This pose balances hormones in your blood and increases blood circulation to your brain, thereby normalizing blood pressure.Assume a kneeling position on a yoga mat as in Vajrasana. This yogasana stimulates blood circulation in your upper body and head, thereby regulating low blood pressure. This exercise helps in stretching your back and neck muscles, which in turn increases blood circulation and controls blood pressure. The American heart Association states that unless a major change in the cultural and social lifestyle occurs in the US, the cardiovascular health of them does not have a good sign.
The lead author of the study conducted, Christina M Shay, says that the not so good news is that an astonishing amount of children in between the age of 12-19 have presently a low level of dietary intake. The study was conducted with the participants consisting of equal male and female.  Among the total participants, about two thirds of the amount were found out to have an ideal no smoking score. Although most of the children born in the United States have a healthy state of cardiovascular health, they are losing this important aspect much earlier in life than expected.
These necessary changes must be implemented fast with the concern of their parents, health professionals, educators and legislators for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle in the US.
The study also revealed that among the total number of participants, the female participants were found to have an ideal blood glucose level than the male participants. The World Hypertension League initiated World Hypertension Day (WHD) in 2005 to raise public awareness about hypertension and to encourage citizens of all countries to prevent and control this silent killer, the modern epidemic.
Most we know high blood pressure also known as Hypertension (HT) but unaware of prehypertension. A meta-analysis concluded that prehypertension increases the risk of stroke, and End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). Hold your heels with your hands such that your fingers are on the inner side and thumbs outside. It is good for strengthening your back and neck muscles.For this, lie on your back on a yoga mat keeping your legs outstretched before you. It relaxes your mind and body, keeping your blood pressure normal.For this, assume a kneeling position with palms on your knees. It also stimulates deep breathing, increasing your lung capacity and relieving stress.For this, sit cross legged in padmasana on a yoga mat. Study of the association shows that the total amount of youths who have a perfect diet score id astonishingly less than 1%.

They are also do not have the adequate level of physical activity that is required to maintain the cardiovascular health of a person. If the lifestyle and food habits of the affected youths can be changed, the risk factor can be minimized.
That is to be precise, 67% females and 66% males had ideal no smoking score.  Also two third of the participants had an ideal BMI as well. The direction in which the lifestyle is going, it is not hard to estimate what it will be in future. Prehypertension is a new term that is often used by doctors to signal that it’s time to begin making lifestyle changes or, if you have certain conditions such as diabetes, to start taking medications to stop your blood pressure from rising. This study was conducted on a mass of more than 33 million youths of US who were in the adolescence.
These unsatisfactory health and lifestyle has led to a rise in the level of blood glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure in the affected children.
That is 65% female and 66% male had an ideal BMIscore.  Among all the seven health components, the blood pressure was found out to be the most favourable health factor of all.
The changes must be implemented in a clinical setting as fast as possible to prevent this from happening. It’s classification for cases where a person’s blood pressure is elevated above normal, but not to the level considered hypertension. Now rest your elbows on the mat and with their support, raise your legs vertically upwards.
None of the participants had an ideal score in all the levels of cardiovascular health components. The seven health components that the cardiovascular study compromise of, no smoking, BMI or the body mass index, physical activity, dietary intake, blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol.
Rest your forehead on the floor with arms stretched out before you, palms touching the ground. This study was conducted for patients with congestive heart failure (CHF) due to myocardial infarction (MI).
The causes may vary from pregnancy, stress, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, endocrine problems etc.
Repeat this ten times.Note that all the above exercises other than shavasana must be practised after taking expert advice in case you are pregnant.

It was counted that less than half of the total number of participants had an ideal point in five or more elements of cardiovascular health.
Extremely low blood pressure disrupts oxygen supply to the brain which can be life threatening. Ideally, if you succeed in losing only 10 pounds (roughly 5 kgs.) you will notice that your blood pressure will get normal gradually. It have been reported that patients with latent hypoparathyroidism may possess rare instances of hypocalcemia, it may be beneficial in this case a replacement of both calcium and magnesium.Patient with liver disease may be at risk due to metabolic abnormalities.
Yoga exercises calm the autonomous nervous system, the area of your brain that controls stress. Frequent monitoring of the patient's electrolytes is highly recommended.During treatment with loop diuretics like furosemide, calcium balance appears to remain neutral. It also stabilizes the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems causing regulation of low blood pressure. Balancing the weight of your body on your head, use your hands to hold your toes with index fingers. Despite the fact that loop diuretics cause an increase excretion of renal calcium, this seems to be compensated for by a parathyroid-dependent increase in levels of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D, which intestinal calcium absorption is increased.
Eat a diet that includes whole grains, fruits & vegetables and has low-cholesterol level.
Few studies have shown that, when taken in restricted amount, alcohol tends to lower down blood pressure levels. Similarly, tobacco also proves to be a harmful substance for your health, especially for blood pressure.Live a Stress-free Happy LifeStress, is part of our lifestyle now-a-days. Therefore, it is very important to take proper care of our body and help it live a longer life.  It is advisable to leave your work related stress and pressure at your workplace.

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