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Of course, we can all come up with plenty of excuses to make poor eating decisions during the workday.
Luckily, whether you bring your lunch, buy it, or scrounge something from the noon meeting, there are plenty of healthy lunch options that will keep you from passing out at your desk. For those who prefer to order lunch, De Fazio says she prefers bowls to burritos because they're less messy, and she likes that restaurants like Chipotle let you personalise your burrito bowls with healthier options. And if you're snagging lunch at a conference or work meeting, De Fazio suggests skipping the high-fat croissants and opting for sandwich platters with basic white or wheat bread or wraps. Or you could opt for a grilled salmon or chicken entree with a side of rice and vegetables.
FDA Approved Plastics: All of the internal plastics components through which your ionized water is filtered are constructed from FDA approved safe plastic. Advanced 7-Electroplate Design: 7 platinum coated titanium, long-life, durable, energy-efficient plates.
Activated Carbon Filter: State-of-the-art water filter removes chlorine, benzene, trihalomethane, radon, pesticides, VOCs and hundreds of other harmful pollutants found in tap water.
Ultra-Responsive Touch Controls: Easy-touch control panel makes varying pH levels or altering other water ionizer settings a breeze.
ReviewsWe looked around a lot for a good dependable quality ionizer and my wife and I were really happy we found the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7 plate machine.

First off, I have been a skeptic of these health claims from some of the alkaline water ads that are out there. Drinking 2 morning glasses of alkaline water helps offset the effects of eating highly acidic foods such as meats, egg yolks, coffee, alcoholic beverages and aids in hydration. Dramatically improves flavor of vegetables, rice, pasta, soup and tea when used for cooking.
VIDEO:: Air Water Life’s CEO, Richard Mayer, discusses the benefits of drinking ionized alkaline water! All of the internal plastics components that your ionized water touches, travels or is filtered through is FDA approved safe plastic. If it gets plugged into a household outlet, it needs to be ETL certified by an independent laboratory as being electronically safe.
VIDEO:”I feel Great, So Much Energy now…, Most Important I know the water my son’s drinking and the food that I’m making him is made from the highest quality water ever! She suggests ordering your bowl with rice, lettuce, chicken or beef, salsa, guacamole, and go easy on the cheese. Fried carbs will only slow you down, and you don't want to be bloated and gassy at work, she says.
I could write a lot about it but let me just say that it is well made, easy to use and the quality is definitely there for an ionizer machine under $2000.
I called the company directly and was very satisfied and impressed with getting a tech support person and not a ‘sales person’, sorry but I have no patience for sales razzle dazzle.
I could not believe the cost of these small and relatively simple machines being $2500 to $4000, this did not make sense to me as a former systems analyst for GE for over thirty years.

After each year of use, the unit should be cleaned manually following the operations manual instructions and using the cleaning agent provided with the unit. Unlike many of our competitors who skip this important step, all our water ionizers are ETL certified safe.
We have been using it for a month now and the high setting is still making 11.0 pH water and we love it.
To begin, I found it on sale at an agreeable price of just around $900, as I shopped around I could not find anything close to this price, I did however find a few for less but they looked really cheap to me and not USA designed. Now I know this machine is assembled in Asia, and I found out the parts come from all over the world. It has great indicator lights and beep tones, and plays music while it’s cleaning every so many gallons, my kids love that.
My new Ford hybrid is the same with over 30 percent parts made in China, but so long as the quality is there and a USA company is backing it I am all for passing on the savings. I have had arthritis for nearly 10 years with daily pain in my joints something that I had to look forward to every day.
But I can tell you with drinking the ionized water for nearly 6 months my symptoms are nearly gone.

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