This is why most diabetic patients find it a challenge to manage blood sugar – so overwhelming it can be – most people never realize they’re a victim of postprandial hyperglycemia. Postprandial hyperglycemia implies high blood glucose levels that you experience after eating meals. These post-meal blood glucose spikes damage cells through multiple mechanisms and have been associated with cancer, kidney failure, retinal damage and cardiovascular disease. Loretta DiPietro, lead author and chair of the George Washington University’s School of Public Health & Health Services, explains that the post-dinner period is a vulnerable time for seniors at risk of developing diabetes. Physical activity takes blood flow away from the intestines, leading to slower glucose absorption and release of other simples sugars. A 15-mintue walk after eating could also reduce the vulnerability to type-2 diabetes, according to a study by George Washington University. Eating veggies and greens along with lean protein, such as fish and lean meat, slows digestion to ward off a blood sugar rush after you finish a meal. Eat carbs, proteins and fats at every meal equal to the size of your palm, and eat 4-5 smaller meals every day instead of 2-3 larger ones. Of the three body types, the mesomorph puts on weight and loses it relatively easy with the right diet and exercising routine. Of the three body types, the naturally skinny ectomorph puts on weight the hardest - whether muscle mass or body fat. You should know that there is almost always some overlapping between these three body types, but no moving from one group to another.
I’m not going to try to research my head off to make sense of all the questions in my own mind for this particular post. First, I want to refer you all to (probably) the most extensive and involved study of animal products on our diet. Chart 1 shows how a vegan diet (alone, without exercise) can lead to incredible weight loss.
The average American diet consists of 40% animal products, 50% processed food, and 10% of the good stuff. One result from Campbell’s China Study was that in areas of China that were beginning to consume a more animal product-based diet, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes began to appear.
In 1978, the chances of a woman in Kenya getting breast cancer was 82 times LOWER than a woman in America.

The next portion of this study on rats and casein was that when they were fed the plant protein instead of the animal protein their cancer cells decreased too!
Friends, the results on cancer ALONE are enough to show us that, across the board, the more animal products we consume, the more we’re killing ourselves! It was not too long ago that True Blood actor Joe Manganiello was talking about his ideal woman, when he admitted that he was a very big fan of actress Sofia Vergara's butt. People with diabetes normally experience an increase in blood glucose after eating; however, if the post-meal spikes are above normal-range, they can cause higher HbA1c results (shows how well you’re managing your diabetes), indicating a higher risk for serious complications. Because the production of insulin decreases at the late hours, older adults may go to sleep with extremely high glucose levels, reducing their resistance against diabetes… Above 55? Blood sample from a finger is recommended because of the structure of blood circulation; blood samples from the fingers display changes sooner than samples from alternate sites.
Dexcom, a leader in continuous glucose monitoring technologies, informs that without the data derived from these devices, patients simply aren’t equipped with the tools to adequately control their blood glucose levels.
The take-home message is that post-meal walks control blood sugar, even at low intensity, the researchers suggested. Portion control will help in slower digestion and cause the blood glucose to rise less rapidly.
All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only. As an endomorph you will always struggle to lose weight and will have to pay much more attention to what you eat and how you exercise because you are genetically prone to store fat easily.
However, keep in mind that of all the three body types, for endomorphs diet alone is NEVER enough to lose weight, keep it off and shape up.
Notable examples of in-shape mesomorphs are… Madonna, Britney Spears, Gloria Estefan, Tina Turner. Some well-known, in-shape ectomorphs are Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton, Michelle Pfeiffer, Whitney Houston. For example, if you are predominantly a mesomorph, you can trim down as much as you can, but will never become an ectomorph. A lot of that has to do with how this life change has brought me desperately closer to God (a thought to be posted about on another day!).
Vegans consume more complete calories, less fat, more fiber (holy moly, is fiber important!), less animal protein and have much lower BMIs.

In Japan in 1958 (where the majority of the population consumed a mainly plant-based diet with lots of high-fiber rice and veggies) there were only 18 autopsy proven deaths due to prostate cancer. He decided to use just one group of lab rats and changed their feeding from 20% to 5% of casein at 3 week intervals. Most blood glucose monitors feature software that provides graphical and statistical presentation of the rise in post-meal blood glucose levels. Your slow metabolic rate must be boosted consistently with both strength training and aerobic exercise. Similarly, you can be an in-shape endomorph, but you still can’t pass as a mesomorph. Non-vegans consume fewer complete calories (which means a lot of what people consume these days are empty calories-providing little to no nutritional value), more fat, shockingly low amounts of fiber (holy moly, is fiber important!), more animal protein, and have higher BMIs.
I know there are a lot of things that affect death-freak accidents, other illnesses, age, etc. The 12oz Outback special (steak) amounts to more than 500 calories (not including sides or sauce) and has more than 70 grams of protein in the steak alone.
In the same year (about 15ish years after McDonalds was founded), in our country of just about twice the size of Japan, there were more than 14,000 autopsy proven deaths due to prostate cancer.
Decreased (or in my case, non-existent) animal protein in our diet leads to improved, even optimal health. Plants are also high in nutritional value, protein, and even fat, and still not cause a high cholesterol. Cancer cell clusters grew at a rapid rate within the group of rats when they were fed 20%…this, we already knew. In Group A, early cancer cell clusters (liver tumors) began to appear before a 12 week period was complete. But when they were changed to 5% the growth of these liver tumors not only stopped, but actually DIMINISHED. When I first became a vegetarian years ago this was one of the major reasons, that my body was a Temple and I didn’t want to destroy it with crud.

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