Hypoglycemia also known as low blood sugar is an alarming side effect of the disease that needs immediate treatment. If it is left untreated at all or if the reaction is too slow, hypoglycemia can lead to permanent damage to the nervous system, seizures, coma and even death. The following is a list of steps you should take in case the diabetes management plan you have has failed and you experience low blood sugar symptoms that suggest that another episode of hypoglycemia is on its way. In case you or any person close to you suffering from diabetes start experiencing any of these symptoms, take instant safety measures. In majority of cases, when the symptoms are mild, you can check whether you are having a hypoglycemic episode or not, but taking tests. When a person suffering from diabetes is experiencing another hypoglycemic episode, they need to increase blood glucose levels.
You should not overeat, because these foods can easily boost your sugar levels way too high. In case you don’t react to the carbs intake or if you had seizures or you have fainted, you are most likely experiencing an episode of severe hypoglycemia and you need urgent medical attention.
In case you are experiencing frequent hypoglycemic episode or you had a severe one, consult your doctor about your current diabetes management plan.

Being ready and understanding the things you need to do in cases of hypoglycemia is a vital element of every good diabetes management plan. In addition to blood sugar being low when you’re awake, some patients experience a decrease in blood sugar while they are sleeping. If you are experiencing any of these low blood sugar symptoms, first confirm the reason is indeed low blood sugar. When you first experience the symptoms, eat something that contains sugar (glucose), such as candy, fruit juice, fruit, honey, jam, or jelly. If your low blood sugar is due to diabetes, consider testing your blood sugar at regular intervals.
When a person suffering from diabetes starts noticing low blood sugar symptoms, ignoring these symptoms may increase the odds that the hypoglycemia could turn into an illness that threatens their life. However, any person who is using diabetes medication or insulin must learn more about all the symptoms. In case some of the people close to you knows about your condition and can give emergency glucagon injections they should do that right away even before dialing 911.
Your partner or other family members may notice you are restless, sweating, sleep walking, or falling out of bed, and nightmares.

Protein is broken down into sugar in the blood over a longer period of time than the basic sugars contained in fruit and candy. In case you are using diabetes medication or insulin on a regular basis as part of your diabetes management plan, you must have access to a food that can quickly fix any problems.
If the results show that the levels are still low, then eat some of the foods we have mentioned again.
A person suffering from diabetes should respond fast to the glucagon and can eat again in 15 minutes.
In case the symptoms won’t allow you to take these tests, skip this step and take step four. When you reach this level, focus on snacks that are more nutritious or wait for the meal, if it is not more than 60 minutes away.

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