I’ve been reading a lot of package labels lately which is a must when looking for low-sugar and I found a couple of new favorites. I picked up a pack of Sugar-Free Peanut Butter wafer Cookies by Voortman which are pretty good.
After reading the ingredients on ALL the available flavors of Triscuits, I chose the Nabisco Triscuit Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil Crackers and if you like pepper, they are REALLY GOOD. If you think about it, most milkshakes these days have ALL KINDS of textures from added fruit, candy and cookies.
I hope when you get a chance to slow down, you will try the suggested snacks or blend up my recipe for a Banana Oatmeal shake. As a mother of two, I am always looking for healthy and tasty snacks for the children, whether it be something quick to pop into a lunchbox or a handy size to carry in my bag and keep little fingers busy whilst shopping. This October, BEAR turns 5yrs old and to celebrate he’s working with WWF to protect the paws of the world’s endangered bears and other wild species, with a donation made from every WWF pack sold. Gabriele has also been nibbling on some rather yummy Arctic Paws, which are pure fruit shapes depicting the prints of a walrus, reindeer, polar bear, arctic wolf and snow owl that you can match to the pretty packaging. For more information, a full product range or to buy these delicious snacks you can visit BEAR online here! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

I may be a little biased as I wrote this book, but I'm incredibly pleased with how it has been received by men and women alike. Description: marshmallow produced on the basis of pectin, glazed with confectionery icing, sprinked with crushed peanuts. Ingredients: Sugars granulated, Chocolate glaze (powdered sugar, cocoa liquor, cocoa oil, emulsifier-lecithin, aroma “Vanilla”), Apples raw without skin cooked boiled slices, Syrups corn light, Peanuts all types dry-roasted without salt, Pectin unsweetened dry mix, Egg white dried, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid. My children Millisent 7yrs and Gabriele 2.5yrs love nothing more than fresh fruit and an after dinner treat, which is why we adore BEAR so much because he aims to make being healthy a little bit easier and a whole lot tastier for all. Here little Gabriele has been enjoying his blackcurrant Yoyo’s which are rolls of pure fruit gently baked, with mixes varying seasonally.
Each paw is either a raspberry or blueberry flavour and are deliciously fruity and sweet, also containing apple, pear and a little veg too. How refreshing it is to see such a natural and healthy children’s snack company making a difference to the world by supporting charities and a difference to mothers by nourishing our young. I'm a 28yr old PR Friendly blogger, model and TV personality from London England, vegan and a single parent to my two wonderful children. But a girl’s gotta have something to snack on beside roasted almonds, fruit and popcorn.
I am satisfied with four crackers topped with one slice of cheddar cheese which I break into four pieces.

The variety of flavors is endless and only limited by your imagination but I normally lean toward a Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Shake or Banana Oatmeal Peanut Butter Shake. These are made with pure blackcurrants, apples and pears with a little veg and are vegan friendly with no added sugar or fruit concentrates, whilst also being one of your five a day. There is no added sugar, they are never from concentrate, and contain no preservatives, also being one of your five a day. There is a delightful range of Fruit Nibbles and Alphabite’s multigrain cereal also available from BEAR. The sweetener in the sugar free wafers is aspartame which I didn’t realize until I got them home. The fruit yoyo’s are absolutely mouthwatering, being incredibly fruity and refreshing whilst totally satisfying my toddlers sweet tooth in a natural way. They come in packs of 18x 20g for ?8.82, with each containing two fruit rolls per pack, and are also available in strawberry, raspberry, pineapple, mango and apple varieties.
They come in a variety of flavours, with Safari Paws in orange and strawberry, Jungle Paws in apple and blackcurrant, and Dino Paws in strawberry and apple.

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