet high in healthy fats and organic vegetables accompanied by moderate amounts of grass-fed meats, and cut out sugar and grains completely – you will see a massive change in how you look and feel in as little as two weeks. It is far easier to eat healthily and exercise if your energy levels are high, so look at how foods make you feel.
If you believe you’re consuming anything that lowers your vitality, see what happens if you cut it out. The claims made by juicing proponents are as big as the money involved: these elixirs can purportedly do anything from aiding weight loss and helping skin conditions to curing arthritis and cancer. Often we just think we want to get thinner, but actually what we want is more confidence" Katie Kensit and Caroline Bragg are the team behind The Ignition, which combines physical exercise with mindset changes Find your motivation.
If you do not know why you want to improve your body, you won’t put in the steps it takes to achieve it. Often we just think we want to get thinner, but actually what we want is more confidence, which might perhaps be gained by doing a different kind of workout.
This involves eating normally five days per week and fasting (well, consuming 500-600 calories) on the other two. If you eat rubbish and don’t put the effort into your workout, your body will reward you with poor results. Dr Robert Lustig is the author of Fat Chance: The Hidden Truth About Sugar, Obesity and Disease and has spent 16 years treating childhood obesity.
A vocal anti-sugar campaigner, his lecture on the topic has been viewed five million times on YouTube. She proposes that our bodies and minds are intrinsically linked, and if you change the position of your body, you can change the way your mind behaves. Glucose is removed from the bloodstream by insulin, but there’s no equivalent hormone for fructose. That job falls solely to the liver, which, if overwhelmed by fructose (say, if you’re drinking gallons of juice), can convert it to liver fat. This increases the likelihood of insulin resistance (hello diabetes), furred arteries and heart disease. I might buy a green juice at Pret A Manger when once I’d have grabbed a Diet Coke, and I do occasionally knock up an apple, kale and cucumber concoction to help face a hangover, since the idea of eating greens with a bacon sandwich seems ridiculous.

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