I have actually taken a few tumbles from dizziness over the years when I drop low within a short period of time. I started to write two comments to Zach about his experience and my computer just shut down so I just want to say I have the same experience walking and I think you just saved me from loosing my mind!!
I think after 14 years, I’m a bit more sympathetic at least to how poorly he thinks DURING the low. On the other hand I’ve watched my daughter hand me her meter at a party with a 21 on the screen, and go skipping off to play with a friend while I stood dumbfounded that she was even standing upright… and then chased after her with a juice box. I feel like it could be tough to diagnose low blood sugar with so many apparent symptoms indicative of low blood sugar levels. A general felling of exhaustion – like you just spent the entire Saturday working out in the yard. When having a low colors usually get brighter but this is the first time I’ve had the blinding light. Like a lot of you – also lack of concentration and anxiety during the day with a low. Stubborness, hunger, rambling, irritation, confusion and a general feeling that my brain is trying to catch up with my body (or vice versa, it’s hard to tell sometimes!). I sometimes know I’m low but I still wont have my glucose drink, for no good reason, I just get it in my head to not have it.
It’s great to read about everyones experiences though, nice to know other people totally get it too! Since my body is used to my blood sugar being so high, and now with my eating better and it going a lot lower than it’s norm. I think everyone is the same in that they experience more and more symptoms as the hypo worsens. When I have a low I get confused, feel like I just want to go to sleep, some times my hands jerk so bad I cant even hold anything.
My boy friend gets real upset with me so sometimes when I start to have a bad low I wait tell he doesnt see me and i get food or a drink.
There are some women who experience a lot of pregnancy symptoms, and find within themselves the signs of being pregnant. This is considered as one of the first pregnancy symptoms and remains there throughout the pregnancy. If any women experience any if the above symptoms she should step forward to take pregnancy test to confirm her pregnancy. Hypoglycemia is a condition whereby the blood sugar level is very low in the human body system. The above are the major symptoms of hypoglycemia you may have when youa€™re suffering from the condition. In all, prevention is better than cure.A  Symptoms of Hypoglycemia and the condition itself can be adequately prevented from occurring when you take certain precautions. Low blood sugar (Hypoglycemia) may be the result of taking too much insulin, the effect of certain diabetic medications, missing a meal or exercising too hard without taking snacks. In all individuals who are risk of severe hypoglycemia, or those who are unconscious, it is important that a spouse, family member, or support person be taught how to administer glucagon by injection.
March 19, 2015 by admin   About 1 in 3 people with type 2 diabetes don’t even know they have it.
It takes every ounce of concentration to lift the leg and wait for they sensation of pressure to hit high in my leg or hip.
I was alone so wasn’t sure if I should buy a case of choclate bars or head to their food stand for a gigantic ice cream.
Fortunately, I got my first blood glucose meter in 1982, just as the “shaking hands” symptom of a low BG started to disappear! From habit I managed to check my BS which said 19 though I’m sure it was not that low.
Weak legs and overall body… lack of focus, staring into the distance, shaking, irritability, snapping, sadness. It seems there is not a lot of info out there for people with T1, you really have to dig for it. I have seen some of your blog posts and the Vlog of your low is a good example for people to see.

I was cashiering at work and all the sudden, my legs grew weak, I was sweating all over and trembling.
Like I need to eat right now and I’ll kill anyone who wastes my time or gets in my way. I was put hrough hell for two years and when I told my MD that I thought I was hypoglycemic he only checked my BS, which at that time was normal. There are other women who do not have any pregnancy symptoms and do not feel pregnant at all. There are certain cases where the missed period can be caused due to some other reasons like stress, weight fluctuation, illness or the use of some other contraceptive pills. Though it is a common pregnancy symptoms but tiredness can take place due to many other reasons as well. This pregnancy symptom is caused due to the increase in the size of the uterus usually after two weeks of conception. It can occur as a result of excess production of insulin by the pancreas.A  It can also occur as a result of inborn errors of metabolism. The condition usually produces lots of symptoms which are mainly direct outcome of inadequate supply of glucose to the brain. Ita€™s important to state that not all the symptoms can occur in every case of hypoglycemia. In most cases, the treatment begins with proper diagnosis whereby a blood test is carried out in order to determine the actual level of the blood sugar or glucose.
Other times I feel very tired, shaky, have a hard time moving around and functionning properly (especially mentally. Now, I’d say the ability to concentrate is a big symptom, as is a terrible feeling of worry (big-time anxiety), and sometimes EXTREME tiredness. Even after I have been able to raise my levels, I still can’t concentrate, think, or react and am exhausted for hours afterwards. I also feel like my healthcare team gives me the bare minimum info each time I visit and doesn’t do a lot to get me excited about taking care of my diabetes. If I am intrigued by how the box of Rice Krispies in my hands would feel being poured over my head, there it goes.
I have been experiencing lows for a while and finally started monitoring everything I eat and all my readings . I didn’t know what was going on but I had something in my instincts telling me to get candy. There are certain pregnancy symptoms and signs that can be confused with some other illness. The expanding uterus puts some pressure on the bladder which makes the pregnant women to urinate frequently.
In most cases, the condition occurs where therea€™s a complication ofA A  diabetes treatment with oral medications or with insulin.A  If youa€™re diabetic, youa€™re likely to have hypoglycemia. This can lead to brain impairment, seizures, brain damage, unconsciousness and even death in some cases. There are also symptoms that relate to glucagon manifestations and neuroglycopenic manifestations.
However, most adult s that have the condition do experience most of the symptoms already discussed. The condition is mainly arrested by the restoration of the blood sugar level to the normal state it should be.
It is given by injection either under the skin (subcutaneously) or in the muscle (intramuscularly).
I decided against both ideas and was then going to break into the honey I had bought, but thankfully there were sugar pills in the car!
In the past I would see objects in the room stack on top of each other, the numbers on my watch cascading in stair steps from the watch crystal into the air, and once looking out the bus window I saw rows of people lined up on in layers on top of each other, waiting for other buses.
I hate feeling like this, it almost wants me to make it high just so I will feel normal, ughhh.
Like I’ll go on for a week or so with steadily high blood sugars, and it starts to feel normal. I have a hard time getting to and staying at 70 and feel like I’m constantly eating .

Some times my Boy friend will wake me up telling me I need to check my blood because I’m clammy.
The pregnant woman complaints of feeling sick, this feeling of being sick starts usually in the 5-6 weeks of pregnancy.
The rising levels of progesterone hormone stimulates the muscles of bladder, and the bladder feels full, the women feels to urinate even if actually she don’t have the need to do it.
Individuals suffering from the condition may also exhibit some of the symptoms which others may not have. The only thing is that, the symptoms may vary from person to person.A  In elderly individuals, stroke and coma can easily occur.
It is important to tell your spouse, family or friends NEVER to give you food or drink if you pass out.
If I see double arrows on my Medtronic pump (courtesy of my CGM) I can expect to feel awful (in one way or another) very soon! And the filter that says, whatever you do, don’t actually say that horribly mean and sarcastic comment, it gets turned off and things I regret later come flying out of my mouth. Many of the symptoms he felt and as a parent you feel so helpless to be there and help your child. When i’m sleeping I usually find myself running to the kitchen without remembering that I woke up and got out of bed.
I’ve taken to keeping glucose tabs in several easy to reach places as well as hard candy in my room and at my desk at work. If you miss your period and do not have any of the above stated condition proceed further to know other pregnancy symptoms.
In the lives of newborn babies, the hypoglycemia symptoms can be in the form of jerks, respiratory distress, sweating, inability to feed, seizures and so on. Friday came and while I still had 2 hours of work I hit a very low one, and was afraid to drive home. I can not tell you how often I’ve had to call and apologise for the fact that I was going to be late for something because of things like this. Several years ago, after shoveling snow off of my car in the apartment parking lot, I remember walking up the stairs to our apartment and starting to go to the kitchen for some juice. I see things sometimes,when I was married to my x I swore he put me in the shower and hit me. One of the drivers tells me I was doing some kind of leg lefts and counting 20,21,22,23,100. Normally morning sickness is one of the pregnancy symptoms that fade away at the end of third trimester. In severe cases, the treatment is usually done through the infusion or injection of glucagon.
Therefore, if an individual frequently is affected by several hypoglycemia, trained family members or support persons should ensure supplies remain in date. The next thing I knew I was flat on my face on the living room rug, still wearing my parka and boots, and our cats were on either side of me crying. I don’t get low at often or as intensely as I used to since I got the omnipod though. The weird thing is, as humiliated as I am, I have nothing but compassion for those that I see experiencing a similar event.
I think weekends really throw off his routine, but still… after 14 years, he could maybe start to plan ahead.
I’ve got glucose tabs stashed everywhere, in almost every coat and several places in the car, but they take a long time to dissolve.
When I went to replace it the store no longer stocked it and I haven’t seen it any place else.

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