If you're watching your carbs or trying to cut back on your sugar intake — even natural sugars — grab your blender and whip up this subtly sweet and creamy smoothie.
May 12, 2016 by Brenda 7 Comments This Low Carb Cheesy Spinach Stuffed Meatloaf is also gluten free and grain free! Stuffing it with mozzarella cheese and adding in spinach because there is no way the family can resist that cheese! My grandmother had made it for years and when I asked her for an idea to make my new boyfriend dinner she easily said, “This meal will win his heart!” And it did! While he loved the meal and was surely falling in love with me ??  he was still quite cautious and didn’t want to offend.

Before dessert I excused myself to the bathroom and stood horrified in the bathroom realizing this green piece of spinach was in my teeth for the entire meal! Copyright © 2016 · Sugar Free Mom · Grits Design · Privacy PolicyGet my FREE Cookbook recipe for Chocolate Donuts when you subscribe! You can make your own with some oil, red wine vinegar and sugar, (search those terms online, beware of oils being very high calorie!), but a simple store-bought balsamic vinegar dressing can be used.
Made with these low-sugar smoothie ingredients — including spinach, low-in-sugar strawberries, and raw cashews — you won't believe this recipe is under 10 grams of sugar.
On top of that, spinach is incredibly healthy, and eating healthy is half the battle of any diet.

I love the addition of the raspberries with the red wine vinegar (this would not add many calories at all) which means this makes the perfect addition on fasting days when we are sticking to our 500 calories.
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