Since September of 2009, an illustrative initial cap has been posted daily (or at least regularly), to prettify the internet and beautify your blog posts. Individuals are welcome to use the drop caps on personal (non-commercial) sites within blog posts by following the instructions below each letter. We're hosting my husband's sister, her husband, their three children (two teenage boys who are probably taller than my house & one cute-as-a-button little miss), as well as The Hubby's two teenage boys.

The project will end after the twelfth alphabet is complete, but the site will remain up for your use and inspiration.
Add me, The Hubby, four dogs, and one cat plotting our demise and WOW-EE, we're in for two days of, "Excuse me? Going cool places like water parks (not for me, mind, because I'll burn within 10 minutes), hiking trails (a little better with the shade and all), or simply hanging out at home in the backyard.

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