Diuretics have the ability to increase urine production and secretion and are frequently used by athletes either to excrete the banned drug or to lose weight rapidly. Competitive athletes sometimes attempt to dilute their urine by taking furosemid, a drug commonly used in medicine for treatment of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. Hyperglycemia, or an abnormally high level of glucose in the blood, can lead to fainting and diabetic coma.
According to Your Total Health, cardiac problems are one of the long-term side effects of diabetes. The sensation of feeling faint is caused by a reduction in the amount of oxygen reaching the brain.
Mazda rx-7 – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The mazda rx-7 is a sports car produced by the japanese automaker mazda from 1978 to 2002. New cars, car reviews, car prices and auto shows – msn autos, Msn autos features new cars, car reviews, used cars, concept cars, auto shows, and car buying guides. However, urinary tract fluid losses caused by drug-induced diuresis may lead to intravascular volume depletion. When a person with diabetes takes too much insulin or medication or doesn't enough eat enough, he may inadvertently lower his level of glucose (sugar) to a dangerous level.

When someone with diabetes eats too much of an unhealthy food or skips her medication or insulin injection, her blood sugar can rise to a dangerous level. Fainting can be a symptom of many of these heart-related conditions because they often interrupt the flow of blood to a person's brain. Your Total Health says that if this damage is neurological, it can trigger fainting spells in the affected person because of the disturbance to the brain's proper function. Excessive diuretic therapy in combination with increased ephidrosis, usually leads to dehydration and hypovolemia, which is one of the major causes of hypokalemia.Unlike medical patients, athletes do not retain excess water, thus the use of diuretics results in an abnormal and dangerous loss of water and electrolytes.
Within this Crosstalk-Box you can choose the side effects of diuretics on selected body systems.
According to Your Total Health, this may cause loss of consciousness, resulting in a fainting spell. When someone with diabetes faints and her glucose levels are normal, she should be evaluated for possible heart problems that could be the underlying cause.
Athletes with diuretic-induced dehydration, performing in heat, are more susceptible to heat exhaustion. The brain needs glucose for nourishment, and the body needs adequate levels to regulate blood pressure.

Fainting happens when the brain is deprived or when blood pressure drops too low, and the problem is compounded with the overrelease of adrenalin and cortisol in reaction to the lack of glucose.
However, severe symptomatic hypokalemia is rare, while moderate levels of hypokalemia are common. Hypokalemia mainly causes disturbed neurological functioning and cardiac arrhythmias, even heart failure. Additionally, symptoms as muscle weakness and muscle cramps are common.On the other hand, overuse of diuretics such as spironolactone, triamterene and amiloride may lead to extremely high potassium concentration in the blood. Biochemical shifts in potassium levels (kaliemia) may be life threatening if strong modification is induced by diuretics. Side effects may also include dehydration, dizziness, cramps, headaches, nausea and kidney damage.
Other side effects are excessive weight loss, low blood pressure, low or high blood potassium, heart rhythm disorders, systemic alkalosis, decreased muscular work, muscle cramps, increased blood uric acid, low blood sugar transient deafness (bumetanide, ethacrynic acid, furosemide), and aggravation of diabetes (thiazides).

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