Dr Okezie Emenike, a medical practitioner with a private hospital in Abuja, on Thursday said that low blood sugar in a patient could lead to death. Emenike told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja that low blood sugar causes a patient to go into coma. He described low blood sugar as a disease that affects mostly diabetic patients due to lack of sugar in the body to use as fuel. According to him, low blood sugar could be as a result of excessive consumption of alcohol without eating as well as becoming more physically active than usual.
He said that skipping meals and some form of medication such as insulin treatment could also cause low blood sugar in patients. Emenike added that preventing low blood sugar was important to both diabetic patients and patients suffering from other related aliment.
He stated that eating at least three evenly spaced meals each day with between-meals snacks, as prescribed by a doctor, was important in preventing low blood sugar. The physician added that following a meal plan and eating meals not more than four to five hours separate could help in the reduction of developing low blood sugar. He advised patients with the ailment to always double -check the insulin and dose of diabetes medicine before taking it to avoid developing low blood sugar. He mentioned that treatment for low blood sugar could be achieved by a doctor evaluating the medicines taken if it was caused by too much of insulin that peaks in the evening-to-morning hours.

He said that a change of diet when the blood sugar level drops after eating meals containing lots of sugar helps in treating low blood sugar. Emenike urged patients with the disease to always check their blood sugar level after consuming meals enriched with sugar before eating another sugary food if it was still low. He advised patients to avoid driving if they suspect low sugar level due to the risk associated with it, stressing that it could make the patient to pass out or go into coma. The medic, who suggested that foods, fluids and insulin should not be given to an unconscious person susceptible with the disease, added that it could choke the patient, which could lead to death. Hypoglycemia, called blood glucose blood sugar, occurs blood glucose drops normal levels. Copyright © 2012 Rachael Edwards, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
What i need to know about eating and diabetes – national, What i need to know about eating and diabetes.
High and low blood sugar levels related to diabetes, When you have diabetes, you may have high blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia) or low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia) from time to time.. What causes high blood sugar and what harm can it do to my, Question: what causes high blood sugar and what harm can it do to my body? In here we will take a look at low blood sugar (hypogly-caemia) and high blood sugar (diabetes).

When you scan this list of symptoms, you will realize that low blood sugar is not a rare complaint. Either can make you put on weight, and can lead to other health problems, some of which can be quite sever. General symptoms:Fatigue,overweight,PMS, joint and muscle pain,low libido,fainting,muscle stiffness,blurred vision,migraine cold extremities and excessive yawning. Such a diet upsets the delicate sugar-insulin balance and encourages the body to release more insulin to achieve the correct level of blood sugar. If we take sugar we are stressing what is an already overworked blood sugar control system. The only satisfactory answer lies in careful low-sugar eating with the support of specific supplements and nutrients. Hypoglycaemia or low blood glucose is a condition in which the level of glucose Learn about hypoglycemia, which is caused by low blood sugar. Severe disease of nearly all major organ systems can cause hypoglycemia as a Other types of diabetes pills, when taken alone, do not cause hypoglycemia.

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