My surgeon and endocrinologist were concerned about not taking calcium and I underwent a bone density scan.
My advise is to do your homework, find a doctor that will work with you in monitoring your health situation while working together to find out what works best for you. Although hypoglycemia is possible after gastric bypass, in most cases low blood sugars can be controlled with diet.
I struggled for years to discover the cause behind my severe drops in blood sugar, which didn't seem to be responsive to changes in my diet, and over time it got worse.
I have a history of nodules on my thyroid, but was taken off my thyroid medication about a year after weight-loss surgery. If you have worsening symptoms of low blood sugar with no help from diet and or have exercise induced hypoglycemia, you might consider consulting a doctor.
Dumping syndrome can be separated into two forms both early and late—depending on the occurrence of symptoms in relation to the time elapsed after a meal.
If you have symptoms of low blood sugar it is important to report it to your surgeon or endocrinologist. Three years ago I began experiencing episodes of low blood sugar and was diagnosed with severe hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is often experienced after gastric bypass surgery, a small percentage of rare cases may become severe. I eat 4 to 5 small meals each day which includes a mid-afternoon meal in order to help keep my blood sugar and insulin levels steady between lunch and dinner. I never eat carbs on a empty stomach, as it causes blood sugar levels to raise and lower too fast. Low glycemic index foods such as black beans are slowly digested, (as is the sweet potato) raising the blood sugar at a slower pace. Avoid starchy veggies, pasta, bread, cereals, white (enriched), refined flours, and sugars.
Fiber slows down digestion, so add fiber by eating foods with the highest fiber content possible, anything 3 or above is good. Hypoglycemia is a potentially dangerous condition, so it's very important to know the signs and effects of low blood sugar.
This blog is a collection of information and opinions collected by the author and is not intended to be substituted for medical advise. I am all for having a sensible approach to eating, exercising and looking after yourself, but some of the suggested diets are just beyond unwise. Cabbage soup, maple syrup, eggs & grapefruit, … the list of ridiculous and potentially dangerous diets is endless.
Great post, as someone who is currently struggling with their weight I know the only way to lose weight effectively is to eat sensibly and stop drinking so much wine. Loosing weight at this time of year is pushed hard in France as well and I am shocked at some of the regimes and miracle solutions that French women revert too.

I went to the ministry of food exhibition at the Imperial War Museum, it was all about how people coped during the war in the UK- and it was really interesting.
I need to lose like four pounds, it doesn’t seem like a lot but it’s not shifting from my thighs!
Hi there – i agree that January is one of those times for self-hatred (sorry – meant reflection!) but would you ever find a website full of MEN who probably look perfectly decent talking about having to lose wait?
Special K really annoys me, because somehow it has the image of being a really healthy choice, and it just isn’t. When I was a student I thought, I could spend the rest of my life worrying about what I eat and look like a super-model, or I could enjoy eating steak. Trying to find a solution sent me to four doctors and several nutritionist seeking answers to an seemingly incurable problem. I am currently waiting a result comparison from a scan that I had done 10 years ago, just after weight loss surgery. Fainting, irregular or rapid heart beats, dizziness, sweating, low blood pressure, abdominal cramps, and explosive diarrhea and flushing of the skin. My "snack" meals are very small (healthy) meals, very similar to what I eat for lunch, only smaller portions. Avoid foods with sugar and high sugar fruits and don't eat low sugar fruit on an empty stomach.
Late dumping is caused by fluctuations in blood glucose levels among patients whose digestive anatomy has been altered by bariatric surgery, like gastric bypass. Both forms occur because of rapid delivery of large amounts of osmotically active solids and liquids into the duodenum.
Information given may be time specific and may or may not be appropriate for your specific situation. You don’t have to be a nutritionist to figure out that these diets are only going to make you fat in the long run.
What would you say if I told you I’d like to lose some weight and my chosen diet consisted of a large glass of skimmed milk with a tablespoon of Nesquik for breakfast and lunch, completed by a low calorie meal for dinner? Which I didn’t do, because I couldn’t be bothered lived absolutely and completely healthily already. As a former skinny (I’m now borderline fatty but I’m pregnant too, so hey, that will change!) I can wholly vouch that nothing is better than sensible eating and excercise! Obviously it varied- Londoners planted out their gardens countryside people shared more of their food with city types and those on islands like Jersey obviously faced real shortages of food and did crazy things like cooking birds.
I could never see the point of SlimFast, why have horrible powdered shakes when you could eat fish & vegetables and have the same amount of calories? I hate this time of the year and STILL haven’t lost the baby weight (which i had promised myself would be gone by Jan!) I have always been amazed by the Special K diet, not sure you can call it a diet when it just involves eating the same thing over and over again. I have discovered that my thyroid medication plays a huge part in regulating my hypoglycemia and I am currently monitoring my blood work and awaiting my nine-year checkup.

Both forms occur because of rapid delivery of solids and liquids into the duodenum (or small intestine). In my case, I found a great doctor who ran some test and discovered I did indeed did have reactive hypoglycemia.
When sugar is eaten it is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream triggering a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. No matter where you look, and no matter how you look, the well-meaning (and often unwanted) advice is to shrink. With the risk of boring you all to tears, it is… sensible food choices and exercise, hurray!
I can’t wait until my little one is born and that I am rid of my silly cravings and huge appetite to get back into a normal eating plan and shed the pounds! I highly recommended that you get regular follow-ups including blood work, as well as consult with your doctor or surgeon before changing your vitamin routine, or discontinuing any prescription medication, as well as continued monitoring of your overall health including labs and a bone density scan.
After doing some research I have discovered there is a link between calcium and insulin resistance. I was put on Armour Thyroid medication—my blood sugars are more stable and I am able to exercise with no any symptoms of low blood sugar.
Most people don't understand the desperation of not being in control of your weight, unless they have been morbidly obese.
The pancreas responds by secreting an equally large amount of insulin to soak up the excess blood sugar. I am thinking about going on the chocolate diet which involves a bar of chocolate for breakfast, a bar of chocolate for lunch, followed by a healthy evening meal!
After listening to my story, he explained the "medical and scientific" reasons behind my problem and offered a solution. Clothes that don't fit, scales going up, having to move the "big bar", you know the one on the bottom of the scales that goes up by 50 pounds, uuuhhhggg, and not being able to exercise for fear of hitting the pavement. With the big difference that a Slim Fast shake is much more expensive than a glass of milk.
Sugar has the nasty habit of sending your blood sugar levels into the sky before they come crashing down on you again, i.e.
Maybe that’s why so many people resort to fad diets – they are easy to follow, because somebody tells you exactly what to do. Not only that, the suggested, ultra low daily calorie intake puts your body in starvation mode, urging it to store fat quicker as soon as you go back to normal eating.
Recent Princeton University research found out that HFCS triggers weight gain, significantly more than any other sweetener.

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