If the doctors prescribe the antidepressants for suspected anxiety which is caused by adrenaline (due to hypoglycemia) the health can go just downhill.
Only the hunger and sleepiness are the two effects of hypoglycemia which are not directly caused by adrenaline. Reactive hypoglycemia is rampant and the natural response to low blood sugar is adrenaline release which brings the blood sugar up. I can not understand how all the medical community pretends that hypoglycemia is a rare disorder?
It is common with reactive hypoglycemia that people have (slightly) elevated basal blood sugar levels so the symptoms of hypoglycemia can set on much higher blood glucose levels than in healthy people. So, if there is not enough of glucose supply from digestive tract (food) or glycogen the adrenaline is released in order to raise the blood glucose levels. For example after heavy exercise there are no glycogen stores left but adrenaline has the ability to induce the glucose production (gluconeogenesis) from glucogenic amino acids. That is why hypoglycemia may lead to weight loss even though there is enough of carbohydrates in the diet.
The key is protein; the higher needs for protein in people with hypoglycemia and eating standard diets may lead to weight loss due to protein deficiency. High protein food or protein supplement before sleep may balance the blood sugar and make the sleep more refreshing due to avoiding the hypoglycemic state during the night. As most people already know when they are stressed or feared the common symptom is need to go pee.
When adrenaline is released (due to hypoglycemia) during the sleep the adults usually wake up and go to the bathroom. Even so common bedwetting in children; the onset is usually accompanied after some traumatic experience those children went through.
The same often happens with excess of adrenaline which may induce depression after the long term stress during a lot of adrenaline is produced and the body gets accustomed to it. Constant hypoglycemia and subsequent adrenaline release completely dysregulate the whole body via the adrenaline effects on Autonomic Nervous System.
Dysregulated (hyporesponsive) neurons (and other cells including the blood platelets) interfere with the natural functions of the body. Galantamine was successfully used in more studies in Europe many years ago for treating the nervous system.
Are these whey proteins you mention just the standard protein powders that you mix up into a protein shake? About 30 grams is one serving and you should buy good quality WPC or WPI with amino acid content of 75% or more. Eating maybe 1 hour before sleep may help; it is just a myth to go to sleep with an empty stomach!
High cortisol is probably due to hypoglycemia and high glucose is because there is probably insulin resistance caused by inflammation. But as I said, hypoglycemia is insulin resistance caused usually by inflammation induced by endotoxins. You mentioned above that 30 grams is one serving-would this also be the same for my daughter who is almost 11 and weighs 85 lbs? We are talking about the daily protein intake in foods (meat, eggs, milk,…) + supplements (protein shakes) together. The Whey Protein Concentrate or Whey Protein Isolate supplements have about 72-85% of protein per weight. For 85 lbs person according to the RDA the total amount of protein per day would be 30 grams.
If I was 85 lbs person I would take 20 grams of protein powder which contains about 15 grams of pure protein. Wake up to go to pee is something else than wake up due to hypoglycemia induced adrenaline release and spasms in urinary bladder. You can try to eat protein containing food before sleep so it does not have to be necessarily the protein shake. And protein shake (30 grams of powder) can be mixed in just as little as 100 ml of water so you can minimize the need to pee during the sleep. Some people need to eat starches before sleep and some will do fine with protein shake or nuts.
Generally I consider whey protein concentrate and isolate as the great supplements because a lot of people today are protein deficient. That is why the sleep may significantly improve not just immediately that night but also a few weeks (2-3 weeks) later as the body gets the missing amino acids and re-start the processes which were down-regulated due to amino acids deficiency. There is not 1 case of hypoglycemia worldwide that would be caused by metformin deficiency so I would say that metformin can not cure hypoglycemia.
If anything it might cause hypoglycemic episodes (even though less often than some of the other diabetic drugs). Metformin suppresses the glucose production in the liver and this has nothing to do directly with hypoglycemia caused by endotoxins, TNF-alpha and inflammation. Resolving the cause of inflammation like deficiencies and infections (tooth decays and root canals, SIBO) and avoiding the emotional stress is I believe the only surefire way to recovery from chronic health issues. In some cases and in some health problems the drugs are very effective during the recovery so I am not against their use without any exception.
One of the most asked questions I get from you readers is if I am completely free of psoriasis?
The mystery of having these strange anxiety attacks coming from nowhere can be explained by a sudden secretion of adrenaline into the blood stream.
Adrenaline is a hormone that converts glycogen (stored glucose (sugar)) back into glucose in order to feed the brain. For example, public speaking would raise adrenaline levels in most people, but  people with an exaggerated fear of public speaking, these stress hormones rise up well above the norm due to possibly a pre-diabetic insulin resistance. When we suffer from insulin resistance it means that the body’s cells do not respond properly to insulin that functions to control blood sugar levels. Now the brain sends a message (hormone) to the adrenal gland to pour adrenaline into the system to raise blood sugar level quickly.
It is excess adrenaline that is responsible for the sudden anxiety attacks coming from within the body. Thus if you have an anxiety attack and you happen to be in a lift, then the lift may become a trigger for anxiety at a subsequent event.
Since adrenaline forces you to focus on the “enemy”, it is also also responsible for excessive rumination, and compulsions, leading to Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD). When an anxiety reaction is paired with a recurrent idea which then functions as a stimulus to that response, this may become an obsessive idea. Psychologists may help a patient to overcome this reaction by means of systematic desensitization whereby the patient first learns to relax by means of “relaxation therapy”, which is then paired by the gradual introduction of the object of a phobia.
The psychotherapy will help to break the link between between a negative self-image and fear response. Psychological stress causes stress hormones to interfere with the synthesis of serotonin, and hence a life with less stress allows the body to produce serotonin naturally. If you are hypoglycemic, you are likely to deplete your magnesium levels, which in turn increases the lactate to pyruvate ratio, also found to be responsible for anxiety.
If you are on medication for anxiety, you cannot withdraw from drugs except with the help of your doctor. Please discuss with your doctor for a plan to withdraw gradually from your medications whilst you are on the hypoglycemic diet and doing the self-help PSYCHOTHERAPY course.
Please discuss this article with your health care worker, doctor or nutritional doctor or therapist. When we are struck with excess stress hormones we experience a fear response without an external source of fear. The mind will make up a story that will explain or rationalize the occurrence of this fear. There was a time in the 1960’s when people were pre-occupied with electrical forces impinging on people’s minds and patients with anxiety attacks would interpret this as an extra-terrestrial forces causing their anxiety attacks.
During the 20th century with the rise of Freudian psycho-analysis it became a common belief that emotional disorders were caused by forgotten childhood experiences.

People with emotional disorders are deluded (and often encouraged) into thinking that they are irrational. People will then try to convince you that you should improve your way of thinking about yourself. The reality is that most of these articles of faith remain delusional, so long as the biological causes of mood disorders and negative self-perception are not recognized and treated in the first place. The problem with talking about the stresses of life, is to know whether these stress reactions to life’s situations are appropriate or exaggerated. On the other hand, it may happen that the body tends to over-produce stress hormones, not because of environmental events, but because of an internal metabolic imbalance, due to a silent disease, like hypoglycemia, or other illness that interferes with glucose metabolism.
Of course, environmental stresses and traumas can interfere with the production of feel good neurotransmitters. The best strategy is to adopt the hypoglycemic diet, when experiencing a stressful life, whether rational or irrational. My daughter has type 1 diabetes and controls her blood sugars with an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor. But the same stress hormones, however produced by a metabolic disorder, also forces you you to focus on a single thing.
Many psoriatics have already experienced partial but massive clearing of their psoriasis in just a few days after being out on the beach or vacation. This effect is usually linked to having exposed their skin to sun rays (like being on the beach) but this view is completely wrong in my opinion.
I would say that clearing of psoriasis during the vacation has a lot more to do with Autonomic Nervous System then with the UV rays of the sun.
As I said in my infographic psoriasis is probably Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) dysfunction.
After the years of worsening function of the body you will probably have your lymphatic system stuck with calcium structures, (undigested) proteins, fats and carbohydrates that needs to be taken care of by enzymes (pancreatin, papain, bromelain and serrapeptase are great for that purpose).
That persistent adrenaline production may and I repeat MAY cause adrenergic receptors hyporesponsiveness (and some other neuron receptors hyperresponsiveness) what may lead to Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction.
Even though they may be blocked by some plant compounds what may clear up the psoriasis in some people. Better than taking the yohimbine (it has a lot of other unpleasant effects so you probably don’t want to take it) which does not address the cause is raising the acetylcholine production. Low acetylcholine is mostly due B-complex deficiency – especially thiamine, choline and inositol (both are found in soy lecithin). Galantamine and Huperzine A are two naturally occurring plant compounds that are on the market as supplements and they both block the acetylcholinesterase enzyme from breaking down the acetylcholine.
The more stressed out you are on the day to day basis the more powerful anti-stress response the sun may have.
I can confirm that it is possible to clear up the psoriasis spots that were not directly exposed to the sun.
Clumped RBC (from any cause – one of them may be EMF) can not deliver enough oxygen to the tissues in the body what cause cellular dysfunction. People usually clear up their skin at Dead Sea where there is more oxygen and atmospheric pressure. Apart from these type 2 diabetes symptoms, in order to diagnose the condition, the doctor will have to do some blood tests. In some cases, they may want to perform a glucose tolerance test, in which you drink a syrup containing 75 g. The major danger with diabetes is not the disease itself, but the complications that can arise if insulin levels are not maintained at a constant level.Untreated diabetes can lead to diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). Serotonin levels may be increased by supplement of 5-hydroxitryptophan (5-HTP) and tryptophan. That cause is mostly insulin resistance which makes impossible for the body to feed the cells with glucose if there is just normal amount of glucose in the blood.
That is why quality protein supplement like whey protein concentrate (WPC) or whey protein isolate (WPI) may do wonders for those people. Hormonal imbalances can be really hard to resolve so that is why so many diseases where the Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction plays a major role are so hard to treat.
After some time when the adrenaline production can’t go up anymore the brain, mind and the body is left exhausted. In my theory too much adrenaline production day by day, week by week, year by year leads to hyporesponsivity to adrenaline (as hormone and as neurotransmitter).
This results in too much coagulation, vasoconstriction (low blood flow) – and when this happens to muscles in blood vessels and capillaries in the skin there will be low blood flow in the skin. Michael Platt, MD wrote a book called Adrenaline Dominance where he makes a connection between many chronic diseases and different symptoms and excess of adrenaline production. Galantamine acts as a positive allosteric modulator of alpha-7-nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (makes those receptors more responsive to acetylcholine) and also as an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor (raises the acetylcholine levels). Galantamine is in many countries available only as a prescription drug even though it is natural chemical found in snowdrops and daffodils. People who train a lot like bodybuilders or some athletes have their protein intake at 2 grams per 1 kg of body weight or even higher. But as I said I am not a doctor so I am not saying to anybody to take the drugs or not to take them.
This is not the most accurate question; or may I should say that you really do not ask the question you want to know the answer for? When your body is suddenly deprived of glucose, causing brain starvation, adrenaline kicks in to bring these levels up again as soon as possible. You can also test yourself with a paper-and-pencil test called The Nutrition-Behavior Inventory Questionnaire (NBI) or The Hypoglycemia Questionnaire. Thus anxiety is a fear response without an external object of fear also known as ‘floating anxiety’.
This Reverse conditioning or the pairing of an external stimulus with a fear response may be seen as the mechanism by which a person develops a phobia. The idea that we may not have closed the doors properly may result in a compulsion to check the doors.
This is converted slowly in the liver to biological energy via pyruvate and hence does not provoke excess insulin secretion causing a hypoglycemic dip.
We are not genetically programmed to recognize emotions that derive from internal biochemical abnormalities. In a state of fear and high stress it is not difficult for some unscrupulous therapists to induce a false memory. Today, people who experience anxiety attacks or depression are convinced that their abnormal emotional experiences are due to “psycho-analytical” factors, that can be treated by “psychologists” and other psychoanalytically oriented therapists, who also believe in this “theory”.
For instance, if you are bombarded with a constant stream of stress hormones, it is no wonder you won’t feel good about yourself. But if the problem is biological and not psychological you are inevitably going to fail, which will only aggravate and worsen your negative self-image.
I have an environmental allergy (certain moulds) and during certain seasons (autumn & spring) when mould levels are high, suffer from excess adrenalin. Whatever the thing is, it is triggered by an internal drive not because of an external danger. A lot of us are enough on the sun during the summer and clearing of psoriasis is just marginal at best. But for the better understanding how sun, beach, vacation and clearing of psoriasis are interconnected I will summarize my theory about the cause of psoriasis here. Otherwise lymphatic system may stay stuck with all that fat formations, calcium formations, proteins, etc… and it is just a matter of short time when the psoriasis appears again. Here I just mention the three that are interconnected each other – raising the blood sugar (to protect the body from hypoglycemia), fight-or-flight response, binding the adrenergic receptors on the neurons.
Adrenals produce adrenaline due to hypoglycemia since adrenaline makes the body break down the energy stores to make glucose in order to save the body from death by low blood sugar.
The problem is that adrenergic receptors are not the cause of the problem otherwise it would be easy to bring the body back to the balance. One of them is yohimbine (found in Yohimbe) which acts as an antagonist – blocks the Alpha-2 Adrenergic Receptors without activating them.

However fungal or bacterial infection can interact with some critical pathway in acetylcholine production so in the end even B-vitamins may do nothing. What's the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes symptoms?Most of the time the symptoms of diabetes type 1 and 2 are very similar.
To compensate for the fact that sugar is not getting into the cells, the pancreas keeps increasing the production of insulin.
This condition occurs when the body is so low in insulin that it starts using stored fat and proteins as fuel.
This condition is a combination of very high blood sugar levels (but without the presence of ketones) and dehydration.It's more common in older people with type 2 diabetes who are taking steroid medications. So take control of your life now!Click on NEXT to read about the Diet for Type 2 Diabetes of go back to the Treatment of Diabetes main page to select another article.
Bright light therapy is another popular method which prevents the conversion of serotonin to melatonin. Sure, most people with hypoglycemia never reach the blood glucose levels when they just drop on the floor and swinging their heads from side to side and mumble something.
Those children develop Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction – actually a (weak) form of PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder). Since the body was used to be supplied by exogenous steroids the natural production of hormones (testosterone) shuts down.
This leads to opportunity for fungi to invade the hypoxic (low oxygenated spots on the skin) skin and cause psoriasis plaque. He recommends the hypoglycemic diet and natural bio-identical progesterone cream as a solution. I find it hard to go to sleep, and waking up in the middle of the night, because I have high cortisol and glucose at night. With insulin resistance blood sugar level rises with the result more insulin is pumped into the system.
Very often the mind invents an object by a process that psychologists call ‘reverse conditioning’, whereby any random object in the environment is paired to a powerful emotional response as in a phobia of lifts or spiders.
Similarly, if the fear reaction is linked to a negative self-image, the latter may trigger stage fright (an anxiety response) as when we have to give a speech before a large audience. Take one tablespoon of glycerine and mix in a glass of water or other fluid, with a dash of lemonade to improve taste.
The brain should be supplied with a steady supply of glucose and should not need to send panic (stress) hormones to the adrenal gland to get more glucose. When mood disorders are perceived as inner biochemical abnormalities it is simplistically accepted that single drugs will fix the problem.
It won’t help if counsellors reinforce this misperception by gratuitous advising you how to think “properly”. Just as well, because we don’t want to feel too happy and relaxed to deal with the stress situation. This may happen if too much insulin is injected, lowering BSLs and causing brain energy starvation. This makes my life a misery until I remember the hypoglycemia connection and get my diet and coffee consumption back on track. When you are threatened by a tiger, stress hormones keeps you focussed on the tiger and nothing else. The nervous system involvement would explain why psoriasis spreads symmetrically on both sides of the body usually in very symmetric patterns.
So if psoriasis is the direct result of ANS dysfunction then it won’t go away from your skin until you correct what causes the ANS dysfunction itself. Even though bacteria on the skin play a role because iodine tincture clear up psoriasis plaques after about 2 weeks – plaques usually develop again because the nerves are still damaged or prone to dysregulation because of the condition of the whole body (usually toxicity and stubborn infection). The differences depend on how advanced type 2 diabetes is, whether the pancreas is still producing insulin or has stopped doing so. When the fat and proteins break down they start to produce substances known as ketones as a by-product - some people try to achieve the same result with low-carb high-protein diets in an effort to reduce weight.In large quantities, ketones can cause the body to become excessively acidic. But that is just because the basal blood sugar levels their bodies are used to function are often higher than in normal healthy person (even though still in a reference range so they are not diagnosed as diabetics). Because after I answer you might get an idea that everything I write about psoriasis and health on this blog I do daily and that it would or would not work for you. If you happen to have an anxiety attack in a crowded spaces or enclosed public place, then you may develop agoraphobia. It also helps to avoid any stress situation that can trigger the roller-coaster of stress hormones. In the olden days when people still believed in ghosts, demons and devils, an anxiety attack would be sign that ghosts were present, that would cause us to be fearful.
When she has an anxiety attack the stress causes her sugar to rise therefore she gets more insulin.
Your advice re taking glycerine is working – I keep a tablespoon of it in a little water by the bedside and take it when the adrenalin spike hits (usually 3am-ish) and go back to sleep instead of ruminating on the gloomy bits of life. The chemicals that cause the nervous system dysfunction are called neurotoxins and are produced by many pathogens – bacteria and fungi. So more insulin is produced, more sugar is turned into fat, hence the weight gain.Weight loss without dieting - This happens when the pancreas stops producing insulin (either in type 1 diabetes or later stages of type 2).
But even if you are normal weight, you may have insulin resistance, or insulin sensitivity as it is called.What does it mean? Right now I tried all the relaxing sleep teas, take Seriphos, Gaba and l-tryptophan, and melatonin. With so much insulin we now have a crash in blood sugar levels to low levels, that the brain interprets as brain starvation. This can also be demonstrated if we inject a rat with adrenaline and it will develop a fear at any innocuous object in its cage. That is the function of stress hormones: convert energy sources in the body into glucose so our brain can deal with the problem. A bit of adrenalin is fun, but too much is a pain in the bum – taking away confidence and the desire to go out there and live fully.
If your values are above the normal limit but not high enough for a diagnosis of diabetes, your doctor will diagnose you with pre-diabetes, which normally develops into diabetes. Symptoms include nausea, difficulty breathing, sweet breath and confusion that can progress to coma. Symptoms include confusion, tiredness and coma.Hyperosmolar syndrome can sometimes be the first indication of diabetes in older adults. This will help you to deal with inevitable stresses in one’s personal relationships, bosses, work situations etc. There are many other activities that will reduce stress, such as regular exercises, walking your dog, listening to classical music, do yoga, meditation, in fact any enjoyable activity that does not produce stress hormones. Lately we have seen a lot of adverse publicity re sedative-type medicine and, having fallen into the trap of taking some of them myself when I first developed my allergy symptoms, I can say that diet, exercise, and meditation is hugely preferable – and more effective long-term. It usually exists in people who are diagnosed with diabetes a decade or so later.This is how it happens. Your cells become sluggish and inefficient in responding to insulin's instructions to take up glucose.
Tired and overworked, the pancreas may finally become exhausted and unable to produce enough insulin. After trying a lot of things without succes, we ran one day out of light for 5 days, my hole town.
AFTER WEEKS of digging out the problem, i came with the conclussion: EMF (Electro magnetic Fields). SO: whatever causes your rosacea-Psoriasis is worsened by electromagnetic fields such as wi-fi, Radio ferquencies, cell phone radiation.

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