Uro Lift is a new minimally invasive treatment for men with urinary symptoms due to minimal- moderate enlargement of the prostate. HoLEP (Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate) is a minimally invasive surgical treatment for men with any degree of prostate enlargement who have urinary symptoms, and men who are suffering from retention of urine, repeated urine infections or bleeding due to their enlarged prostate.
TURP (Transurethral resection of the prostate) is also an effective procedure to treat men with benign enlargement of the prostate and this is also offered by Cambridge Urology Partnership.
By offering HoLEP, UroLift and TURP, Cambridge Urology Partnership is able to offer patients a range of treatment options for their prostate problem, and you can be sure that you will receive the treatment which is most suited to you.
HoLEP, or Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate was developed in New Zealand in the late 1990’s. At Cambridge Urology Partnership we have three surgeons who perform HoLEP: Mr Tev Aho, Mr James Armitage, and Mr Christof Kastner, and between them they have one of the largest experiences in this technique in the UK, and are amongst the leading in the world. This procedure involves passing a fine telescope-like instrument into the urethra, or waterpipe.
The operation can be performed under local anaesthetic or sedation or under a general anaesthetic, which means you will be asleep for the entire procedure.
Diagram showing the prostate prior to treatment with the UroLift device, and subsequent insertion of the device and the final situation with the procedure complete. There have been several publications in all the leading Urological Journals as well as FDA approval in 2013 and NICE approval in January 2014.  The published evidence showed that in men treated with Urolift, the flow rate improved by 50% (up to twice that of drugs), symptoms improved by 50% (up to 2-3 times that seen with drugs) and no sexual dysfunction.
Journal of Sexual Medicine 2014 Treatment of LUTS secondary to BPH while preserving sexual function: randomized controlled study of prostatic urethral lift.
European Urology 2013 Minimally invasive prostatic urethral lift: surgical technique and multinational experience. Alhtough it’s mainly known due for its male enhancemente properties studies revealed that catuaba improves memory. Studies also point to the possibility of catuaba being able to regulate prostate function and that the plant contains chemicals that might work against certain bacteria and viruses. According to the noted British researcher of medicinal plants Michael Straten, as an aphrodisiac catuaba is benefical to both men and women but it’s in the area of male impotence ( erectile dysfunction ) that the most striking results have been reported. We set one week with "No-Smoking Week" in Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare from World Non-smoking Day of May 31 and work on spread enlightenment. We introduce influence and non-smoking information, non-smoking outpatient of Otaru-shi whom smoking gives to.
Smoking is the biggest cause that is available for the prevention in cause of various cancers.
Among people dying of cancer, ratio caused by smoking is said to be 5% in 40%, women in men. We cause health hazard to not only the smoking person but also neighboring people who does not smoke. Echinacea, also known as coneflower, is a medicinal plant that has been used for centuries to help keep the immune system active and healthy. Echinacea is particularly beneficial in helping the body heal quickly from colds, flu, sore throat, sinus infections, sinusitis, hay fever, bronchitis, canker sores, enlarged lymph glands, ear infections, gingivitis, enlarged prostate, urinary tract infections, and yeast infections. As a topical disinfectant and analgesic, Echinacea can be used as an ointment or salve to help heal reduce the pain and swelling associated with psoriasis, eczema, skin irritations, boils, scrapes, wounds, bug bites, bee stings, sunburn, and hemorrhoids. Due to its powerful immune boosting abilities, its best to only take echinacea for a short period of time, usually from a few days to a few weeks, depending on your illness.
If you are fortunate enough to have an echinacea plant growing near where you live, the plant and roots can be dried and used as a medicinal tea. This blog, its content and any linked material are presented for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or prescribing.
These cute little Raw Lasagna Roll Ups are a fun and delicious finger food to serve to guests or enjoy just for yourself. Eye health conditions have many different causes that vary dependent on the symptoms you’re dealing with, and what else is going on in your body. Make these delicious and easy zucchini and cucumber noodles for a refreshing, light twist on regular pasta.
Eczema and psoriasis can cause an incredible amount of suffering and debilitation for the millions of people it affects. Watch this cute video to learn a simple and easy way to cut and remove mango flesh from its skin. These delicious black bean burgers offer a perfect, healthy alternative to other burger recipes without sacrificing the taste.

Citrus fruits make a wonderful addition to salads, fruit bowls, snacking platters, and desserts, and are just as wonderful eaten on their own.
This simple smoothie recipe is delicious, vibrant, and comes together easily in just a couple of minutes.
Today I have a delicious recipe to share with you for one of the most powerfully healing beverages you can drink - Chaga tea.
This family style lasagna is everything you could want in a decadent comforting dish, but without any of the dairy, grains, and oil. The study of hieroglyphics and ancient scrolls reveal that ancient Egyptians and Greeks were perhaps the first people to realize the benefits of garlic.
For the longest time, Anglos were hesitant to jump on the garlic wagon, using the vegetable (yes) only to ward off vampires and other supernatural creeps. Garlic can add a pungent and delicious flavor to nearly any dish, but recent studies suggest it also has a profound positive affect on human health.
Our own resident nutrition expert Mary Hartley, RD champions the use of garlic for its blood thinning, antibiotic, and diuretic properties.
To fully reap the health benefits of garlic, you need to eat around two good-sized cloves daily.
Patrick Moore is dedicated to an old school pursuit of the sporting life, breaking a sweat in competitive activities like golf, sailing, ultimate frisbee, clay pigeon shooting, and volleyball.
The information provided within this site is strictly for the purposes of information only and is not a replacement or substitute for professional advice, doctors visit or treatment. Surgery is also used to treat men suffering from urinary retention who are unable to pass urine and are dependent on a catheter to empty their bladder, and for men who have repeated urine infections or bleeding due to their enlarged prostate. It is performed from within the urethra and involves pinning back rather than removing the obstructive prostate tissue.
TURP is the traditional treatment which involves scraping away the part of the prostate tissue which is causing a blockage using an electric current. 16 HoLEP randomised trials (the highest quality of clinical trial) have been published up to Dec 2014. They regularly perform this surgery, as well as teach this technique to other surgeons, and lecture on its use in national and international meetings. Typically it is suitable for patients who are suffering from urinary symptoms caused by a prostate gland which is only mildly to moderately enlarged, and may also be suitable for younger patients who require some surgery to the prostate for whom the possibility of sexual side effects from medication or the conventional surgery offered for this condition are unacceptable. This device enables the surgeon to deploy a small implant between the inner and outer surfaces of the prostate, rather like a small treasury tag. Also of note is that there have not been reported incidences of dry orgasms or erection problems. Like maca root, catuaba shows positive results in the treatment of depressive disorders ( depression ). Like Yohimbe and Pau de Cabinda, Catuaba dilates blood vessels and provides stronger erections. Is in the 20s and 30s, and in late years is tendency to decrease, but is in the 50s; tendency to increase. It is revealed that we receive adverse effects than adult medically when we smoke at this time. In addition, it is said that delivery of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and low birth weight child, the risk of asthmatical bronchitis increase by passive smoking. Echinacea capsules, tinctures, tea, and salves can be found online or at your local health food store. Nothing contained in or accessible from this blog should be considered to be medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or prescribing, or a promise of benefits, claim of cure, legal warranty, or guarantee of results to be achieved. Rustic and delicious, this soup is perfect eaten alone or as a side dish alongside any dinner meal. But change out the processed stuff for ripe, chopped mangos, sweet berries, and bananas topped with a splash of creamy cold banana milk. You get into a car accident and hurt your neck, or you slip on a wet surface, fall, and break or sprain your ankle. These peoples used the stinking rose for culinary and medicinal purposes, religious offerings, and warned never to order the garlic-stuffed chicken breast on a big date.
While modern folk are still obsessed with vampires, everyone seems to have discovered the benefits of the magical flower, as planet Earth produces nearly 30 billion pounds of garlic annually.
In 2007, researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham found that a garlic rich diet stimulates hydrogen sulfide production, a natural antioxidant that increases circulation.

She says garlic helps regulate blood pressure and cholesterol, and claims the allium in garlic is a blood cleanser.
She recommends eating raw, crushed garlic in salad dressings and salads with legumes, nuts, and grains.
While that may seem like a lot—unless you’re on the Mediterranean diet or an Italian—if you incorporate garlic into most of your meals, it should be an odoriferous breeze. The provided content on this site should serve, at most, as a companion to a professional consult.
It is not suitable for all men with urinary symptoms and is as yet unproven in the treatment of men with urinary retention.
The prostate is approached internally (endoscopically), through the urethra, without any cuts on the skin.
The clinical trials comparing it to the previous “gold standard” of TURP, consistently show advantages for HoLEP that include: Less bleeding, fewer blood transfusions, shorter time with a catheter in place after surgery, and shorter hospital stay (90% of men having HoLEP are able to leave the hospital without a catheter the day after surgery, and in some cases there is no need to stay in hospital overnight). This implant retracts the enlarged prostate lobe without the need for any cutting or burning of tissue The number of implants required varies according to the size and shape of the prostate, and usually between 2 and 4 implants need to be deployed. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read in this blog or in any linked material.
The researchers, who made this discovery by injecting garlic juice into red blood cells, say the findings shed light on why people who eat a diet high in garlic are much less prone to breast, prostate, and colon cancer. National Library of Medicine reviewed an impressive number of clinical trials that touted garlic’s power over the common cold. Advice from a specialist urologist, such as those in the Cambridge Urology Partnership, is advised in order to determine whether UroLift might be suitable for you. The Holmium laser is used to peel out the obstructive core of the prostate in its entirety. Meta-analyses which are studies analysing the results of large numbers of randomised trials, suggest that HoLEP relieves urinary symptoms and improves urinary flow rates more effectively than all other endoscopic procedures for BPH. After the implants have been placed, most patients will be able to pass urine without the need for a catheter. 80% of men in the studies who had not had treatment with the device elected to undergo Urolift. Researchers were able to legitimize claims that the allicin in garlic has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. You should always consult your primary care physician prior to starting any new fitness, nutrition or weight loss regime. This leads to maximal relief of prostate obstruction and a man will usually only require 1 HoLEP procedure in his lifetime. The average symptom score improvement after HoLEP is 70-80% and flow rate improvements of up to 600% have been reported. In addition to finding that garlic consumption fights off bacteria and viruses, the researchers learned that a garlic-rich diet lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease.
It is very unlikely that the prostate will regrow after HoLEP (0.7% need a re-operation up to 10yr after HoLEP compared to 10-15% after TURP, and more after green light laser surgery). Recent studies have shown that HoLEP is extremely effective at treating men in urinary retention. Consult with a licensed healthcare professional before altering or discontinuing any current medications, treatment or care, or starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, or if you have or suspect you might have a health condition that requires medical attention.
98% of men with catheters before surgery are freed from their catheter dependence after HoLEP. The United States Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated any statement, claim, or representation made in or accessible from this blog or any linked material. The content of this blog and any linked material does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Anthony William, Inc. Unlike all other endoscopic procedures for BPH, HoLEP is suitable for men with any size prostate. These links are provided as citations and aids to help you identify and locate other Internet resources that may be of interest, and are not intended to state or imply that Anthony William, Inc.

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