TREATMENT & MANAGEMENT OF SEVERE ACUTE (PROTEIN-ENERGY) MALNUTRITION IN CHILDREN Global Health Fellowship Nutrition Module. Soad Jaber 2009 PROTEIN ENERGY MALNUTRITION MALNUTRITION Severe childhood undernutrition SCU. Session 9: Nutrition Care and Support for Pregnant and Lactating Women and Adolescents Living with HIV.

Macronutrient deficiency, Micronutrient deficiency and Obesity in the Infant and Young Child Karen Calixto-Mercado, MD. Case study: Kanchha Kanchha, a 12-month-old boy brought to district hospital from rural area. 2 SELECTIVE FEDING PROGRAMME There are two mechanisms through which food may be provided –General Food Distribution.

Learning objectives Be able to identify the changing nutritional requirements of people living with HIV and how these.

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