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The Glucose Tolerance Test as a Laboratory Tool with Clinical ImplicationsPaul Ernsberger and Richard J.
A glucose tolerance test is used commonly among clinicians to determine how quickly glucose is cleared from the blood. Glucose tolerance test: untreated SHROB versus SHROB treated with antihyperglycemic agents and one antihypertensive agent.

Clinicians will take blood samples at two time intervals, results similar to below will be conclusive in diagnosing diabetes. This symptom is normally caused by prolonged high blood glucose causing glucose absorption, which leads to changes in the shape of the lens, resulting in reversible vision changes such as blurriness. If you have pre-diabetes, you should be tested for type 2 diabetes every 1-2 years after your diagnosis. SHR were fed a supplementary sweet drink to induce dietary obesity in these genetically lean rats.

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