MK: I come across a lot of sites with photographers showcasing nude models and many can come off distasteful. MK: I think that's a really good point to make because people in general make their own assumptions about people with tattoos. The holidays are coming a bit early for parents who drool over new baby gear as much as we do.
From the world's smallest stroller to one that could be the largest one we've ever seen, there was something for everyone. Read on to see which of the 140-plus products you'll want to put on your wish list, and stay tuned for even more coverage of the event. The grown-up version of the 100-percent cotton Aden + Anais muslin blankets is for a good cause! The Maxi-Cosi Mico Cover will have UV protection and a slightly weighted front flap so wind won't blow it open. In June, The First Years will introduce a line of Miles From Tomorrowland feeding products. The Rachel Zoe Collection will also include the ultramod Quinny Moodd stroller — complete with leather tassels on the undercarriage basket and gold lettering on the frame. This New York based nightlife and editorial photographer created the company Eat The Cake NYC with the intention to break down the walls people choose to hide behind and force them to get a better look at themselves through his lens.
How do you think your work shows nudity in a different way and how do you avoid it becoming viewed as porn?CC: The biggest difference between my work and porn is the purpose behind it. They want others to understand their lives and experiences or they are trying to preserve it for themselves.

Whatever I did in my job was good because this person could really see themselves in a new way and love it.
We just returned from the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas — the largest annual juvenile-products trade show in North America — where we got a sneak peek at all of the baby and kiddie gear coming out in the coming year. We spied a very stylish designer collaboration with a car seat company, a popular swaddling blanket that is expanding into the nursing pillow category, potties with tots' favorite characters on them, and more. Designer and stylist Rachel Zoe has designed a collection that reflects the tailored look she's known for wearing herself. The new line of metallics — an emerging trend in interiors — is a first for any baby linen company because of the surprising difficulty in sourcing the nontoxic dye necessary to make the fabric shine while still meeting safety standards. Eat The Cake NYC has brought a diverse community of people together who want to share who they are, honestly and embrace individuality while celebrating the uniqueness of their own skin. I was around a lot of people with crazy body art and the the only way to shoot all of it was to shoot it nude.
There is something about those type of people that attracts them to an open-minded person like myself. I went to Columbia and Morehouse and had friends who went into business working for major companies that would be doing drugs in the bathroom at lunch time. I only edit color contrast and slight lighting but I am not fixing fat or wrinkles or anything! I want to shoot a diverse group of races and sizes because I want people to see that humanity is much more than who you see around you and on television. The products feature a new black-and-white fabric with stunning real-leather trim and oversize gold details throughout (the company created the gold just for her).

Maybe I was just more comfortable in asking them because I already made the assumption they were already more comfortable with their bodies and out there.
Among the pieces in the collection (which ranges from $200 to $850) is the Pria 85 car seat. I have 14 tattoos myself that will always remind me of certain period of time.I'd love to shoot more tattooed people so anyone who'd like to shoot, hit me up! At first, it is a shocking experience but you'd be surprised how quickly this taboo becomes your new norm and it is probably the most comfortable you will ever be in a stranger's home. I have found that the people I shoot nude end up talking and sharing personal things about themselves. I'm interested in how people manage images of nudity, ideas of sexuality, their own comfort with nude images and why certain images are cool for one but offensive to another. Also, I like exploring how men and women view human sexuality form differently.Flesh is an exploration into my own comfort level.
People usually only get naked when you are about to have sex with them but I get out the shower naked and that doesn't mean it's sexual. I shoot people who others may think are not traditionally attractive but it ends up so dope because people become so open and honest with their presentation.
Plus, you only see porn movies where people look the same and even when its fetishsized, that particular look is always the same.

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