Hemacytometer is an instrument that has a grid etched on its surface that guides physicians during counting of the cells.
This is the most common method and is composed of two different types, namely, the voltage pulse and the electro optical counting system. When platelet count falls below 20,000 per microliter, this situation is considered as life threatening in which extensive bleeding might likely occur.
High platelet count is divided into two sub categories namely, the primary thrombocythemia and the secondary thrombocythemia. Platelets are irregular shaped molecules with a colorless body and sticky surface that forms into clots to help stop the bleeding.
It is ordered when a patient experiences unexplainable bruises or when small cuts and wounds take longer time to heal.

A diluted blood sample would be placed in the hemacytometer and through a microscope they can view the blood.
Both of these systems collect blood that is diluted and placed into an electronic counter for counting.
Cause of high platelet under primary thrombocythemia is still not known but is believed to occur as an independent condition. When a person’s normal platelet count is compromised that person’s life might be put in danger. When blood is exposed to air, clots are formed to stop the bleeding and when either one of these minerals are lacking it could put a person’s life at risk. A normal platelet count of an average person is 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per microliter of blood.

While on secondary thrombocythemia, it causes normal platelet count to increase as a symptom of various diseases. Other than that, there is still no known treatment besides blood transfusion to obtain a normal platelet count. There are some instances when other platelets are not recognized or when a patient has high white blood cell count the machine might interpret it automatically with a low platelet count. A natural remedy that may help a person regain his or her normal platelet level is through eating a healthy, well balanced diet or practicing some stress relieving techniques.

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