If their “patent-pending” manufacturing really made the starch indigestible, would that not affect the taste? If the starch really became indigestible, should it not end up being digested by bacteria in the large intestine, causing massive flatulence?
Is it environmentally sound to grow wheat and then chemically modify it so that it loses its nutritional value, manufacture pasta, transport it, sell it, cook it and then sit down to eat it, all of that to create some extra poop? These 112 grams of pasta contains 72 grams of starch and sugars according to the Nutrition Facts. After boiling (according to instructions, exactly 9 minutes) it turned into a decent portion. Pretty shockingly the results on the blood sugar were just the same with Dreamfields’ and regular pasta. The researchers were surprised so they recruited five new participants and did the test again. I’m willing to bet any amount of money that Dreamfields pasta is just the tip of the iceberg.
Real healthy low carb food is meat, fish, vegetables and butter, ideally from your local farmer. Moore on Dreamfieldsgate – Interview with the Pasta President and even more evidence that Dreamfields pasta is just like any pasta: high carb. Of course you can spread this info via your Facebook, Twitter and blog too if you’d like. All in all, I lost 70 pounds not by counting carbs, but by limiting my intake of sugar and processed foods. Reply to comment #256 by Sandy257erdokeJuly 18 2014It might do that, though the primary reason for consuming it is that inulin in fact is one of the best prebiotics, i.e.
Any extra money goes to the ADA (American Diabetic Association) and personally I hope they NEVER GET A PENNY of Dreamfields blood money. It even takes less time to prepare an dour entire family eats it-the only issue is, when we go out to eat, I need to substitute for veggies. Dreamfields tastes as good as any store bought pasta - BUT my blood sugar is remarkably LOW.
In addition the widely reported court case against them, in addition to false marketing leads me to conclude there isn't even any science in this product, just blatant lies in their marketing. 272bob abramsFebruary 11 2015I understand but wonder why anyone on a low carb regimen would eat a 'carbed' meal?
Reply to comment #263 by Lydia Douglas273bob abramsFebruary 11 2015I question the need for Lydia to use Caps on so much of the post, but, to each their own. If the Dreamfields stuff tastes good, is enjoyable and does not spike the count, be it pee or otherwise, what is the problem? Reply to comment #272 by bob abrams274erdokeFebruary 11 2015I guess you need to read about "gelatinization of starch".
Look, if you or anyone else, find the stuff distasteful for any reason, switch the channel and go back to those 'organic' foods grown in Cow Manure, enhanced by chemical fertilizer, the 'enriched' molasses covered hay they eat all winter, and then drink the water from the reservoirs supplied by the low lying streams that are bordered by farmland that the locals spray liquified cow manure with accompanying urine--of course none of it makes it to the food supply as it magically disappears, probably into the globally-warmed eco-system. Get over it, we are all adults and if you think that Dreamfields is a fraud, then start a lawsuit against them for, say, false advertising.
I am awaiting the same for reasonably priced alternative pretzels,potatoes, rice, popcorn, crackers, milk, etc.
Check out the sugar in the whole milk you drink-the wheat in the beer you drink, sugar in the wine, either chemicals or sugar in the soft drinks, the crap that to be harvested rice and cranberries float in and enjoy!
Sniff a lead free tailpipe while my unleaded fueled car motor rots from the safe to burn alcohol.
Reply to comment #274 by erdoke276bob abramsFebruary 14 2015Hi and Thank You for the posting.
It it Is saying that a single molecule is significantly enlarged would that mean that a portion the size of a chick pea would become the size of a beefsteak tomato, because if that is the case, I am on it!
Realistically though, I need to continue the unfortunate abstinence from wonderful potatoes. Reply to comment #276 by bob abrams277erdokeFebruary 14 2015There are some tricks with which the insulin spike following a higher carb meal can be reduced. Reduce the portion of potato, add lots of fats, yoghurt, sauerkraut and vegetables and there you go. As far as fake foods are concerned, I prefer other types or real foods over low carb pasta, pretzels, popcorn, crackers, etc. Reply to comment #278 by Bob279erdokeFebruary 15 2015At the end of the day low carbing is a tool, just as the tricks mentioned above.
And the trick to eat more naturaly fatty food, organic acids and naturaly foods whit naturaly fibers..
You dont find those food at fast food resturants, but one can find them in better supermarkets!
For the first test, I ate identical portions of Barilla pasta and DreamFields pasta on two evenings, after not having eaten since a light lunch, with blood-glucose (bG) at 95 & 97, respectively, which is close enough. The results were very nearly identical, especially if you consider minor inaccuracies of non-scientific testing. My second set of tests were done just like the first set, but this time I added 3 oz (weighed) of rib-eye steak, broiled to rare, and two portions of vegetables, 4 oz each of green beans and spinach, each served with a pat of butter. So OK, I admit, this wasn't a well-controlled experiment, and there could have been other factors that affected the results, either of the first night's testing or of the second.
Final note -- I may be totally wrong, but I think Dreamfields pasta may have more fiber in it than other pastas, and it DOES give me gas. 283earlMarch 7 2015If you don't rinse the pasta, which IS in the directions, then you do not get the desired results.I am type 2, and so is my mom.
I used them when I started this low carb thing and, if they matter, then I am on the right track with Dreamfields.
Of course I took the 'pay $50' option last week to take the calcium detection CT Scan to check out the levels of hardened calcium on the walls of the vessels in my heart, and, yes, the MD called and told me I was at 391 level and they want me to see the cardiologist next week to see what he says-so maybe there is another shoe to drop with regard to the high chloresterol(?) type of foods I have been eating for the last 10 or so years of low-carbing. Of course I am concerned about the ethics of the MD profession, with their constant beating of th e'get regular checkups, excessive # of co-pays and the amount of pills they assign to us.
Each time I have gone to the MD for my twice a year check up(I am 69) and need to fill out a form, I am asked if I am a smoker. I am sure still interested in the gelatinisation of starch and will continue to read about it--if the CT scan permits! I do believe that to each his own, and if it works for you, then by all means use the product. Subjects maintain normal blood sugar levels after eating IsaLean Bars (Chocolate Decadence and Lemon Passion Crunch flavors).
Fans of Isagenix IsaLean® Bars will find enjoying them all the sweeter now that a new study has shown that eating them won’t spike blood sugar levels.
Whether customers have preference for Lemon Passion Crunch or Chocolate Decadence flavors, they can rest assured with clinical findings showing that both meal-replacement bars maintain normal levels of plasma glucose and have a statistically significantly lower glycemic effect when compared to standard controls. In the study, Brigham Young University researchers tested blood glucose response for each of the bars and white bread (standard control) in 11 adult subjects (five men and six women)—for this type of testing, experimentation is typically performed on 10 or more subjects with standard protocols. The scientists took blood samples  before subjects ate the test food and then at 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 minutes after eating.

These results came from healthy men and women and are not applicable to people with type 2 diabetes, who should continue to monitor blood sugar with any food eaten.
Meal-replacement bars have gained popularity as a convenient way to assist in weight management. IsaLean Bars represent a convenient, high-protein meal replacement designed to meet weight management and nutrition goals. The bars are high in whey protein, offer a balanced amount of fats and carbohydrates, and provide daily requirements of vitamins and minerals. The high-protein bars also present multiple benefits because of impact on satiety as well as muscle protein synthesis—aiding weight management and helping to maintain or increase muscle mass with age. World Health Organization statistics show more than 1 billion people are overweight and at least 300 million of those are clinically obese. This entry was posted in Product Research, Protein, Weight Management and tagged Blood Sugar, isalean bars, type 2 diabetes, wolfberry by Isagenix Nutritional Sciences. US Legal DisclaimerPlease note that you are accessing an Isagenix webpage that contains information and claims that are specific to the United States and are only appropriate for use in that country.
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Most ViewedHow You Can Avoid Weight Regain Whey Thins Now Approved for Cleanse Days Why You'll Love Dairy-Free IsaLean Bars (Video) Is Your Lifestyle Sabotaging Digestive Health? New study finds Chocolate Cream Crisp and Chocolate Peanut Crunch IsaLean bars don’t spike blood sugar. Isagenix IsaLean® Bars lovers who were pleased to learn earlier this year that flavors Lemon Passion Crunch and Chocolate Decadence didn’t spike blood sugar in a clinical study will be glad to know that a new study has been completed for the other two flavors.
The results are in: IsaLean Bar Chocolate Cream Crisp and Chocolate Peanut Crunch flavors maintain normal blood sugar levels (normal plasma glucose) when compared to standard controls. Results from both studies, performed by researchers at Brigham Young University, confirm that all IsaLean Bars flavors are low glycemic—glycemic effect is a measure of how a particular food affects blood glucose (blood sugar) levels (1 & 2). Using internationally accepted standard protocol, the scientists evaluated the effect of the bars on glucose levels over a two-hour period. Each time blood was taken and analyzed for glucose before the subjects ate the test food and then at intervals (15, 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 minutes). The 13 subjects in the study fasted and abstained from rigorous exercise for 12 hours prior to testing; each participant acted as his or her own control by testing the bars or control food (bread) in a random order.
With the prevalence of obesity in developed countries, meal-replacement bars have gained popularity as a weight-management aid.
However, the majority of bars currently in the marketplace are comprised chiefly of fat and carbohydrates or are high-protein bars using inferior components—including poor-quality protein sources—and are often sweetened or flavored with artificial ingredients. IsaLean Bars are superior in quality and nutrient density compared to other bars, not to mention an excellent alternative to high-calorie, nutrient-lacking fast foods like the typical hamburger, French fries, and soft drink.
Each IsaLean Bar contain 18 grams of appetite-satisfying protein based on New Zealand whey.
In addition, IsaLean Bars  provide proper macro nutrients with balanced sources of healthy fats and energy-boosting carbohydrates, and provides the necessary full-spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Finally, Isagenix customers can take comfort that all IsaLean Bars will not compromise blood sugar.
This entry was posted in Product Research, Science News and tagged Blood Sugar, Diabetes, glycemic, isalean bars, low-glycemic, weight by Isagenix Nutritional Sciences. The final destination of a journey is not, after all, the last item on the agenda, but rather some understanding, however simple or provisional, of what one has seen.
In these modern times, with the plethora of blood-sugar-related diseases, we need tools like GI and GL to help us understand ways to control blood sugar. The self-testing, graphic approach to food testing developed in the balance of the newsletter is a less scientific but a more dynamic way to explore postprandial (post-meal) blood glucose levels (BGLs). GI measures the blood glucose impact of foods eaten in isolation, yet we rarely consume foods this way.
GI readings vary with the individual—blood sugar and insulin reactions are more extreme for diabetics, for example (See Charts 2A and 2B). GIs are calculated in the science lab as the day’s first meal after a 12-hour fast and using a fixed serving that includes 50 grams of carbohydrate.  Most of our daily calories, however, are consumed in combination and throughout the day, when our blood sugar is affected by other foods that we have eaten earlier, as well as by our level of activity.
Of the following numbered charts, the first three are based upon scientific research journal articles (Charts 1, 2A, 2B), while the last four (Charts 3-6) are constructed from my own self-testing of foods4 using a simple blood glucose monitor.
Chart 1:  Blood Sugar Curves of White Bread Compared to Bread with Added Fiber, Sourdough, and Vinegar. Chart 3:  Instant Oatmeal, Whole Oats (Soaked and Not Soaked), and Whole Oats Combined with a Protein and Fat.
To fully appreciate the impact of two back-to-back carbohydrate breakfasts please notice that the scale used for Chart 6 is twice that of Charts 3-5. Resetting the Table–to Control Blood Sugar (For a discussion of other strategies, see April 2011).
Ramekins filled with condiments like nuts and seeds (GI=0).  Nuts and seeds provide healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, while they slow digestion and curb blood sugar. Sourdough bread or whole-grain bread with whole kernels; butter from grass-fed cows and organic nut and seed butters such as tahini and pumpkin seed butter. A pitcher of water and glasses for all—sometimes we mistake hunger for what is in fact thirst.  You might flavor the water with a little lemon juice or other flavoring.
Because 12-hour fasting, pre-meal blood sugar reading can vary, all data points at time zero prior to the first morning meal were indexed to zero in order to illustrate the change from a neutral starting point. I use the label “traditional” carbohydrates, just as we call unrefined fats, “traditional” fats. It’s mostly starch, which turns into glucose in the gut and is absorbed as blood sugar. Do we really need to chew food that doesn’t make us satiated, food that gives us no energy, food that isn’t real food?
I tested my blood sugar every 20 minutes and hoped that it would go down so I could have a real dinner. After seven and a half hours (!) I gave up, even though the blood sugar was still a bit higher than normal.
Then they ate the same amount of regular pasta and tested their blood sugar for comparison. Low carb in America has turned into special low carb pasta, low carb ice cream, low carb bread and low carb chocolate bars.
But diabetics spike their blood sugar and may end up amputating their feet and becoming blind. If they eat fake low carb products and have trouble losing weight, chances are that’s why.
I use Ketosticks to monitor the effectiveness of my efforts, (I'm the instant gratification type unfortunately) and after many sessions, I've learned that I must keep my daily carb intake below 30 grams to stay in ketosis.
In my disappointment with my diabetic status I decided it was time to loose weight and bring down my blood sugar levels. I'd like to see an objective story about why Dreamfields is so effective in not spiking my blood sugar as a type I (insulin dependent) diabetic for 42 years. I don't know why it works and it may even be a fraud, but the stuff both works and tastes like any other.
Perhaps those same people in obstinance can point me to the Dreamfields 'protected carbs science' and their following of the the scientific method?

Of course all depends on the level of insulin sensitivity (or resistance) you currently have.
I personally find it easier to forget about whole categories than to look for poor direct substitutes.
It is like eating a handful of popcorn or a small baked potato---there is just no such limiting for me, especially staring at the 35 carbs daily. I mean, even at a higher level, eating meat that is a product of animals that were raised eating grain certainly seems to pose an issue. Other than hamburgers, coffee, some pretty good salads(Wendys) and diet soda, I have no reason to go to those places--however, real Diners have a lot of choices for me. I don't feel bloated or "sick" after eating Dreamfields pasta, as I did with regular pasta. However, it seems like it is a very significant thing to monitor for those who are diabetic.
I also am tiring of the 10 or so pills I take every morning and night--mostly supplements, but Crestor and Synthroid are included.
Finally a year or so ago, I asked, 'Doc, if you cannot tell I am not a smoker then maybe I should start again"--to which he replied, 'if we ask if you are or have ever smoked, and you say 'yes', you are allowed two chest x-rays a year'! Eating foods balanced in protein, fats, fiber and complex carbohydrates are considered a better approach to maintain blood sugar levels (1 & 2).
Each participant acted as his or her own control by testing the bread and the bars in a random order. The health-food bar market reached $5 billion in 2010 and retail sales are predicted to increase 10 percent per year over the next five years. The combination of carbohydrates doesn’t lead to elevated blood glucose levels, as the BYU study has shown. In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that more than one third of adults (more than 72 million people), and, sadly, roughly one out of every seven children are obese. With regular articles from our Research and Science Team and the Scientific Advisory Board, you can stay abreast of the latest evidence-based updates about weight management, healthy aging, and energy and performance. They tested blood glucose response in each subject after eating the bars or the standard control (white bread) at the same time in the morning on three different occasions with a two-day washout period between tests. Use of conventional diet plans and meal replacements can lead to nutrient gaps in the diet.
As confirmed by these controlled studies, the meal replacements are a delicious, guilt-free pleasure that can simply be enjoyed without worry.
The second factor—the postwar shift from traditional to refined carbohydrates—is largely due to the growing role of the commercial food industry and processed, convenience foods.  Convenience foods must have a long shelf-life, so food companies rely upon refined flours and oils, which do not go rancid. Visual pictures of postprandial blood sugar behavior, while less scientific than GI measurements, are nevertheless powerful learning tools, providing a real flavor for how our body reacts when we eat different kinds of foods. This chart illustrates the second meal effect– that what we eat at one meal affects postprandial blood sugar behavior at the next.
What we do to our children when we give them a sugary cereal or a Pop-tart for breakfast extends beyond this first meal to affect their blood sugar, hunger, concentration, and desire to overeat throughout the rest of the day. One of the best herbs and spices to moderate blood sugar.  It can be sprinkled on hot cereals and desserts such as puddings, custards, and stewed fruits. Name Email WebsiteSubmit Comment Recent Posts One Size May Not Fit All on GI Foods Low GI Foods May Help You Sleep What Exactly Is the Glycemic Index Diet? My Doctor told me to test 2 hours after eating and if my BS was 140 or below, I ate a good meal.
It seems like something must occur in the physical make-up of the thing and maybe it has an effect on the carb count? In general, the low carb areas where I am very strict are sugar and grains, especially modern wheat in any form. Same for other addictive things like alcohol-well, the Coors Lite or Mick Ultra keep the carb level down but are distilled from grain. While abstinence from sugar is not a problem for me, abstinence from wheat and corn is trying to say the least-hence the look for substitutes which do contain grain and some sugar--or sugar substitutes like Sucralose. Sure, two super expensive tests, co pays and follow up MD visits--all meaning $$ in their pocket. I have tested my blood sugar levels after eating Dreamfields and Skinny Rice, and my numbers do not go over 125. Keeping up with us is easy -- bookmark our page, subscribe via email or RSS, like our Facebook Page, or follow us on Twitter. The role of milk- and soy-based protein in support of muscle protein synthesis and muscle protein accretion in young and elderly persons.
The leucine content of a complete meal directs peak activation but not duration of skeletal muscle protein synthesis and mammalian target of rapamycin signaling in rats. They have previously studied the effects of low carb diets, so they were surprised by Dreamfields’ claims that pasta can be low carb. In the course of two weeks I have lost twelve pounds simply by cutting out or moderately taking in carbs.
He told me as a friend and I like the guy, but I sure was surprised--but now I ask a lot more questions of everyone in the profession, including the eye and teeth guys! I think the Dear Doctor needs to get a life and stop ditching products, simply because he wants his voice heard across the nation. This is why diabetes and obesity often go hand-in-hand (90% of diabetics are either overweight or obese). David Ludwig regarding high-glycemic foods and overeating, cited in the Recommended Reading section at the conclusion of this newsletter.
Spread the word so that fewer diabetics and others are hurt by these fraudulent marketing claims. I made sure to check multiple times a day after eating the pasta, which I paired with a low carb marinara or Alfredo sauce, and not once did I come out of ketosis. Whatever is in it is fine with my nutritionist who helps me manage diabetes and kidney maintenance - she recommended it and said one of her Italian clients with diabetes has tried ALL pastas and it is the only one that does not spike her blood sugar.
GD this time I eat a balanced amount of carbs all day long and do not see the blood sugar spikes. If you eat only 30 carbs a day and ate a double portion of this product I can understand why you had high blood glucose after 2 hours. Of course it is important what you find easy to stick (to adhere) to, that part can also ruin the whole process if not taken into consideration.
Granted I don't eat either of them very often, but I have successfully lost a total of 167 lbs in the last year and half, and totally reversed my Type 2 diabetes. It isn't going work for everyone, but just because it didn't work for you, that's no guarantee others won't find success with it.
Then that evening when I had my dinner which was almond crusted chicken with green beans I waited an approximately 45 minutes to test my sugar and I was at 108. Conclusion from my own personal experience Dream Fields Pasta is like an other pasta consumed and is a carbohydrate that can spike your blood sugar.

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