Important NoteAll chocolates are shipped Mondays or Tuesdays of the week after the order was placed. Papaya is an herbaceous tree with a stem of spongy, soft wood that is hollow in the center and bears melon-like fruit. This fussy plant needs a lot of water but must have good drainage, and it bears most fruit in light, porous, slightly acidic soils that are rich in organic matter. Although grown to some extent in south Florida, the true papaw is not related to the North American papaw.
Papaya's enzyme, papain, not only digests protein, but it extends its activity to digesting carbohydrate. Papaya is said to stimulate the bowels in times of constipation and is also believed to be useful in treating inflammatory bowel disorders. The papain in unripe Papaya's gummy milk sap has been known to kill parasites by digesting them and has been used in herbal medicine to kill and expel worms.

The papain in Papaya is currently undergoing studies to investigate its efficacy in treating the herpes simplex virus and herpes zoster (shingles). Another papayan enzyme, chymopapain, has been used in the treatment of slipped spinal disc and pinched nerves.
Extracts of the pulp of Papaya Fruit have showed bacteriostatic properties when tested against Staphylococcus aureua, Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhi, Bacillus subtilis and other bacteria in vitro.
Since many stomach problems are the direct result of indigestion, use of Papaya appears to help prevent many ailments. Unsulfured, potassium sorbate and additive free, these fruits may be darker than supermarket varieties and some naturally occurring sugar may rise to the surface over time. Then the papaya is soaked in a warm liquid mixture of frutose and water until the fruit is saturated with the frutose. It is an interesting tree, in that the male and female parts exist in different trees, and trees may grow to a height of twenty to thirty feet.

Papain also breaks down wheat gluten, which may be helpful for those suffering from Celiac disease. It stimulates digestive acids and the production of bile, which may also lead to a healthier liver and pancreas.
It is used topically to rid the pain of insect stings, and it is said that when applied to heal wounds, it digests dead tissue without affecting the surrounding live tissue. Those who have difficulty digesting starchy foods, such as breads, cereals and potatoes, might find great relief in including Papaya in their diets.
In Jamaica, the gummy latex of the unripe papaya fruit is slowly dripped onto warts and corns, shriveling them, and they fall off.

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