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Pernicous anemia: Caused by an autoimmune disease in the stomach affecting intrinsic factor production and the destruction of parietal cells which produce intrinsic factor and hydrochloric acid (HCL). If you remember back to middle school science class when a glass jar was place over a candle… The candle went out!
Because of red blood cells large size with out b-vitamins, the term macro-cytic anemia is given. Leaky gut syndrome is a phenomenon when the tight junction of the gut unzip and allow undigested food particles and bacteria into the blood stream. The immune system being wound up from all of this additional gastrointestinal stress can start attacking other tissues in the body like thyroid, pancreas, brain, skin and even microvilli even the small intestine.
With leaky gut comes malabsorption due to the excessive inflammation in and around the areas of the microvilli where nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids are absorbed. With out the ability to break down, assimilate, absorb and utilize it’s as if the nutrients weren’t even eaten in the first place.
When dealing with iron or b-vitamin based anemia, supporting with the deficient nutrients can be helpful but may not address the underlying issues.
Low HCL: With out adequate stomach acid and enzymes production it maybe hard to break down, ionize and absorb iron. Getting to the root cause of the gut issues, including the removal of stress and infection can help improve HCL production. Female Hormone Imbalances: Many females have estrogen dominance and or inadequate production of progesterone. Pernicious anemia: This kind of anemia is autoimmune in a nature and can be drive be gluten, infections, and stress (physical, chemical and emotional). Deficient Diet: Vegan and vegetarian diet are notorious for causing B12 deficiency and sometimes even iron deficiency. If the deficiency is truly cause by dietary means, supplementing and changing your diet may be enough to fix the root of the problem. If you have chronic fatigue, digestive distress or low thyroid symptoms; there is a good chance their may be anemia issue holding back your health.
Rhabdomyolysis is a condition caused by the breakdown of muscle tissue and subsequent release of muscle fibre into the blood.
Prevalent in tropical and sub-tropical regions around the world, dengue fever is a viral infection transmitted by female mosquitoes of the genus Aides aegypti. When these mosquitoes bite, they transmit the dengue virus into our body causing a list of symptoms ranging from high fever to dengue shock syndrome (where the blood pressure drops abnormally). The immune system reacts to the virus by producing a number of proteins which are responsible for the increase in body temperature. The increase in production of the dengue virus in the body can lead to various organ dysfunctions.
In more severe form of dengue, there is fluid accumulation in the abdomen and chest because of the increased leakage from the blood capillaries.
Prompt diagnosis is very important for effective treatment which mainly focuses on relieving the person from the symptoms. It is shaped somewhat like a tadpole - fat at one end and slender at the other - and is around 25cm in length.
The pancreas also produces the hormone insulin, which helps to control the amount of sugar in the blood.

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One of the main jobs of the red blood cell is to carry oxygen to all of the cells saw aerobic metabolism can occur.
This is because the ability for oxygen to be transferred throughout the body is vital for health. As you can see by the picture above, red blood cells actually get smaller as they get more mature (this is the opposite in humans). The immune system over reacts and becomes on high alert due to it’s inexperience of seeing these unknown particles in the blood stream. Most people make the assumption that if they put the food in their mouth, chew and swallow then their body will utilize the nutrition for energy.
Many people are stressed out which shifts the nervous system away from the parasympathetic branch which is needed for HCL secretion. These hormone imbalance cause more PMS as well as excessive bleeding durring menstruation time. These types of patients need some type of autoimmune diet as well as sublingual b12 to ensure absorption or perhaps even b12 injection.
The iron found in vegetables is non-heme iron is poorly absorbed and does very little to improve ferritin (stored iron levels) on a blood test.  Iron from animal sournces especially liver tends be the best for raising iron levels. If you want to dig a little deeper into what’s is driving your health challenges, click here! In high enough quantities this can lead to kidney damage and failure and is potentially dangerous. Other possible mode of transmission include through blood transfusion, from mother to baby during pregnancy and organ donation.
However, preventive strategies can include avoiding mosquito bites and taking precautionary measures like using mosquito repellants. The temperature can rise up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit within four days from the onset of the infection and can last for about 7-14 days.
When the virus production in the body increases manifold, it affects the organs and causes the fluids from the walls of blood vessels to leak into the cavities. Pale pink colour rashes appear all over the face and body which is often mistaken for measles. This can lead to organ failure and uncontrollable bleeding which can prove fatal if timely action is not taken.
Once food has been mulched and partially digested by the stomach, it is pushed into the duodenum (first part of the small intestine). They need certain b-vitamins like  (B12, folate and B6) or they stay large, immature and goofy so to speak. Alessio Fasano shows that leaky gut is a common factor in all autoimmune diseases and gluten seems to be one of the strongest stimulators of Zonulin (which causes leaky gut).
With out enough HCL bad bacteria tend to overgrow and eventually even infections may take up residence in your gut. Most of the time good methyl b12 along with activated L-folate in a sub-lingual form can be enough to maximize absorption.
Most patients do better on a liver glandular as well as an ammino acid iron chelate to help get their iron levels back to normal. Rhabdomyolysis is generally associated with traumas such as car crashes but it can also be caused by certain lengthy surgical procedures, some recreational drugs, low phosphate levels, extreme body temperatures, genetic muscle wasting diseases and severe dehydration.

Additional measures like covering water tanks, clearing up stagnant water and using mosquito nets for the doors and windows can be helpful in reducing mosquito breeding sites.
This reduces the amount of blood circulating in the body which in turn lowers the blood pressure drastically leading to hypotension. Since this virus affects the blood vessels, it can cause small capillaries under the skin to break. Dysfunction of the bone marrow causes inadequate production of platelets which are responsible for blood clotting. Recovery can take another two weeks during which the person should eat nutritious meals, prescribed drugs and drink plenty of fluid to prevent relapse.
The pancreas adds its own digestive juices and enzymes to the food, via a small duct attached to the duodenum. This chronic stream of inflammation continues to compound the issues and make the problem worse over time even causing andrenal fatigue and low thyroid symptoms. This blood loss is a common cause of fatigue during menstruation and I have seen it personally in dozens of my patients.Getting the patient on a female hormone balancing program along with addressing diet and lifestyle stressors can help fix the underlying imbalances. In very rare circumstances it can also be caused by extreme physical exertion, such as taking part in ultramarathons and even CrossFit training. Since these signs can occur in range of other infections, diagnosis is not very accurate in this stage. They are more worried about me taking supplements than figuring out the underlying cause of it. SymptomsThe symptoms of rhabdomyolysis include dark red coloured urine, decreased urination and muscle weakness and aching. TreatmentIf you notice any of the above symptoms, then you should see your GP immediately (blood in the urine should always be followed by a trip to the doctor). They will often prescribe medications which include diuretics and bicarbonate and they should also treat hyperkalemia and low blood calcium. If the patient shows signs of kidney failure then this will require immediate treatment and might include dialysis. The prognosis for recovery will depend on the amount of kidney damage, which often depend on how early the symptoms were identified. Those with mild cases should be able to resume normal activity within a few weeks to a month. Complications can include acute tubular necrosis, renal failure, harmful blood chemical imbalances and shock.
PreventionWhen engaging in highly strenuous activity it is crucial to consume plenty of fluids which will help to dilute the urine and flush away myoglobin. Most important though is to avoid engaging in any physical activity that is too far advanced compared to your previous experience.
If you intend to compete in an ultramarathon, or are starting CrossFit, then make sure you build a solid foundation in strength and endurance training beforehand to protect against the breakdown of muscle.

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