Is your Diabetic Heart Killing you softly?Get to know about Diabetes Heart Failure link to more severe complications. Dip the test strip into fresh urineCompare the results to the chart on Keto-Diastix bottle at the correct timeNote: the photo is of Diastix. Diabetes should be managed with the advice of your vet and the following information is not intended for self-management without veterinary advice. High glucose and ketones indicates a very unwell diabetic hamster that needs urgent vet attention. A diabetic hamster diet is higher in protein and fibre than a usual hamster diet, but lower in fat and carbohydrate (4, 5).
As a hamster's diabetes progresses, they may find working the ball bearing in the water bottle spout difficult.
It is very important to recognize high blood sugar symptoms before anything worst will happen. It is highly important for all patients of diabetes to closely monitor their levels of blood sugar to get proper treatment at the right time. Moderate signs of high blood sugar levels: You will have a lethargic feelings or being dizzy and weak. Knowing high blood sugar symptoms can help you avoid not only diabetes but also further complications and other illnesses or infections. Please do share this useful information with your friends and family by hitting one of the share buttons below.
We recommend you to use Chrome, Safari or Firefox to utilize the full features of lino comfortably (Learn more). Alba, What would be the glucose reaction if I eat 2 scrambled eggs with 2 slices of salt-cured bacon and one slice of wholegrain toast? It is where the body is unable to break down sugars either because there is a lack of insulin (type 1) or the insulin does not work properly (type 2). All diabetic hamsters should have free access to plenty of fresh water and will need their cages cleaning out more regularly. This is especially important with moisture-rich foods, such as vegetables, which can cause diarrhoea in large amounts.

Sometimes vets may think extra treatment is needed, such as fenugreek or prescription medications. There has been some research showing a benefit from this type of medication in Chinese hamsters (9, 10).
A study (1) of 79 diabetic Chinese hamsters found that most lived until 12-24 months although younger hamsters at diagnosis usually had more severe diabetes. My younger diabetics (diagnosed between 6 weeks and 16 weeks old) have needed medications 2-4 weeks after diagnosis, become ketotic after 1-2 months and died 5-6 months after diagnosis (at 6-10 months old). People must take this illness with utmost concern for the maintenance of their body‘s health condition. You have to recognize those signs so that you can take advanced measures to control the levels of your blood glucose. Some of the severe signs of high glucose levels are loss of consciousness, extreme weakness or tiredness, rapid heart rate with a weak pulse and difficulty in understanding basic conversation. This will also trigger you to consult a doctor as soon as possible to get proper treatment and appropriate medications. A rehydration solution can be used to replace lost salts as an emergency measure (it does contain sugars so hypoglycaemic agents are often used as well). I found removing things from the mix was inaccurate, time-consuming and led to a loss of condition in the hamster, so I now mix my own diabetic food using seeds such as linseed, hempseed, millet and pinhead oatmeal which I use for diagnosed diabetics. These should be used under vet supervision as both can have potentially fatal side effects. The older diabetics (diagnosed beteween 14 and 17 months old) have needed medications 1-3 months after diagnosis, become ketotic after 3-6 months and died 3-9 months after diagnosis (at 17-26 months old). There is a need to identify these high blood sugar symptoms or hyperglycemia as otherwise known.
Without proper treatment at the right time, you may lead to suffer from heart attack and stroke which must be avoided at all costs. Studies (1,2) have shown that diabetes in the Chinese hamster behaves more like type 2 diabetes, whereas anecdotal reports suggest diabetes in Campbella€™s behaves more like type 1. Never treat a hamster for diabetes (including diet changes or herbal treatments) without confirming the diagnosis through testing and obtaining a veterinary opinion.

Adding salts to water should only be done when advised by a vet as it can seriously harm a hamster if used incorrectly.
Many hamsters will not eat the seeds and need it made up into fenugreek tea (7) which can make the room smell of curry! Hamsters usually start at one dose every other day, increased according to response on vet advice.The medication comes as a tablet which has to be crushed and diluted in a carefully measured amount of water to form the correct concentration. I test the urine of all of my Chinese hamsters regularly to monitor the health of my breeding lines, and test any animals borrowed for breeding purposes. The pancreas produces insulin which allows blood glucose to lower down to its normal level and then releases them to supply energy to the whole body. Getting instant help from a professional physician is a must in order to protect your overall health and body condition. Stress can precipitate diabetes in susceptible animals, for example changing homes.Feeding a diet low in refined sugar may help prevent hamsters developing diabetes. If you are worried that your hamster is unwell, seek advice from a vet regardless of the urine result. If you have a pet Chinese hamster which is not used in breeding, I would suggest only testing if you have concerns that they may be showing symptoms or signs of diabetes.
In case of malfunction in the pancreas which will result to the production of small amount of insulin, the glucose becomes toxic to the body.
Some hamster food mixes and treats have added sugars so it is important to check the labels for ingredients such as: sugar, molasses, syrup and honey. If you are worried they are unwell, then don't delay taking them to the vet in order to test them at home as vet surgeries are able to perform the test.
If this is not controlled it will affect all the organs in your body which can cause total breakdown.

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