Hello friends today I am going to share with you something very refreshing and good for our health. We all know that food is a basic need for humans, but this basic need become reason for our basic health problem if it not get proper digest.It causes toxic effect which stimulate to produce some harmful acid in our body which is very dangerous for our health. To get a proper digestion we all should start to have herbals juice which having detoxification power.
Preparation: Mix all these ingredient properly in a juicer, add black salt to test, it effective and delicious. Branding, packaging design, art direction and print management for range of bread products.
Lovely Olivia turned two years old, and her family and friends were very excited to plan her a spectacular party!
For the dessert table, we created this beautiful, personalized nautical centerpiece, by covering a foam base with gold fabric, then layering in stems of glittering silk floral leaves, painted to resemble underwater plant life and coral.
We designed a pretty palette of mint green and lavender, with accents of pink, gold and turquoise, and made sure to include lots of ocean themed props and decorations in the plan. Olivia’s guests were invited to enjoy a fun snack as they entered the party; called Mermaid Munch! We created some fun and elegant party favors for Olivia and her friends, including Make A Wish On A Starfish Wands, and Elegant Saltwater Taffy Party Favors, each one adorned with a special keepsake golden sand dollar charm. We’ve also created a quick and easy DIY tutorial for our elegant Saltwater Taffy Party Favors. Our final decorated area was an incredible DIY photo backdrop, for a very special surprise guest, a princess mermaid!
Olivia and her friends loved meeting the surprise guest, a princess mermaid who came to read stories and paint little faces!

Christie Troxell of Ritzy Parties is a designer, stylist, event planner and gold spray paint guru. Nowadays in our busy schedule we all don’t have much time for our health and fitness. In our daily routine we eat lot of junk food and many other heavy food supplements in  our dinner and lunch, which needs so much energy for its proper digestion,and generally we don’t  have time to do exercise for its proper digestion.
So simple formula to deal with this bad toxic acid , we all have to drink at least one glass herbals juice in our breakfast.
Olivia loves sea life, mermaids and crabs, so we created this one of a kind Under the Sea party for her. We added two seahorses, and then used tiny starfish to adorn the front of store-bought craft letters, which spelled Olivia’s name. We created a dessert table, favor table, a photo backdrop (for Olivia’s surprise princess-mermaid guest), and a treasure chest display with candy for her friends.
Our ocean treasure display added yet another fabulous decorative accent to the party, and the children were delighted to find that it was spilling over with gold coins that were actually chocolate!
I’m 22 years old and was born and brought up in Staten Island, NY (no, I do not visit the Jersey Shore!). We people used to eat junk food a lot , not because we dont know the unhealthyness of its , we eat it because we don’t have much time to do decide the good things. We’re bubbling with excitement to share all the details with you, as well as instructions for the decor and treats! These were attached, then layered with strands of pearls, beads, and gilded sea shells, creating an enchanting focal point for the dessert table.
A decadent array of desserts and confections were provided by Sweets.Co, including miniature donuts, cupcakes, cookies shaped like clam shells with pearls, sugar cookies, cake pops, and even sea glass candy.

We used plastic sea life figures, sprayed them liberally with gold spray paint, and created a cascading treasure box of glittering gems, pearls, and treasure. I really like saffron- I think it adds great subtle flavor, great color and generally pairs well with other ingredients such as almonds and cardamom.
Many healthy eatable item are not very good in taste.But if we think and create something interesting and tasty then we all love to eat them.
The beautiful shades of the party palette were echoed in the confections, creating a captivating display for guests to enjoy. For extra festive flair, We love to scoop our Mermaid Munch into darling mini lilac popcorn boxes. I like to use saffron in a variety of things, for instance my Vegan Saffron Cupcakes with Rose Cardamom Frosting. In our environment there are lots supplement are present, which are very good for our health and if we take these food supplements in our breakfast in form of juices , we will get so many detoxification power from it. For Olivia’s Party, we created a cute custom label and attached it to the front of each container. I’ve started this blog to get people, especially the younger generation, to become more comfortable with vegetarian cooking while using exotic ingredients and flavors. Also, all that economic mumbo-jumbo comes in handy, because I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks on how to stay within budget-for your wallet AND pant size!

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