This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Glendale Dietitian, healthy eating, Nutrition, weight loss. I am going to put into place a low GI diet, not to loose weight, but to increase my energy so I don't feel lethargic. It is all about reducing the **** carbohydrates (White bread, white pasta, cakes, crisps, crap cereal etc) and replacing them with good carbohydrates e.g.
My diet wont change drastically because I still eat all meats, diary products etc because they have very low or no carbs. Good luck with this, it will be tough going as your change is a choice and not needed so will power is going to be needed but I'm sure you'll crack it once you get used to it.

I moved to brown rice and pasta and wholemeal bread (from the usual white varieties) with no potatoes about a year ago. That meal plan does look good, but where I struggle is the lack of variety and the time in which I have to make this.
I have a couple of close friends who are type 1 and my mate's 10 year old daughter also suffers.
Each time you have a sugary or starchy food or drink, the blood glucose level in your body rises. Some of these foods are quickly digested and cause quick and sharp rises in your blood glucose levels ? they are called high GI foods and drinks.

Low GI foods and drink, which are more slowly digested, will make your blood glucose rise more slowly. If you don't mind posting a view different meals you have then I'm more than likely going to give it a go.

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