Target of this study: Can meal-skipping and nutrient composition of a meal affect postprandial blood glucose levels from a subsequent meal?Dieser Beitrag steht nur registrierten Benutzern mit Berufsverifizierung zur VerfA?gung. Let’s talk about one of the most powerful risk generators there are for cancer, heart disease and stroke. When I was a kid, I did plenty of daydreaming when not in the police station being questioned for yet another ridiculous reason. There is a more technical test called the oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) that uses a specified amount of sugar and specified BS testing. Predictably TG and body fat were reduced along with the remarkable effects on stroke and heart attack risk by reducing blood sugar. You’ll note that my Super Mediterranean Diet (SMD) is geared exactly toward the same BS and insulin endpoints by curbing consumption of “unsafe” carbohydrates instead of using toxic drugs.
I’ll cover cancer risk next and the effects of insulin on the body especially when in excess.
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Find support, connect with others, ask questions and share your experiences with people with diabetes, their carers and family. Did you know: 7 out of 10 people improve their understanding of diabetes within 6 months of being a Diabetes Forum member. The Indian Council of Medical Research undertook an antidiabetic Phase II open trial at four centers across India using Vijayasar (P.
Two other studies determined the blood sugar lowering effects of formulations containing P. Both studies concluded that the formulations were beneficial in treating diabetic patients. Yajnik and coworkers evaluated the hypoglycemic activity of D-400 in 43 patients with maturity onset diabetes for 12 weeks. After the 12 week treatment, significant reductions in both the fasting and postprandial blood sugar levels were observed in diabetics taking oral hypoglycemics as well as newly diagnosed diabetics. Approximately and 80% and 20% of diabetics taking oral hypoglycemics were able to reduce the dosage of their medications or cease taking their medication, respectively.

Figure 6: Effect of D-400 on fasting and post-prandial blood sugar levels in newly diagnosed diabetics. Another research group compared the antidiabetic effects of two ayurvedic preparations- Gurmur, (a combination of the leaves of Gymnema sylvestre, Aegle marmelos, and Azadirachta indica) and Bija wood water (Pterocarpus marsupium water), in 30 diabetic patients aged 40-65. In fact, this little discussed test can make or break you as far as preventive medicine goes. For example, your bowl of animal feed, err, breakfast cereal that you look forward to munching down each AM.
In fact, these effects were so notable that a new clinical trial is underway studying the effects of acarbose on heart disease risk called the Acarbose Cardiovascular Evaluation Trial. These levels of FBS were responsible for a 6-10% shrinkage of both the hippocampus and amygdala. High PPBS surges result in a metabolic cascade that causes cell damage and accelerated aging. To wit: it is surprisingly common, in fact it’s the norm, for first world people to have poor glycemic control.
In the mean time you can go to the nearest drugstore and purchase a glucose meter which utilizes a tiny fingerstick of blood.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. The Gurmur preparation significantly reduced the post meal blood sugar levels to normal levels. In other words if you remain ignorant of your post prandial blood sugars you will in essence be flying with blinders on. All of the simple carbs and a high percentage of the complex carbs are quickly broken down and absorbed across your bowel lining and into your bloodstream.
Over the years we have found out that fasting glucose is not a good method of screening people for diabetes or pre-diabetes nor does it predict the magnitude of postprandial glucose surge. Yes, dear reader, you are not familiar with my SMD but you shall all in good time-as soon as I can elaborate in a future blog. One of the mechanisms by which diabetes type II ages people faster is by telomere shortening and mitochondrial DNA depletion.[4] How rapidly one’s telomeres shorten provides a reliable method of assessing the rate of aging.

A nice way to assess a patient’s ability to handle simple and complex carbs is to measure a PPBS level. In other words many patients that have normal FBS may in fact be a ticking time bomb with high after-meal BS. I’d bet that if the trials in the meta-analysis above had included eliminating omega 6 FA (seed oils) and the other bad fats we would have seen heart attack and stroke risk shot right out of the park. Although there may be numerous causes what we see is that in non-diabetics with a glucose level of 115 mg per deciliter as compared with 100 mg per deciliter, the risk for dementia was 18% higher. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the medical community catches up and realizes that after-meal glucose surges are one of the most important players in heart disease and stroke. We have the Lyon Heart study which eliminated omega 6 FA, and added more omega 3 FA to massively drop sudden death and heart attack risk. Usually 2 hours after eating a meal but it can include any time period that you wish to measure. The reason for this is because the vascular endothelium, the one cell layer lining your arteries, can be injured by excess glucose setting the stage for coronary and cerebral vascular diseases like heart attack and stroke.
We now have the above studies which looked at tight glycemic control but ignored the type of fat consumed.
One typically does this to find out if they have any problems with carbohydrate metabolism and to test for pre-diabetes or diabetes. Studies have confirmed that the PPBS test is a far better measurement for carbohydrate metabolism than the fasting blood sugar (FBS).
Yet, to the best of my knowledge there is no trial that has had enough vision to employ the principles of my SMD.

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