The only way to be sure your blood sugar stays within a normal range is to check it regularly.
Your healthcare provider will discuss the best way and times for you to check your blood sugar, and show you what to do. Check your blood sugar when you get up and 1 to 2 hour(s) after breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as your healthcare provider instructs.
Seek pre-pregnancy health counseling when you first think about becoming pregnant, says Dr. For most women, gestational diabetes doesn’t cause noticeable signs or symptoms and blood sugar usually returns to normal soon after delivery.
With locations in Perth Amboy and Old Bridge, New Jersey, Raritan Bay Medical Center delivers critical world-class healthcare services care to residents of Monmouth and Middlesex County residents. Gestational diabetes or also called GDM (gestational diabetes mellitus) is a medical condition in which expecting mothers’ blood sugar levels become higher than normal. The author is not a doctor and the information in the article is general in nature with no medical advises given or imply. The American Diabetes Association estimates that gestational diabetes affects 18% of pregnancies. Bay Obstetrics and Gynecology is a leading provider of Obstetric and Gynecological care to women throughout the greater Middlesex, Monmouth, and Union County areas.

Therefore, it is better to make the appointment in the early morning and do not eat after you had your diner.
Moreover, expecting mothers were not diagnosed prior to pregnancy with diabetes and in about 60% of all cases it should go away following delivery. When you arrive to the lab they make a blood sample right away in order to check what your fasting blood glucose level is.
Normally diabetes treated with just a diet and physical activities which are good for your health whether you have diabetes or not, anyway.
Once you become pregnant, your doctor will address gestational diabetes as part of your prenatal care and perform a screening test about mid-way through your pregnancy. Now all pregnant women are subject to take the blood glucose test because of a potential risk of miscarriage or other problems during pregnancy and labor.
In addition, gestational diabetes does not cause the kinds of newborns’ birth defects that can be seen in some babies whose mothers had type 1 or 2 diabetes before pregnancy. Since, diabetes might affect mothers in late pregnancy your health care provider will do the glucose check about on 28 week or third trimester.
After that the nurse will ask you to return in one hour to collect blood samples and then in 2 hours and 3 hours. Despite the fact that you don’t feel like sick and might don't believe that they give you right result, it is still better to follow doctors' and midwives' advices.

Monitor your sugar level every day and follow the diet that your doctor will recommend you.
50 gm of a high glucose beverage will be offered to you that should be drunk in front of a nurse within 5 minutes. So, it is a good idea to take a snack from home that you can eat right after they take your last blood sample.
Analyzing and controlling your everyday blood sugar levels might help you to avoid any further problems even without medication.
If two out of four tests will be not good or higher than normal limits, your health care provider will diagnose you with gestational diabetes.
Your health care provider will help and teach you how to control gestational diabetes during pregnancy and insure that everything will be fine while in labor. While waiting you can go on your regular doctor or midwife checkup in order not to waste time.
If this one hour test will show not good result it doesn’t necessary mean that second three hour test should be bad as well.

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