You are here: Home › Blood Sugar Levels › Do you know the side effects of high blood sugar? When you are diabetic you want to know from the beginning the side effects hypoglycemia, side effects of hyperglycemia, side effects of insulin resistance and the side effects of high blood pressure because they all go hand in hand and they all can start affecting each other if left untreated.
Some of the symptoms high blood sugar is rapid heart rate, frequent urination, dizziness or increased activity. If side effects of high blood sugar goes left untreated for long periods of time it can cause the body to start shutting down because all of the systems are having to work harder in order to keep up with the amount of insulin that it needs to produce in order to keep your body working in sync and all at the same rhythm. If you suspect you have high blood sugar due to large amounts of glucose or sugar intake then the best thing you can do is to monitor your symptoms and take your medication as instructed as well as your insulin in order to get it regulated again.
You can easily control your blood sugar levels with a low carbohydrate diet and regular workouts.
Physical activity is essential for burning the extra calories and reducing the glucose level in the blood. Accumulation of excess fat in the body reduces sensitivity of the body cells to the hormone insulin, thereby increasing the risk of developing insulin resistance diabetes.
A glucose meter will help you to monitor your blood sugar level without visiting the doctor’s chamber.

When a person starts showing the side effects high blood pressure they may start having increased rapid heartbeat, lightheadedness and even sweating. For a diabetic or a pre-diabetic, controlling the blood sugar means maintaining the glucose level as close as possible to the non-diabetic blood glucose level.
However, carbohydrate is the main energy source of the body and severely restricting carbohydrate intake may cause adverse side effects. Eating magnesium rich foods such as nuts, wheat bran, spinach, lentils and avocado can help you to control your blood sugar level. Alpha lipoic acid is an antioxidant substance that studies suggest can reduce the glucose level in the blood. Before a meal and two hours after a meal, prick your finger and check the blood sugar level.
Diuretics prescribed for hypertension patients are especially blamed for pushing up the blood sugar level by increasing excretion of potassium. When a person has symptoms of high blood pressure often times it can resemble the same as a heart attack which causes people to panic which in return makes their blood pressure go up even higher. To meet your minimum carbohydrate requirement while keeping the blood sugar level under control, replace the easily digestible carbohydrates with carbohydrates that are digested at a slower speed.

The best thing to do if you think you are having high blood pressure is to try and calm down or relax this can help to lower your blood pressure instead of raising it. Carbohydrates that rapidly break down into glucose include simple sugar and starch. To keep your blood sugar level under control focus on healthy carbohydrates such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, lentils and peas. Start by exercising for about ten to fifteen minutes, and increase the duration of the physical activities gradually. Tracking the blood sugar level with a glucose meter helps to identify the affect of different foods and beverages on the blood sugar level. Instead of slogging in a gym for 30 to 40 minutes each day and remaining idle for the rest of the day, it is advisable to stay active throughout the day. Presence of fiber in the diet also slows down the digestion speed of carbohydrates and normalizes the blood sugar level.

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