Why Fasting for Blood Work is Important?If you have ever consulted a doctor and required blood work, he may have instructed you to come tomorrow for laboratory blood test when you have not eaten overnight. Diabetes is a type of lifestyle-related disease that affects many people worldwide with approximately 90% of patients being diagnosed with diabetes type 2. For those who are taking oral hypoglycaemic drugs, as well as those with type 1 diabetes (a condition where your body’s pancreas does not produce any insulin), one is strongly recommended to monitor their blood glucose levels frequently. Monitoring blood glucose levels can help you better understand how your daily activities, medication, food, insulin, mood swing and stress influence your blood sugar levels. Since most blood glucose monitors come with a memory to store the readings in which this data can be downloaded to a computer and hence helping a doctor to monitor and analyze so that a better treatment of diabetes can be recommended for the patient.
To maintain the accuracy of the reading of a blood glucose meter, it should be recalibrated each time the reading is taken the device should be properly maintained.
You should always ask your doctor’s advice regarding correct instructions in using a glucose meter.
After getting the reading from your blood glucose meter, make sure you write it down in a record book everyday so that you can better keep track of your diabetes condition. Another important point for you is that you should keep your blood glucose level as close as possible to its normal range so as to help reduce the risk of long-term complications arising from diabetes.
Note: If you are unable to perform this blood glucose testing, you can still perform urine test by using urine test strips to check the condition of your glucose levels. In an effort to improve the health and thus the lives of the citizens of River Rouge, the City of River Rouge is offering free blood sugar and blood pressure testing for all River Rouge residents. When visiting the Rive Rouge Fire Department for complimentary blood sugar and blood pressure testing, please enter the Fire Department through the building’s Coolidge entrance. Did you know?According to the most recent United States Census in 2010, the city of River Rouge consists of a total area of 3.4 square miles. This week, the British Journal of Cancer published an incredibly important report that found a strong relationship between a simple blood test and the risk for various forms of cancer. For those of you who are not diabetic, you may not be familiar with this simple test that has profound health implications well beyond diabetes. But with this new report, we now understand that having elevated A1c translates to risk for cancer, and as I’ve explained in Grain Brain, it is also a powerful indicator of risk for developing dementia. Think of it, this one simple blood test can give you incredibly important information about cancer risk, risk for dementia, and even risk for shrinkage of your brain!
Most commonly people are told that having an A1c of 5.6 – 5.8 should be considered normal, but when you look at the graph above, these levels already put you in the second highest category for brain shrinkage! Why the process of glycation is such a bad player for health likely stems from the fact that when proteins are glycated (bound to sugar), it dramatically increases the production of damaging chemicals called free radicals. Beyond keeping your carbs low, there are several “anti-glycating” supplements that are helpful to reduce this process. For me, adding a TBSP of pastured butter or coconut oil during the day cuts my carb cravings in cold weather.
I understand the importance of grain free and low carbohydrate for lowering A1c, but it had the opposite effect on me. Maybe more low glycemic index vegetables and more omega-3 rich oils, more fish and more organic offal would help—and less muscle meat.
To tackle just one of these now, we looked up orange juice on the glycemic index chart, and it doesn’t seem to be much higher than whole oranges. Also, I can’t find the expanded glycemic index list of 1,000K foods on the American Diabetes Association link you provided. I learned the hard way that being anemic can cause you to have a higher than average A1C result. Just as Lynn and Ri said below thank you for the daily info feed on whys and hows of the Grain Brain Diet. Statins have been known to mimic symptoms of Alzheimer’s and the FDA has reported it. I called to make an appointment with you but you are booked up for the entire year, therefore, I am now on your waiting list. I find your information absolutely intriguing and I wonder what your thoughts are with regard to Cadasil and your proposed lifestyle, i.e., eliminating grains? With that said, would you be willing to talk a little bit or write a small article about Cadasil to help us raise awareness? I truly hope that by being on your waiting list, I will have the opportunity to meet you at some point to discuss my condition. My concern is that no matter how much I exercise and eat a low-carb gf diet, I awaken with blood glucose levels over 100 – often averaging from 112 to 130.
It is a BIG mistake that you know you are a Type 2 diabetic, and you are not on medication. Fruit has fructose, so is a handful of blueberries in the morning (with no other fruit the remainder of the day) acceptable? When considering our evolutionary Paleolithic diet, it makes sense that AGEs are caused by glycation of starchy sugars, denatured proteins and oxidized fats. I had high hair lead levels, 1.5 years ago and removed my 9amalgum fillings around that time and started Chelation(low frequent dose AlA, DMSA) I have been mostly low carbs and sugar eating high fat organic meats and fermented bread when ieat them.
Is there any danger of having your average blood glucose level too low by restricting carbs from diet.

Although this may look like the doctor is doing this to make your suffer, but there are medical explanation for doing this blood work after a short fasting.There are two groups of blood work that are affected by fasting, blood sugar and lipids. Frequent checking and monitoring of your glucose blood level can help you stay healthy while reducing the risk of long-term complications arising from diabetes.
These factors include overall health, age, and whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes mellitus. Similarly, people with type 2 diabetes (a condition when your body’s cells ignore the insulin or your pancreas does not produce enough insulin) are also advised to monitor their glucose level so that the given treatment can meet the desired goals. This info is much needed as it will aid in better management of your diabetes besides delaying or preventing diabetic complications which include kidney failure, blindness and diabetic indulged eye disease. From the blood glucose monitor, you get a reading of your blood glucose level in a digital form.
Most manufacturers provide good service support but some do not, so you should look for the meter which offers the best service and technical support.
It is always easier to prick on your fingertip as it is less painful to prick particularly on one side.
Talk to your doctor if your blood glucose level is not within the normal range and ask him or her to suggest a good range for your blood glucose level and also what you should do to maintain a healthy blood glucose level.
The study found that the common blood test used by diabetics to measure their average blood sugar, A1c, was strongly predictive in terms of cancer development. Basically, the A1c test measures the amount of glycation that the protein hemoglobin has undergone.
If you look at the chart on page 117 of the book, reproduced below, you’ll note that A1c is also directly related to the rate at which the brain shrinks on an annual basis.
I believe that, based on this information, we should strive to keep our A1c at 5.2 or even lower. Free radicals end up damaging our protein, fat and even our DNA.  In addition, glycation of proteins dramatically increases the chemical mediators of inflammation, and inflammation is the pivotal player in so many issues including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, asthma and arthritis, just to name a few. These include alpha-lipoic acid, the omega-3 DHA, and a form of thiamine called benfotiamine.
I have been low carb paleo for over two years and mine keeps creeping up to now FBG is 110 and A1c is 5.7. Perlmutter, Just wondering if too much damage is done already, will following the diet, which I am now on for two months, halt further progression. A great test, but a good suggestion is to have all of your mineral levels checked and recheck your A1C result after a few months if you are found to be iron-deficient. Ultimately the best therapy for inflammatory bowel diseases is care and feeding of the gut bacteria, the microibiome. And from what I’ve read, there’s no down-side to overconsumption, is that correct?
The results so far should be enough to keep me on the diet for life but there are those times that I mindlessly eat the cheese cake or take a taste of ice-cream etc.
My Dad and Aunt are both in the advance stages, my brother is also believed to have it based on his MRI images and I also have a 14 year old daughter who has a 50% chance of having it, however, she is too young to be tested.
I am going to follow what I have learned in your book and continue to hold hope for those of us affected by Cadasil.
I then eat a small protein-fat breakfast meal that may, or may not, lower it (sometimes it goes higher). She can’t walk without holding on to things and the room is spinning when she closes her eyes. So far from what i learned from you it doubled my efforts to avoid cheating on my diet and to lower my AC1 and also have less AGE foods like my lamb being fried so it is all crispy and golden and have stews instead. I just feel like the GAPS protocol may not be the ultimate solution since you cannot regrow strains of bacteria that have gone extinct. I have had some benefit taking different probiotics like soil based probiotics but ultimatly i believe that the solution lies in fecal transplant because those strains are the strains humans need for health living and they are only found inside healthy peoples guts, are rare thing now a days.
I live in south Africa and am a medical specialist – anaesthesiologist and pain management. I have tried to lower this fasting blood sugar by eating better and exercising more but it still reamains around 130. Monitoring diabetes or blood glucose level is important to help monitor how much glucose present in your blood.
Personal preferences and your understanding regarding your health condition can help you better target your blood glucose level. Many blood glucose monitors come with different features with some of them made specifically for those who have poor eyesight or other disabilities. It is always advisable to ask your doctor which area (such as thigh, or forearm) should be used with your meter. Certainly, in most cases, ‘acceptable’ blood glucose levels can be slightly varied from one individual to another.
You may also need to advise your doctor about what you have eaten, how active you are during the day, and how medications affect your insulin when discussing your glucose level with them, so that they can help you manage your diabetes or blood glucose level. Glycation simply means that sugar has become bonded to a protein, in this case hemoglobin, and this is a relatively slow process.
The way to accomplish this is simply by reducing your consumption of carbohydrates and sugar.

But the truth is, I feel relief from the endless cycle of cravings throughout the day when I stick to the diet. I use a product in my practice manufactured by Life Extension called Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer with BioPQQ.
She had this previously and was ill for 9 months and finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis which they thought had been triggered by the Labryinthitis. I’m starting this GAPS program (which is gut healing program starting with mainly broths and egg yolks excluding gut damaging foods and including probiotics. With this in mind I am now thinking that Fecal transplant from a healthy donor is the only way and perhaps with a combination of other measures such as GAPS diet, chelation, cleanses and maybe more. After reading both Power up you Brain and Grain Brain I am very interested in coming to spend time at your centre to learn more about Glutathion therapy etc . My quetion is should I start taking medicaton to lower this as my risk for Alzheimers is high, both my parents had it at a fairly young age? On daily basis, the normal range of blood sugar and lipids change from hour to hour corresponding to your recent meal and drink.
Therefore, it is particularly important for you to discuss with your doctor which one suits you best. Both blood sugar and blood pressure testing reveal important aspects of a person’s overall health.
Hence, it’s a way to get a sense as to how high the blood sugar has been, in this case over a 3-4 month period of time, and this is why it’s so helpful for diabetics. In the cold, rainy weather I want carbs – more than is appropriate for following this protocol. I just keep going back to it because for the first time in my life I feel the free from the roller coaster of sugar highs and lows. Among others, it includes the alpha lipoic, benfotiamine, and carnosine mentioned above all wrapped up in one.
I got histamine intollerance it seems so i’m going slow with it i might start using HAO enzymes to help histamine assimilation.
By fasting, you get a baseline of sugar and lipid value that is not affected by your recent meal.Additionally, the guidelines for the definition of prediabetic and diabetic are based on looking at standard situations.
Prolonged high blood sugar levels can seriously damage the body’s eyes, kidneys, heart and nervous system. Do you have any suggestions or perhaps you could address this issue in a post of it’s own.
And, since that may not be practical, what are the best sources of raw saturated fats and denatured protein available?
At the moment she is really terrified of being ill for that long again and terrified of damage happening to her brain. Blood sugar testing can help diagnose Diabetes and allow people to seek the proper treatment to help them live longer, healthier lives.
I can’t imagine what my state of health would have been like if I had not found these guidelines for a new way of looking at food. I have still got 20 kg to loose having lost 32 already , but the weight has not moved for over 12 months. Food for health, but more important for me personally, a clarity of mind I have not experienced in years.
She hasn’t absorbed enough information yet to make any big changes to her diet in terms of giving foods up but is open to suggestions of foods and supplements she can add or take. On the other hand, if that patient eat a granola bar one hour before the blood test, it might signal the doctor that he is diabetic because his blood sugar is high. Is there anything you can recommend that might speed up her recovery or any useful pieces of information regarding her condition that i could read for her please?
Frequent blood pressure testing is instrumental in decreasing a person’s risk for these serious health problems. If the patient did not confess, then the doctor would believe that he is diabetic.Lipids adhere with the same guidelines. He is having memory problems and some balance issues and can not function on his own without supervision (wife). All values used to determine the need for treatment and high risk are still based on the fasting values for HDL and LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.
Many blood works can be difficult to patients who are dehydrated and water can efficiently counteract this problem.Take note that fasting is crucial for most blood works to compare apples to apples. Through fasting, you can extract accurate information from your blood work, which contains blood sugar and lipid parameters. The get the most accurate information, do not attempt to consume a breath mint.If you have further concerns or question regarding these blood works and what you have to do to make them accurate, then consult your doctor or physician. They will be more happy to provide you with information you require to make sure that you blood work results will truly reflect on your current health state.

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