Also, did you know that over 28% of Americans are currently living with this condition yet they don’t know it? These alarming statistics (sourced from Harvard University and the American Heart Association respectively) show clearly that high blood pressure is a silent killer. Easy, change your lifestyle, start Yoga and meditations, wrap yourself with positive-minded people, live within your financial means and learn to share your worries with helpful people close to you.
That daily cup of coffee you take with your friends every evening could be the reason behind your rising blood pressure. Foods high in sodium can alter the electrolyte balance that naturally exists in your blood (and body in general). Moreover you’re advised to stop eating canned, tinned or processed foods as they are loaded with sodium and other preservatives which may generally interfere with body’s natural balance and trigger a rise in blood pressure. Nicotine in cigarettes tends to lower the oxygen capacity of the red blood cells – hence starving the body cells of oxygen.
A considerable rise in blood pressure may occur due to poor breathing techniques as most people don’t pay attention to their breathing techniques.

As you probably are aware, obesity tends to favor (or encourage) a constant accumulation of cholesterol around blood vessels.
From financial pressure, family problems to drug abuse, literary everyone in society is stressed for some reason. Such imbalances may interfere with the flow of blood in the vessels and consequently cause a gradual rise in blood pressure. So, if you’d like to reduce blood pressure naturally, start reading product labels before buying them for use.
To retain natural balance and to ensure a stable metabolic rate, the heart is forced to pump more blood cells to stabilize oxygen supply. Inadequate or improper breathing may lead to short supply of oxygen which may consequently force the heart to pump harder in a bid to avail sufficient oxygen to body cells. The subsequent reduction in blood vessel radius forces the heart to pump harder in order to deliver sufficient amounts of blood to body organs. High caffeine beverages (such as coffee and tea) tend to cause a “temporary” spike in your blood pressure.

This gradual rise in pressure builds up overtime and may even lead to stroke or cardiac arrest. Prolonged use of such beverages may eventually start causing prolonged blood pressure spikes (rather than “temporary”) which may eventually lead to a consistent rise in blood pressure. Therefore, if you want to lower your blood pressure, you need to avoid smoking cigarettes and drinking of alcohol (or at least cut down on their consumption). This forces the heart to pump harder to avail oxygenated blood to the affected cells in an attempt to retain normalcy.

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