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Sugar addiction is on the rise in North America and the impact it has on our health is anything but sweet.
Like other addictions, many people may not realize they have a problem with sugar.  The following questions may help you recognize if you, or someone you know, has a sugar addiction. Have you ever hidden candy or other sweet foods around the house in order to eat them later? Do you get fatigue, perspiration, irritability, depression, or anxiety if you go three or more hours without eating? My philosophy is a combination of those two schools.  You should quit sugar cold turkey, with proper nutritional support throughout the withdrawal phase, but you can have sugar again – provided it is done properly and in strict moderation. The best way to beat a sugar addiction is to change the way you eat and think about food.  Learning how to eat a healthy diet composed of whole foods, incorporating regular exercise, and dietary supplements (as needed) is by far the best strategy to overcome a sugar addiction. Drink More Water – We often confuse sensations of hunger and thirst.  When a craving for sugar hits you, try drinking a glass of water first.

Millions of Americans are at risk for diabetes, heart attacks and even cancer because they have a fatty liver. Teenagers, and even children are being diagnosed with diabetes and various liver conditions. I am a 38 year old female who has been working in the health and nutrition field for the last 2.5 years, both helping customers crack the books on how to solve their daily health issues and in selling them the natural products or vitamins to help fix them up.
I used nutrition research and application both by myself and with friends and other nutritionists, to get well, up and out of a wheelchair, on my feet and am a normal happy hardworking person today. I enjoy enlightening people on the values of natural healing and natural pain remedies and foods because I know they work and people don't have to resort to drugs or alcohol to solve pain and they definitely don't have to give up and spend life of their backs because of bad luck. I took over the blog after my predecessor (Jacqui) got promoted, shortly after her article on Cell Salts. I hope you enjoy this blog and feel encouraged to come and buy products from our happy, healthy and productive store so you can have a happy, productive and fun lifestyle. Nancy Appleton’s book “Lick the Sugar Habit” is a great read with more information on sugar addiction.

Just look at the youth obesity levels in our society. There are even 12 year old boys who have been living on sodas for years that now need liver transplants.
After a car wreck in 2010 that left me bed ridden for 7 months and the use of painkillers caused me to get very ill. Most people have never heard of fatty liver disease even though it affects tens of millions of people. How odd that this condition does not seem to talked about publicly by the medical community.

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