Relax~ Here is a blood pressure chart by age to help you find out the normal range that you should achieve for good health. If you are a hypertension patient, you may need to track and keep your daily blood pressure numbers.
Hi Mary, there are many factors that can affect the bp readings like stress, medications, disease etc.
Hi I am currently 9 months pregnant and today I got very hot and felt weak and had excessive sweating.

Hi Susan, I am 62 and my normal systolic blood pressure for my age, based on your charts, varies from normal to mid highs but my Diastolic reading is low to mid 70’s. The information provided in this website is for educational purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice or treatment.
This is a reference for you regarding the normal blood pressure level for 1 month infant to 64 years old elderly. About blood pressure, one’s bp may fluctuates during pregnancy due to hormone changes or expansion of circulatory system.

But it’s best to consult your doctor about your condition to decide a more proper dosage or other alternatives.

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