Ventricular Tachycardia “V-Tach” One strong ventricle impulse that hijacks the conduction system of the heart.
Kamlya balgoon 2009 Objectives to :- understand the Basic ECG understand the meaning of Dysrhythmia describe the normal heart conduction system. Arrhythmia Diagnosis and Management Mohammed R Arafah MBBS FACP FACPC FACC King Saud University. The dosage of ?2-stimulants may require adjustment when treatment with Betaloc Zok is started. Objectives To recognize the normal rhythm of the heart - “Normal Sinus Rhythm.” To recognize the most common.

2 Course Objectives ? To recognize the normal rhythm of the heart - “Normal Sinus Rhythm.” ? To recognize the 17 most common rhythm. The risk of Betaloc Zok interfering with ?2-receptors is however less than conventional tablet formulations of ?1-selective ?-blockers.02During treatment with Betaloc Zok, the risk of interfering with carbohydrate metabolism or masking hypoglycemia seems to be less than during treatment with conventional tablet formulations of ?1-selective ?-blockers and much less than non-selertive Betaloc Zok. 1 Fast & Easy ECGs, 2E Ventricular Dysrhythmias Fast & Easy ECGs, 2nd E – A Self- Paced Learning. In labile and insulin dependent diabetes, it is necessary to adjust the hypoglycemic therapy.03Patients suffering from heart failure should have their decompensation treated both before and during treatment with Betaloc Zok. When possible, Betaloc Zok should be withdrawn gradually over a period of 10 days in diminishing doses.

During its withdrawal especially patients with known ischemic heart disease should be kept under close surveillance.10Anaphylactic shock assumes a more severe form in patients taking ?-blockers.

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