Because it was thought to only strike children and teens, type 1 was known as juvenile diabetes for a long time.
All week long, we will present stories from adults who were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, describing the emotions and frustrations that came with their experiences. I finally went to the doctor due to the fact that my left hand was going numb all the time. So I spent the next two days at my doctor’s office learning all about diabetes and how to manage it.
Finally, out of desperation, I went to a local optometrist and told him I needed answers about my eyesight. For the last four years I have ridden in the Portland Tour  de Cure®, the Association’s signature cycling event.
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Your vet requires you to inject insulin to your pet and to provide its meals at precise times of the day. Your vet will ask you to inject insulin to your pet and to provide its meals at precise times of the day. The Blood Glucose Curve is the best way to assess the response of the dog or cat to the treatment and to determine the needed therapy adjustments. There are two types of symptoms in dogs and cats diabetes.Symptoms of hyperglycemia (too much glucose in the blood) indicate that the pet’s diabetes is not controlled well enough.

Mild hypoglycemic symptoms can be handled by the owner by giving quickly the pet a carbohydrate-rich treat. Diabetes pet manager iPhone application gives you access to the information you have previously entered: phone, email and address of your vet and of a veterinary emergency service (if different) so that you can contact them directly from the app.
The app can also send directly an email of the report including all the information you have recorded to you or your vet. On Wednesday’s show we discussed service dogs and how valuable they are to some people, but also how there are some people cheating the system. A diabetic dog’s diet usually includes a source of good-quality protein, in addition to complex carbohydrates and dietary fibre to help slow absorption of glucose from the digestive system. Overall, a palatable and nutritious diet that minimizes fluctuations in blood glucose and helps your dog maintain a healthy weight is important for managing diabetes.
In a recent survey half of owners were unaware their cat or dog had fleas - so what are the signs?
The truth is a growing number of adults are being diagnosed with it in their 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond. Each person defines success in different ways, but they all celebrate the triumphs that have helped them reach their goal of living well with diabetes.
The next morning at work, I received a frantic phone call, and they told me that I needed to come in to the office ASAP. The scariest part was when I went back to work a few days later, after my body started to adjust to actually having a normal blood glucose level. It just so happened that his son had type 1 and had dealt with the same problem, so he knew how to help me.

It definitely helped me when I was first diagnosed and had no clue about where to go or who to talk with. Diabetes Pet Manager iPhone app notifies you when your dog or cat needs to take its insulin injection or its meal. The app can also send all the data and curves that has been previously recorded to your vet for preparing the next consultation. The Blood Glucose Curve test consists of measuring the evolution of blood glucose concentration over a 12-hour period. This has a negative impact on its glycemia, and may lead to insulin acting too strongly, causing hypoglycemia. Ideally, your dog should be fed exactly the same diet every day and at the same times of day. Observation of symptoms are an important part of the evaluation of the treatment and have to be recorded by the pet owner to the attention of her vet.Symptoms of hypoglycemia (not enough glucose in the blood) indicate that the injected insulin is acting too strongly or that the pet is not eating enough (or both). If they happen too often, the owner should inform the veterinarian without delay.In case the owner selects one or more hypoglycemic symptoms, the app opens a window that reminds the dangers of hypoglycemia and advises to contact a veterinarian.

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