Our IMS EMR software is built to help improve patient satisfaction with time-saving features. Our online Patient Healthcare Portal, designed with direct input from doctors and pharmacists, improves patient satisfaction and decreases unnecessary workload on staff.
Empower your patients by giving them access to view their lab results and current health records. Your patients will appreciate the added service that helps them manage their own healthcare on their schedule.
Patients can complete online questionnaires about their current medical complaints and receive suggestions of possible diagnoses that lead patients to links for case-specific self-education. A lot of staff time is dedicated to performing simple but time-consuming tasks such as updating patient-provided data and answering common questions over the phone.
The CCNA certification is an increasingly important credential in the age of the internet and corporate networks sometimes referred to as intranets. This CCNA Training Suite fully prepares students for the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) exam 200-120 while covering the latest exam objectives. This instructor-led CCNA training suite provides more than 14 hours of engaging video lessons, 89 hands-on labs, 158 printable documents (Fact Sheets), 700 exam questions, and 74 practice tests. Video Training - Classroom quality lectures, demonstrations, and illustrations by certified trainers (Video, audio, & animations). Lab Exercises - Student performs actual hands-on lab exercises in a realistic Cisco router and switched network environment.

Practice Exams - Exam Simulators and Self Assessment Tools simulate the look and feel of the actual exams. Immerse yourself into the most effective computer based Cisco CCNA certification training suite available today! MATRx allows treatment decisions to be made based on patient-specific evidence so that sleep physicians can recommend a therapy that will provide the best outcome for the patient.
MATRx is a reliable prediction test that is proven to discriminate oral appliance treatment responders versus non-responders and provides the therapeutic protrusive position. A MATRx program can diversify your sleep lab business by reaching a new segment of patients for testing. It gives patients access to a personal healthcare homepage where they can view and update much of their own personal information and even schedule doctor appointments. You can also allow them to view or request appointments, request prescription refills, pay bills and receive and respond to notes from their doctors. The information is presented to give patients useful information about what they may be experiencing. Patients may also respond to doctor's notes, providing easy communication without having to go through a telephone operator. By giving patients access to update and view their health records, appointments and other information, your staff with be able to focus on more important tasks without interruptions. This training will give you the skills to configure routers through extensive hands-on lab exercises.

Whether you are new to Cisco routers and switches, or have been working in the field and want to become CCNA certified, this interactive, multimedia training suite includes the learning tools needed for a complete CCNA training solution.
Students are provided with a complete training solution for this valuable credential which validates the ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot medium-size routed and switched networks, including implementation and verification of connections to remote sites in a WAN. Get the training you need to effectively learn real-world concepts and skills, and quickly prepare for the certification exams. Increase occupancy rates by offering a MATRx test to patients who are intolerant to CPAP and who are looking for treatment alternatives. All transactions carried out via the online patient healthcare portal are processed through a secure interface with advanced encryption. Your instructor will guide you through interesting concepts with illustrative video lectures and practical real-world examples.
Perform hands-on labs in realistically simulated hardware & Windows learning environment.

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